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The nightmare of securing your unstructured data in the era of the borderless enterprise

THE NIGHTMARE OF securing your unstructured data IN THE ERA OF THE BORDERLESS ENTERPRISE some facts about data loss in the enterprise 1586 3 of 4 > 2x 1088 828 data loss incidents 727 companies suffer data in four years loss 2009 2010 2011 2012 IMalicious Attack I Negligence System Glitch 100% 1 of 3 Incidents 50% caused by Negligence 0% US UK FR DE AU Current and former employees among the most common estimated source of security incidents CURRENT EMPLOYEES FORMER EMPLOYEES CUSTOMERS PARTNERS OR SUPPLIERS HACKTIVISTS TERRORISTS SERVICE PROVIDERS / CONSULTANTS / CONTRACTORS GOVERMENTS (E.G., INTELLIGENCE, MILITARY, LAW.. GROUPS ASSOCIATED WITH GOVERNMENTS COMPETITORS CRIMINALS UNKNOWN 0% 10% 15% 20% 25% 30% 35% 40% Factors that obstruct confidential information management in companies Information grows. More volume. Shared more. The exchange of documentation through "public clouds" increases More document sharing through mobile devices: BYOD. Data protection and privacy regulations become more strict BYOD and DATA CONTROL are considered the greatest inhibitors to effective cloud security among. of firms BYOD supporting BYOD report data breaches DATA CONTROL POTENTIAL DATA LOSS ENFORAING SECURITY POLICES FULL INFRASTRUCTURE VISIBILITY REAL-TIME ANLAYSIS OF LOG DATA COMPLIANCE REPORTING HYPERVISOR VULNERABILITIES RAPID INCIDENT RESPONSE So. More and more critical documents are leaving everyday the security perimeter of the companies to location and devices outside of IT Department's control Protection of the network perimeter and internal hosts is not enough. We really are a borderless enterprise Where should my enterpise' security perimeter be now?. In my own data really! Which are the consequences of these data breaches? FINANCIAL LOSSES INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY THEFT COMPROMISE OF BRAND OR REPUTATION LOSS OF SHAREHOLDER VALUE EXTORTION FRAUD LEGAL EXPOSURE AND/OR LAWSUIT LOSS OF CUSTOMERS LOSS OR BUSINESS PARTNERS AND/OR SUPPLIERS BREACH NOTIFICATION TO IMPACTED INDIVIDUALS REGULATOR REQUIRED TO BE NOTIFIED 0,00% 5,00% 10,00% 15,00% 20,00% 25,00% 30,00% Behind of data breach: Financial $5,5 losses, compromise of reputation and loss of customers among the $194 million main consequences organizational cost of data breaches cost per record What measures can be put in place to avoid them? Preventive measures and controls implemented after the data breach TRAINING AND AWARENESS PROGRAMS ADDIT IONAL MANUAL PROCEDURES AND CONTROLS EXPANDED USE OF ENCRYPTION IDENTITY AND ACCESS MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS DATA LOSS PREVENTION (DLP) SOLUTIONS OTHER SYSTEM CONTROL PRACTICES ENDPOINT SECURITY SOLUTIONS SECURITY CERTIFICATION OR AUDIT SECURITY EVENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS STRENGTHENING OF PERIMETER CONTROLS 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Enterprise - Digital Rights Management (E-DRM) Some technologies to prevent data leakage in the Enterprise Encryption Marking and Classification Systems Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) Mobile Device Management (MDM) Mobile Application Management (MAM) Mobile Information Management (MIM) Trends for the future to secure corporate data? L.E. Firewalls, IPS, Secure Gateways security solutions. EIP&C I.E. Data-centric Network Controls L.E. End-Point Protection, HIPS Host Controls Data Controls Time Evolution of Information Security Technologies. Microsoft Corp. Dan Hitchcock sealpath. References: www.datalossdb. pdf pers/dlp/people-process-technologies-impact-information-data-loss_34032

The nightmare of securing your unstructured data in the era of the borderless enterprise

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Stats and facts about data loss in the enterprise. Factors that obstruct confidential information management in companies. Consequences of data breaches, measures to prevent them and trends related to...




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