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The Path to 10 Billion iTunes Downloads

PATH TO 10 BILLION ITUNES DOWNLOADS When the iTunes Music Store launched on April 28th, 2003... APRIL APRIL APRIL MAY MAY 28 29 30 01 02 .1 million tracks were downloaded within the first 5 days. Since then, billions of tracks have been downloaded: I Music Downloads I Video Downloads I App Downloads 2003 2004 2007 INTERNATIONALIZATION While initially limited to American customers, the iTunes Store has expanded to include oountries on several continents: ... • April 2003: The Tunes Music Store (TMS) debuts in the U.S. • June 2004: ITMS becomes available in France, Germany, and the U.K. Baope • October 20041 ITMS availability is expanded in I • December 2004: TMS opens up to Canadian customers • January 2005: ITMS becomes available in Ireland • March 2005: Norway. Sweden, Switzerland. and Denmark get iTMS cagability in iTunes • August 2005: The Japan ITMS opens • October 2005: ITunes Stoce expands to Austalia • December 2006: Tunes Store officially opens in Mew Zealand August 2009: The fist Latin American country to get the iTunes Stone is Mexico MILESTONES June 2003 January 2004 $29,500 worth of tracks on the iTunes Music Store. Releases from independent Steve Jobs announces one customer has purchased labels become available. August 2004 iTunes is the first music catalog to have more than December 2004 1,000,000 songs. Ryan Alekman purchases the song sold through iTunes. 200,000,000th July 2005 500,000,000 song downloads (the winning download is Mississippi Girl by Faith Hill). Apple announces promotion counting down to October 2005 February 2006 Video Alex Ostrovsky downloads Speed of Sound by Coldplay, the 1,000,000,000th song purchased on Tunes. becomes available on the iTunes Store. September 2006 Jobs announces iTunes Store holds 88% of the legal music download market. May 2007 Apple announces July 2008 Apple opens its April 2007 Tunes becomes the world's most popular Ïunes U. App Store. online movie store. September 2008 March 2009 rental. TV shows become available on iTunes in Select HD movies become available fo High Definition. April 2009 iTunes becomes the music retailer CONTENT OFFERINGS 11,000,00 Music Tracks 20,000 Audiobooks 150,000 Podcasts 75,000 iTunes U Files 133,000 Applications Developers receive 70% of the price of their apps The remaining 30% goes to Apple 10 11 Millions Souroe Wikipedia Graphic Courtesy of Muhammad Saleem Designed exclusively for & GIGAOmM

The Path to 10 Billion iTunes Downloads

shared by rmmojado on Jan 24
When the iTunes Music Store launched on April 28th 2003 1 million tracks were downloaded within the first 5 days. Since then, billions of tracks have been downloaded.



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