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Patent Trends - Israel

Patent trends Israel has been at the forefront of innovation and Israel stands apart in many indicators. With an R&D expenditure of 4.4% of its GDP (during 2011), it has the world's highest R&D intensity. Take a look at its patents and the insights they reveal. Patent filings and employee strength Israel Patent Office has been managing a steady growth of patent applications over the last 10 years. In 2012, they examined nearly 7,000 newapplications and 2003 '04 '05 90, '07 reduced the time to first examination to less than 3 '08 years.* '09 '10 '11 '12 180 5,173 6,975 personnel 7,859 12,426 8,520 10,557 10,992 101 16 58 10,929 10,721 9,778 Patent examiners Trademark examiners Design examiners Administrative support (Resident + Abroad) Patent applications and grants (2012) Although resident applications remained more or less constant, non-resident applications grew steadily. Patent filings abroad, on the other hand, witnessed a colossal threefold increase. Patent grants also displayed a trend similar to patent applications. Resident Non - Resident Abroad 1,319 | 484 5,473 | 2,902 11,107 | 4,138 applications applications grants applications grants grants Applications from 2003-12 12 11 10 09 08 Number of applications 07 06 05 0- 2.5k 03 V 2.5k- 5k 5k - 7.5k 7.5k – 10k 10k – 12.5k Note: • Resident - an application filed in Israel by its own resident Non-resident – an application filed in Israel by a foreign applicant Abroad - an application filed by an Israel's resident at a foreign office Abroad Grants from 2003-12 12 11 10 Number of applications 0- 1k 1k – 2k 2k – 3k 3k – 4k 4k – 5k Abroad Top technologies As per a Market Realist report**, Israel is home to approximately 700 medical devices companies who are accumulating a large chunk of patents and eventually accelerating the growth of this industry. Understandably, Medical technology received the maximum number of patent filings between 1998-2012, followed by computer technology and pharmaceuticals. Medical technology Others Machine tools Computer technology 34% 16% 11% Audio-visual technology Pharmaceuticals 10% Digital communication Biotechnology 5.1% A.3% 4.5% 5% Telecommunications Organic fine chemistry Measurement PCT top applicants (2012) Universities and research institutes in Israel remain the pioneers in patent publications, figuring in the top 5 spots during 2012. However, corporate entities DSP Group and Teva Pharmaceutical have matched Ben-Gurion University's record with 17 publications each. Tel Aviv University 47 k Hebrew Univ. of Jerusalem 41 ---- ---- A Yeda Res. and Development - 34 YEDA Israel Institute of Technology 22 ---- - Ben-Gurion Univ. of the Negev --- 17 Sources: • WIPO-Statistical Cou ntry Profiles The World Bank data on R&D expenditure - *IPWatchdog- Interview with Asa Kling, Israel Patent Office Director - **Market Realist report - Why Israel is poised to soon lead medical device indu stry growth - Infographic created by: Relecura Disdaimer This infographic, in cluding the infomation and analysis and any opinion or recommendation, is neither legal advice nor intended for investment purposes. This document is not warranted to be error free, nor subject to any other warranties or con ditions, whether expressed orally or implied in law, in clu ding implied warranties and con ditions of merchant ability or fitness for a particular purpose. INDUS TechInnovations specifically discla ims any liability with respect to this document and no contractual obligations are fomed either diredly or indirectly by this document. © 2014 INDUS Tech Inn ovations Resident Resident Year Non-Resident Year Non-Resident

Patent Trends - Israel

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Israel has been at the forefront of innovation and stands apart in many indicators. With an R&D expenditure of 4.4% of its GDP (during 2011), it has the world’s highest R&D intensity. Take a look at...




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