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Periodic Table of Google Analytics

PERIODIC TABLE OF GOOGLE ANALYTICS Ua A Ck Co Np Ac Br Ca As 0 Ad Au Av Ds Fi a Js Cv D Go 0 Be Ci Cn Da Ap Gi Cp XI M Cp Pr Rf Re De E Li Ev Am Vi Fu la | Ср Pr Pi Pv P Sa Tr Uv La | Ca U Ur Lo Mo Mc Rt Ch Us Ut Se Sp So Ex MORE THAN JUST WEBSITE Wp Vf In MEASUREMENT TOOLS, GOOGLE ANALYTICS PROVIDES POWERFUL INSIGHTS TO WEBSITES OF ALL Re SHAPES AND SIZES. Sh Wt PRODUCT IMETRICS IREPORTS FEATURES THREE DEEP MARKETING Jeffalytics LIVE GOOGLE ANALYTICS TRAINING BY Google ANALYTICS Depth of Knowledge DemandQuest Marketing Institute PARTNER JE F F ALY TIC S UA All that is Google Analytics is contained in an account XI Premium version of Google Analytics for Premium high traffic sites Accounts GA Premium AdSense Reports As How much money did your site make and how did you make it? In-Page la Where do people go from here? In Integrate Google Analytics with phone systems, CRM systems and more Integrations Av Easily view how specific visitor segments perform on your site Advanced Segments Intelligence Events I While you were out... this happened O Performance of your website advertising. Tribute to David Ogily Advertising Language La What language were they speaking? AdWords Reports Ad AdWords within Analytics Location Lo Where are your visitors coming from? Ap Programatically access Google Analytics, create greatness Analytics API Mobile App Tracking M Special SDK for tracking Android and iOS apps Assisted Conversions Ac Discover traffic sources that contribute to goals and sales Mobile Device Mo Mobile Devices and Tablets are hot Reports A Cutting edge JavaScript code that Tracking Code tracks visitors without slowing you down Multi Channel Funnels Mc Conversion is a team effort and your traffic sources are the players Asynchronous (Not Provided) (Np)The Bane of SEO Existence Attribution Modeling Am Give credit where credit is due Organic Search 0 Organic search keywords. Useful if your site is under 20% (not provided) Audience Reports Au Discover key properties about your audience Paid Search Cp Industry calls it PPC, Google Analyics calls it cpc. Deal with it. Behavior Reports Be Visitor Engagement, Frequency, Recency and Newness Pii Pi You will not find Personally Identifiable Information (pii) in Google AnalyticS Bounce Rate Br Who came, puked and left your site? Campaigns Ca Traffic that you drive to your site with proper tagging Privacy Pv Something that Google takes very seriously worldwide Ch Who changed what and when did they do it? CI Report on actual costs to actual revenue for actual ROI analysis! Change Log Pr What are they buying? Product Performance Clicks Report Profile P A specific view of your data Real Time Analytics Rt Who is visiting your site right now? Content Experiments Ex Google Website Optimizer's stylish new cousin Referrals Content Reports Cn Content is king of the jungle Rf Visitors who came to your site from another website Cookies Ck The primary method of identifying unique visitors in Google Analytics Remarketing Re Remarket to your visitors through Google Analytics Cost Analysis Ca Import your cost data, analyze Revenue Re Money money money Cost Source Co Data imported into your account from Sampled Data Sa A subset of data from your website traffic used to generate reports Google AdWords Custom Reports Cr The world is your oyster Custom Variables Cv Control the pet population S A 30 minute window of activity by a visitor on your site Session Shortcuts Sh Get to that report faster Dashboards Da Customize first thing you see when you log in Se Your search box is a window into your users deepest needs Site Search Data Sharing Ds Share your data between Google products Demographics De Who are these people? Site Speed Sp Is your site more like a Tortoise or Usain Bolt? D Frankly, we don't know where you came from E Purchases on your site provide great insight Direct Visits So Harvest the Web in Google Analytics' best kept secret Social Reports E-Commerce Reports Transactions Tr Number of purchases made on your site Enhanced Link Li Clean up your In-Page Analytics Attribution Uv The number of uniquely cookied visitors over a given time frame Unique Visitor Ev What happened on your page that stayed within your page? Fi Modify and clean your data before it enters your profile Ig Certification exam for individuals in Google Analytics Event Tracking U Offine is the new online Universal Analytics Filters Urchin Analytics Ur Google Analytics before there was Google Analytics Us Administrators can do everything, users can view reports GAIQ Users Js Legacy Google Analytics code replaced by Async.js Gi Visitor data is transmitted to Google Analytics via utm.gif image request Ga.js UTM Variables Ut Clean up your reports with campaign tagging Gif Hit Visit session Vi Activity that happens within a 30 minute window on your site Goal Funnels Fu Find leaks in your visitor flow and plug them Visitor Flow Vf A sankey diagram of visitors traversing your site Goals Go Purpose of your website Web Property GA Certified Partner Cp The best Google Analytics minds in the Certified Partners world Wp Each unique domain name/discrete property in your account Wt Search Query data and landing pages Webmaster Tools COPYRIGHT O 2013 JEFFALYTICS.COM

Periodic Table of Google Analytics

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categorize and visually display all of the powerful options available within Google Analytics.


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