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Nuon Solar Team

A NUON SOLAR TEAM 2013 3000 KM RACING THROUGH THE AUSTRALIAN OUTBACK, PURELY USING SOLAR ENERGY DSM NLON fUDelfm THAT'S HOW WE DO IT! THE SUN'S ENERGY The Australian sun is extremely strong, this is due to the thin ozone layer above the country. Protective cockpit Entry hatch Self-suppor- ting bodywork: Carbon fibre, strengthened rib 03 1000 WATT PER m2 Titanium rollbar Copper coils THE SOLAR CELLS 02 Rotor The solar cells capture the sun's energy, 22% of it is transformed into electric energy. Regenerative braking: provide extra 04 power to the engine Rigid magnets 22% Direct drive wheel hub motor. The current through copper coils generate a magnetic field around the rotor, causing it to rotate in respect to the rigid magnets. MOTOR 02 SOLAR CELLS 03 BATTERY 04 98% efficiency 22% efficiency Lithium-ion cells 6m? 5kWh The motor is integrated in the Nuna6 is covered with 6m2 Silicon solar cells with a 22% efficiency. The battery energy can be used during cloudy moments or during overtaking. wheet and is three times as efficient as a combustion engine. AERODYNAMICS 145 KG Nuna's aerodynamic drag is 12 TIMES LOWER than a normal car. 1.75 METER 4,44 METER DID YOU KNOW? DID YOU KNOW? DID YOU KNOW? 50 Nuna has as much aero- Nuna uses as much energy as dynamic drag as when you hold your hand out of the window of your car, when you're driving 100km/h? The driver races for 3 hours in 50°C? Nuna5 had to drill a hole in the bottom of the car, to drain the sweat... a water kettle when it's dri- ving 100km/h.. (1725 Watt) NEW REGULATIONS FOR WSC 2013! WHEELS DRIVER LINE OF SIGHT 70 cm The driver 400 cm must be able to'rotate 45° forward and 25° backward from the hips. The driver must be able to see Every vehicle is obliged to drive on 4 wheels! 70cm down at 4m in front of the vehicle. IS THIS NUNA7? CLASSIFIED Due to the drastic regulation changes, Nuna7 will look quite different. How it'll look is completely secret (for now), because the. competition is keeping a close eye on the TU Delft team... Follow them on Twitter and Facebook for the latest updates! 06-13 OCTOBER 2013 THE TEAM World Solar Challenge "WE'RE GOING FOR GOLD ON THE WORLD SOLAR CHALLENGE, TO INSPIRE TOWARDS A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE" ADLAIDE Nuon Solar Team FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK ON TWITTER #NUNA7 f NUONSOLARTEAM OR VISIT OUR WEBSITE: WWW.NUONSOLARTEAM.NL @NUONSOLARTEAM Part of NLON a lnfographie Designer VATTENFALL

Nuon Solar Team

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The World Solar Challenge 2013. 3000 km racing through the Australian outback, purely using solar energy. How do the Nuon Solar Team from the TU Delft do that and what are the new rules for WSC 2013...




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