Patches aren't just for Pirates

PATCHES ARRREN'T JUST FOR PIRATES The web can be a dangerous place. Software that has code defects, also known as vulnerabilities, pose serious risks to users - from the most casual Internet surfers to business owners. BUSINESSES WHY PATCH? SPEND NEARLY $9 MILLION ANNUALLY CYBER CRIMINALS EXPLOIT FLAWS IN SOFTWARE TO GAIN ACCESS TO DEVICES. FIGHTING CYBER CRIME SOFTWARE PATCHES HELP TO SEAL UP THOSE HOLES AND PROTECT YOUR DATA. CYBER SECURITY IS THE THIRD GREATEST BUSINESS RISK ACCORDING #1 SECURITY RISK FOR SMBS TO LLOYD'S 2013 RISK INDEX UNPATCHED SOFTWARE VULNERABILITIES II II AHOY MATEY! BEWARE THE DANGER O' UNPATCHED SOFTWARE VULNERABILITIES INCREASED DANGER! BRWACK! DANGER! 12% OVER THE 10-YEAR AVG 2012 10-year average VULNERABILITIES INCREASED SINCE 26%2011 2002 10% 60% 94% of vulnerabilities of of vulnerabilities are left unpatched of vulnerabilities are critical cause exposures As of January 2013 the National Vulnerability Database listed 99% OF ANDROIDS on older operating systems are vulnerable to the Android Master Key hack 53,489 VULNERABILITIES AFFECTING UNPATCHED SOFTWARE HAS CRIPPLED NASDAQ & PAYPAL AND HAS THREATENED 2/3 OF 20,821 THE TOP 20 BANKING SITES SOFTWARE PRODUCTS FROM 12,062 AYE, THAT BE A LÓT O' TREASURE. SOFTWARE VENDORS ESTIMATED CYBER CRIME COSTS $388 BILLION to $1 TRILLION 51% OF CEOS say their company experiences cyber attacks hourly or daily SHIVER ME TIMBERS! COMMON ATTACKS ON UNPATCHED SOFTWARE JAVA ATTACK SQL INJECTION 18% Structured Query Language (SQL) is used in database management 3 BILLION DEVICES JAVA INSTALL BASE = systems, hackers find a hole and use it to steal the data (usually personal information or credit card numbers). % OF TOP ATTTACKS do not run the most YET OVER 93%* current patch a month after release, which 33% exposes vulnerabilities. CLICKJACKING CROSS-SITE SCRIPTING This occurs when hackers find a way to put sneaky CLICK HERE! code into unprotected webpages to steal user information. Unpatched websites are hacked and links replaced, sending visitors to dangerous websites. Cyber scurvy dogs and scallywags may be able to identify the most dangerous vulnerabilities, but McAfee protects ye every step of the way. From the desktop to the cloud and from mobile to email, McAfee keeps ye secure and protected against the most advanced cyber pillaging and plundering. Learn more about McAfee's web, email, and device security product line tailored to business users at M McAfee An Intel Company SOURCES 1. Lloyd's 2013 Risk Index report 2. VULNERABILITY THREAT TRENDS 3.!10year_vulnerabilities, 4. IBM Infosecurity report H1 2012 5. SECURITY VULNERABILITY CATAGORIES IN MAJOR SOFTWARE SYSTEMS 6. NSS Report 7. 8. 9. rgplkdMo7YvoSZS1xBdafL/story.html 10. 11. Java Every-Days Exploiting Software Running on 3 Billion Devices 12. automated-attacks.html 13. 14. 15.

Patches aren't just for Pirates

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Many cyber attacks begin by exploiting an unpatched software vulnerability. Web-oriented applications are most commonly at risk as they have the broadest reach and most available access. The fast pace...




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