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The New Console War

THE NEW CONSOLE WAR This year sees two gaming giants release the next generation of videogame console. To see which one is better, we put these heavyweight consoles head to head. You may be surprised who comes out on top! SONY PLAYSTATION 4 MICROSOFT XBOX ONE MAY THE BEST CONSOLE WIN! ROUND I: SPECIFICATIONS * PLAYSTATION 4 SPEC LIST XBOX ONE SPEC LIST • Blu-ray/DVD • Blu-ray/DVD • Game DVR • Game DVR • 8GB GDDR5 • 8GB DDR3+32MB ESRAM embedded memory • Single-chipx86 AMD "Jaguar" processor with 8 cores • 8 Core AMD custom CPU • AMDRadeon Graphics Core Next Engine (1152 shaders) • AMD Radeon GPU 853 MHz (768 shaders) • 500 GB 5400 RPM SATAII Hard Drive • 500 GB Hard Drive. External Hard Drive • USB3.0 • USB 3.0 • Cloud Storage • Cloud Storage • HDMI output (4K support), Optical output • HDMI output (4K support), Optical output • Gigabit Ethernet, WiFi, Bluetooth2.1 • Gigabit Ethernet, WiFi • Voice Command • Voice Command • Motion Control • Motion Control • Cross Game Chat • Cross Game Chat The hardware speaks for itself, and in terms of RAM, graphics and connectivity the PlayStation 4 clearly comes out on top. WINNER: PLAYSTATION 4 ROUND 2: SIMILARITIES & DIFFERENCES ** SIMILARITIES DIFFERENCES • Bothconsoles are not backwards compatible • PS3 is compatible with removable hard drives • Bothhave Game DVR • Xbox Onehasmandatory game installs • Bothshare a number of third party games • Xbox One comes with Kinect2 • Bothallowyou toplay as you download • Youhaveto purchase the PlayStation Eyeseparately • Bothrequire a subscription service to go online • The PS4 can'tplay CDs or MP3S orstreammediafromaPC • Bothhave cloudstorage • Xbox One canbeintegratedwithyour TV set top box * Microsoft has put their focus into multimedia and usability, and it's certainly paid off for them this time. ***** WINNER: XBOX ONE ROUND 3: EXCLUSIVE LAUNCH TITLES PS3 RETAIL TITLES XBOX ONE RETAIL TITLES • Injustice: Gods Among Us • Dead Rising 3 • Killzone Shadow Fall • Fighter Within • Knack • Forza Motorsport 5 • Ryse: Son of Rome • Zumba Fitness: World Party • Zoo Tycoon PSN XBOX LIVE • Blacklight: Retribution • Crimson Dragon • Contrast • Killer Instinct • DCUniverse Online • LocoCycle • DiveKick • Powerstar Golf • Escape Plan • flow • Flower • Minecraft • Putty Squad • Resogun • Sound Shapes • Super Motherload • Tiny Brains • War Thunder • Warframe * Whilst Xbox One has a bigger variety of retail exclusives available on launch day; it pales in comparison with PS4's lengthy list of digital titles available on PSN. WINNER: PLAYSTATION 4 • You'll also have plenty ofthird party games available on both consoles right from launch. These include ASSASSINS LEGO MARVEL CALL DUTY BATTLE FIFA145 Assasin's Creed IV: Battlefield 4 Call of Duty: Ghosts Lego Marvel Super Heroes FIFA 14 Black Flag ROUND 4: PRICE * XBOX ONE £429.99 PS4 ХвохONE »£349.99 Surprisingly, the more powerful console is actually cheaper by nearly £100! Some retailers are offering day one bundles for the Xbox One which contains exclusive content, but most of these will have sold out rapidly, and still don't justify the high price. WINNER: PLAYSTATION 4 ROUND 5: RELEASE DATE * PS4 XBOX ONE NOVEMBER 2013 , Global Release (excluding Japan) United States November 15th 2013 November 22nd 2013 United Kingdom November 29th 2013 Australia & New Zealand November 29th 2013 Japan February 22nd 2014 Whereas players across the world will be simultaneously enjoying the Xbox One come the 22nd November, the seemingly uncoordinated release of the PS4lets it down this round. WINNER: XBOX ONE KNOCKOUT! AT 3:2 TO THE PS4 SONY WINS WHAT ABOUT NINTENDO? Nintendo released their 'next-gen' console early, so they have ayear's head start on Sony and Microsoft, but can the Wii U hold its own against the big payers? WII U Released: November 2012 Price: £249,99 CPU: IBM Power®-based multi-core processor GPU: AMD RadeonTM-based High Definition Storage: 8GB-32GB Flash memory USB2.0 * * * * RANKING: FEATHERWEIGHT Backwards Compatible Doesn't Play DVDS or Blu-ray's ANY OTHER COMPETITORS? The rise of mobile gaming has seen plenty of other contenders gear up to take their shot: STEAM MACHINES From early 2014 onwards, there will be multiple consoles bringing PC gaming to living rooms everywhere through the use of SteamOS. RANKING: HEAVYWEIGHT OUYA This crowd funded console runs a version of Android, allowing users to play all their favourite mobile games in glorious 1080p. RANKING: MIDDLEWEIGHT NVIDIA SHIELD Anew entrant to the handheld gaming market, Nvidia's Android-powered Shield looks to give the other portable consoles a real run for their money. * * RANKING: MIDDLEWEIGHT * AUTHOR BIO • This infographicwas created on behalf of Universal Gadgets, a UKbased retailer who specialise in quality accessories for all your favourite gadgets.

The New Console War

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Both Sony and Microsoft have released their new games consoles to the masses, just in time for Christmas. In order to help you decide which to choose, Universal Gadgets have created this exciting info...


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