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Not All ISPs Are Equal: The American Internet Landscape

Cities with the Best WI-FI COVERAGE In this increasingly connected age, many of us take Internet access for granted. of Americans of adults have high-speed TODAY 85% over the age of 18 have Internet in their homes 70% access to the Internet BUT THAT'S DOESN'T MEAN THAT ALL INTERNET IS CREATED EQUAL. Where you live can have a huge influence on not only your access to high-speed Internet, but also how much it will cost you and what you'll 'really' get in terms of speed for your money. So here's a look at some of the fastest, slowest, most expensive and downright free Internet you'll find in the US. NOT ALL ISPS ARE CREATED EQUAL: First introduced in Kansas City, Missouri, Google Fiber is the bullet train of the Internet scene, with a download (DL) average of 190.45 Mb/s ..well over the national average of 8.6 Mb/s VS Encyclopedia Britannica or about the time it would take for At that speed, you could download the entire the average person to read 23 words of said Encyclopedia Britannica in about 5.38 SECONDS encyclopedia. While not as speedy as Google Fiber, AT&T has announced a substantial expansion of their U-Verse network, which has been clocked at an average of 28 Mb/s -- still 3 times that of the national average. Here's how the two compare: TOP CITIES FOR FREE WI-FI HOTSPOTS: SEATTLE DENVER MINNEAPOLIS RALEIGH HOUSTON DENVER I---- ---- I---- ---- In addition to over 180 free private Wi-Fi hotspots, Denver has a mile-long Wi-Fi 'corridor' along its main drag. HOUSTON III- I--- ---- --- Houston Wi-Fi has 150 hotspots in ten neighborhoods and business districts, and the city plans to reach 500 locations by the end of 2014. MINNEAPOLIS I--- --- --- In 2006, Minneapolis signed a 10-year contract with USI Wireless of Minnetonka to provide its residents with free public Internet access. Since that time, 117 free Wi-Fi hotspots have popped up around the city in restaurants, cafes, businesses and parks. RALEIGH I--- --- - -- In 2014, Forbes ranked it as the most wired city in the US for its 120 free Wi-Fi spots that include 24 McDonald's restaurants, 3 Barnes & Noble bookstores and 18 Starbucks locations. SEATTLE I---- ---- I- As the home to Microsoft and, Seattle makes sure it keeps its tech-savvy residents connected. Its 100+ free Wi-Fi hotspots can be found in the Columbia City and University District business areas, as well as the City Hall lobby, Seattle Center, public libraries and downtown parks. STILL, THE US HAS A LONG WAY TO GO IN TERMS OF INTERNET SPEED, COST AND COVERAGE. Here are some of the world's fastest Internet speeds outside the US, and what the average customer pays to get them: Seoul, South Korea Hong Kong, China Tokyo, Japan 1Gb/s for 1Gb/s for 1Gb/s for $31.47/mo $31.69/mo $44.89/mo Amsterdam, Netherlands Riga, Latvia 500MB/s for 500MB/s for $97.99/mo $86/mo LIST OF TOP US CITIES THAT MAKE THE TOP 25 FASTEST INTERNET ACCESS SPEEDS IN THE WORLD: SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA 105MB/s $114.95 NEW YORK, NEW YORK 500MB/s $209.99 ISP: Verizon ISP: Comcast WASHINGTON, DC 300Mb/s $209.99 ISP: Verizon BRISTOL, VIRGINIA 1000MB/S $319.99 ISP: BVU CHATTANOOGA, TENNESSEE 1000MB/s $70 ISP: EPB KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI 1000MB/s $70 ISP: Google Fiber LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA 300MB/s $209.99 ISP: Verizon LAFAYETTE, LOUISIANA 1000MB/s $999.99 ISP: LUS KANSAS CITY, KANSAS 1000MB/s $70 ISP: Google Fiber FOR THOSE OF YOU THAT DON'T LIVE IN ONE OF THESE CITIES, YOUR AVERAGE SPEED/COST WILL BE 50MB/s FOR $70 A MONTH. STILL, THERE ARE DEALS TO BE HAD.. .the following cities are the Top 10 in the US for value when compared to speed, with an average monthly cost of around $35 and an average speed of about 60Mb/s: SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA 100MB/s $37.50 ISP: Webpass NEW YORK, NEW YORK 50MB/s $34.99 ISP: RCN WASHINGTON, DC 50MB/s $39.99 ISP: RCN BRISTOL, VIRGINIA 30/Mb/s $30.99 ISP: Charter Communications CHATTANOOGA, TENNESSEE 25MB/s $39.99 ISP: Comcast KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI 15MB/s $35.95 ISP: TWC (Time Warner Cable) LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA 30MB/s $37.99 ISP: Charter Communications LAFAYETTE, LOUISIANA 15MB/s $34.95 ISP: LUS AUSTIN, TEXAS 60MB/s $39.99 ISP: TWC (Time Warner Cable) KANSAS CITY, KANSAS 15MB/s $34.95 ISP: TWC (Time Warner Cable) TOP 10 US STATES FOR FASTEST AVERAGE INTERNET SPEED: 4 VERMONT 10.3 Mb/s 3 NEW HAMPSHIRE 10.4 Mb/s -6 MASSACHUSETTS 9.12 Mb/s 5 RHODE ISLAND 9.13 Mb/s 7 CONNECTICUT 9.10 Mb/s 1 DELAWARE 10.8 Mb/s 9 WASHINGTON 8.51 Mb/s 10 VIRGINIA 8.44 Mb/s 8 UTAH 9.07 Mb/s 2 DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA 10.7 Mb/s TOP STATES FOR LARGE-SCALE MUNICIPAL WI-FI NETWORKS Though it may have become common practice for businesses to provide free Wi-Fi to their customers, many municipalities feel that free access on a larger scale is something their citizens can benefit from as well. For example, in Denver, you can enjoy free Wi-Fi in their downtown area, while the entire city of Mountain View, CA enjoys a gratis signal (though you can probably guess why). You can expect these numbers to change a lot over the coming years, since new technology that 'meshes' multiple routers together has greatly reduced the cost of large scale Wi-Fi networks. 15 NUMBER OF LARGE-SCALE 12 PUBLIC WI-FI ACCESS AREAS California Michigan Missouri Texas Florida Oregon Georgia In a 2012 survey, 90% of professionals in economic development organizations agreed that a broadband speed of at least 25-50 Mb/s is needed to attract new businesses to a city, with over a quarter concurring that 1,000 Mb/s would be needed. Sources: are-equal-the-american-internet-landscape/

Not All ISPs Are Equal: The American Internet Landscape

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In this increasingly connected age, many of us take access to the Internet for granted, as 85% of Americans over the age of 18 now have access to the Internet and 70% of adults have high-speed Interne...


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