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Objective C vs Apple Swift - Infographic

Objective C Apple Swift Apple Inc. launched a new programming language called Swift, during it WWDC'14 event. Swift is fast, modern, safe and interactive iOS, OS X programming platform. Let's find out how it is different and better from widely used iOS programming language, Objective C. OBJECTIVE C SWIFT PARADIGM Reflective, class-based object-oriented Object-oriented, functional, imperative, block structured YEAR OF APPEARANCE 1983 2014 DESIGNED BY Brad Cox & Tom Love Chris Lattner & Apple Inc. TYPING DISCIPLINE Static, Dynamic, Weak Static, Strong, Inferred INFLUENCED BY C, Smalltalk Objective-C, Ruby, Scala, C# Users can use Swift and Swift and Objective C Objective C in parallel by considering some rule use the same runtime OS Cross-platform iOS, OS X FILENAME EXTENSION(S) .h .swift .m .mm COMPLEX OBJECT SORT 2.8 X 3.9 X RC4 ENCRYPTION 127 X 220 X In Objective-C the dynamic type of an object determines what messages it can receive Optimization and Changes can be tested instantly using Swift FEATURES Automatic Reference Counting (ARC) Closures @autoreleasepool blocks NSNumber, NSDictionary & NSArray literals Generics Type Interference Multiple return types @YES and @NO literals NSDictionary and NSArray subscripting Namespaces CODING DIFFERENCES Semicolons required Closures Types must be declared Generics Type Interference Multiple return types Header files Pointer KVO and custom setters Namespaces Alloc and init CODE LENGTHS if (myDelegate != nil) { if ( [myDelegate responds ToSelectors: @selector(scrollViewDidScroll: )) { [myDelegate scrollViewDidScroll:myScrollView); myDelegate?.scrollView DidScroll?(myScrollView) We hope this Infographic will help you in choosing right programming language for your iOS mobile app development needs. For more information on premium mobile apps design and development services, visit – 100 Overlook Center, 2nd Floor, Princeton, New Jersey, USA, 08540 Contact : +1 609-785-1972 (US) +91 99-10-224009 (IND) illustrations by Embeeo

Objective C vs Apple Swift - Infographic

shared by ashutoshtechahead on Dec 03
Comparison Infographic on Objective-C and Apple Swift by TechAhead Software


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