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Optimize Your Change Management Process

INFO~TECH 1-877-876-3322 RESE ARCH GROU P Optimize your Change Management Process Respond to business needs faster, with fewer incidents and disruptions. For Infrastructure Managers and Change Managers who need to re-evaluate their Change Management process, because of: Unauthorized Channges Slow change Too many Too many change related incidents Lack of stakeholder Too many emergency Difficulty accurately evaluating changes turnaround time buy-in unauthorized changes changes Or for Change Approval Board (CAB) members who want to prioritize changes in a way that meets business needs, minimizes cost, and mitigates risk to existing infrastructure. Why? ITIL provides a usable framework for Change Management, but full process rigor is not appropriate for every change request. Full process rigor may promote resistance to the change as stakeholders see it as slow and bureaucratic. An Service Desk Operations Business Configuration Management System Incident & Problem Security Patch Maintenance Major Release Release New New optimized Change Management process will respond to business needs faster and reduce change related incidents and Application Version Fix Workaround disruptions Establish firm definitions and workflows before attempting to implement a Change Management process. Change-O-Matic Change Management Process Assess changes for impact and risk before considering the changes for full approval. Empower a Change Manager or CAB with the authority to approve and prioritize changes. Following the framework will ensure successful change management will increase customer and IT staff satisfaction Fewer change related incidents, disruptions, and blackouts Fewer change related service disruptions and blackouts Shorter change turnaround time Faster response to requests for new and enhanced functionality Higher rate of change initiative success Higher rate of benefits realization when changes are implemented Less change rework Lower cost per change Reduce service desk calls & tickets for poorly communicated changes Fewer "surprise" changes disrupting productivity How to Optimize your Change Management Process: Assess your Current State of Change Management Use the Info-Tech Change Management Assessment tool to prioritize and track your process improvement. The tool will walk through each activity in your change management process. Conduct Post- Deployment Activities Prioritize & Release & Deploy Changes Assess & Plan & Test Approve Changes Submit RFCS Evaluate Schedule Changes Changes Changes Process Completeness Process Success 08 10 Each phase of the process is assessed qualitatively and quantitatively. Assess capability to execute activities critical to the success of the phase. Record metric measurements that demonstrate the performance of the process phase. Track Progress Current Reassess Reassess Target State State The tool will then assess the completeness and success of your change management process. Make and Receive Requests for Change Overall Change Management Process Completeness Medium Receive This section will walk you through a series of standard operating procedures to manage the change process in your organization. Below is a sample of a SOP that will be defined in this RFC Is this in scope for Change Management? Is it a duplicate request? Has it been section. Is it Complete? categorized correctly? Yes Yes Prioritize your Process Optimization SOP 5 - Standardize Requests for Change No No No SOP 5.1 - Use the Info-Tech Request for Change Template to submit requests for change. Re-categorize and request additional Retum to Return to requester and request additional Requester information if needed information SOP 5.2 - Triage Changes based on three distinct categories: Normal changes, Standard changes, and Emergency changes. Capability (Rate of process completeness from Tab 2) SOP 5.3 - Accept Requests for change This tool is intended for frequent use; process completeness and success should both be re-evaluated on a regular basis to Emergency Normal Standard measure progress Assess, Plan, and Test Changes Approve, Prioritize & Schedule Changes Step 3 in the project will create an SOP for assessing, planning, and testing changes. The CAB should be structured to meet different organizational needs. The Change Manager or Change Approval Board (CAB) will be a key owner of this process. Assess Meeting Frequency Dependencies CAB Membership Objectives A key consideration in the SOP is to consider the risk profile of the change. Set Change Management standards and policy, and set the year's change agenda - schedule upcoming organizational initiatives that will impact the deployment of changes. Global Query CIO/CTO (CAB chair) and regional CIOS CMS Semi- Risk Profile of Change annually Global CAB Info-Tech Change Advisory Board Assess Mitigate Eliminate the Risk the Risk Business Impact Enforce global Change Management standards at the regional level, and set the regional change agenda - scheduling project work and regional initiatives based on organizational initiatives scheduled by the global CAB. Change Mana─čer Regional CIO (CAB Chair) and silo/ technological area directors Charter Accept Mitigate the Risk the Risk 3000 Template Quarterly Assess SLA Impact Regional CAB Probability Assess Change Manager (CAB Chair) and silo/ Required Use a probability/impact matrix to decide how to respond to each risk. Enforce Change Management at the local level and prioritize and schedule local changes based on the agenda set by the Regional Resources Weekly or Bi-Weekly Use the Info-Tech Change Advisory Board Charter Template to establish CAB objectives and standards. Local CAB technological area directors CAB. Determine Risk Profile Deploy Changes 1 Build and test the release - once a change is approved and scheduled, the "baton is passed" to the deployment team. The final SOP will create a process for deploying the IT change Run Backout Record in 2 Communicate the change - users are likely to feel disrupted and submit Service Desk tickets Log when they are surprised by deployed changes No Build & Test Communicate Change Installation Success? Release Change 3 Install the change and obtain user acceptance for successful deployments - change installation is out of scope for Change Management, but the Change team will be responsible for obtaining user acceptance for the change Yes Record in User CMS & Log Acceptance Develop your Action Plan Create your Change Management strategic roadmap by prioritizing Change Management activities, identifying dependencies and grouping activities into actionable items January February February Bob - Obtain stakeholder Tim - Establish and define change categories Bob - Perform a current buy-in for Change Management state assessment February & March Bob/Tim - Formalize an approval process for each category of change March Sandra - Create standardized RFC forms May May March & April Sandra - Create a knowledge base for change documents Tim - Document a Bob - Finalize CAB Charter SOP July - December May & June Sandra - Begin monitoring and reporting KPIS Sandra - Create standardized RFC forms Start this project today by calling 1-877-876-3322 Use our Optimize Your Change Management Blueprint Best Practice Toolkit Includes: Guided Implementations: INFO~TECH 90 Do It Yourself Project Slides Make the case and current state assessment Change Management Standard Operating Procedure Template RESE ARCH GROUP Make a receive request for change Request for Change Form Assess, plan, and test changes Change Advisory Board Charter \ Approve, prioritize, schedule, and deploy changes 1-877-876-3322 I Change Management Assessment tool | Develop an action plan Plus: Onsite workshops available Source: Impact IT Benefits Yes Activity Priority (Urgency + Effort Tab 2) MOT Business Benefits

Optimize Your Change Management Process

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Respond to business needs faster, with fewer incidents and disruptions.


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