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Near Field Communication

NEAR FIELD COMMUNICATION NFC (Near Field Communication) is a standards based connectivity technology that tries to harness today's wireless, contactless technologies. It allows for simplified transactions, data exchange and connections with a touch or perhaps even mere proximity. ISO 18000-3 RFID compatible. Operation frequency-13.56 MHz Data Transfer Rate-424 kbps, O Operating range- Under 20 cm O Operating Time- Less than 0.2 seconds Power consumption- Under 15 mA (more when writing data) HOW NFC WORKS C PAYM ENT BILL PAID RECIEVED total bill: $75 ParHEE 000. 000. 000. 000 NFC allows for data exchange The initiator device (the mobile) The target device (the payment device) picks up the RF field between two devices (e.g. a generates a radio frequency smart phone and a payment device) through physical contact (or in very close proximity) field that transmits the data and recieves the data it within a range of about 4 contains centimeters. NFC COMPARED TO OTHER WIRELESS TECHNOLOCIES WIRELESS USB/ULTRAWIDEBAND GSM 10km and beyond Okb to 100kb 1km - 10km 1gb and more |100m - 1km ZIGBEE |10m - 100m |lm - 10m NFC |0.1m - 1m |0.01m - 0.1m BLUETOOTH WIFL 36 WIMAX 1mb to 10mb 10mb to 100mb NFC ROADMAP The first patent to be associated with the abbreviation RFID was granted to Charles Walton. Nokia, Philips and Sony established the NFC Forum. 1983 2004 Specifications for NFC Tags released. Nokia releases first NFC phone, NOKIA 6131. NFC Forum released Peer-to-Peer standards to transfer contacts, URLS, initiate Bluetooth, etc. 2009 2006 NFC support becomes part of Symbian OS. Samsung Nexus S, first Android NFC phone revealed. Google releases Google Wallet which would support NFC based transactions. 2010 2011 EAT, a well known UK restaurant chain and Everything Everywhere (Orange Mobile Network Operator) partner on the UK's first nationwide NFC enabled smartposter campaign. 2012 Sony introduces the "Smart Tags", which use NFC technology to change modes and profiles on a Sony smartphone at close range. Google showcased Nexus7 tablet and Nexus Qube which supports NFC, during Google I/O 2012 Con. NFC DEVICES 203 Mm 2015 2011 NFC-enabled phones will grow from Juniper predicts more than 1 in 4 mobile just 7 million in 2011 to 203 million phone users in the U.S. and Western Europe in 2015, a CAGR of 208%. will use their NFC-enabled mobile phones to pay for goods in stores by 2017 accounting for $180 billion in transactions worldwide. WONDERS OF NFC Mobile Payments Sharing Ticketing DELIVERY COUPOM Ticket * Store bus, tram and metro tickets on either a mobile phone with Instant payments and coupon Sharing contacts, photos, videos or files, and entering multiplayer delivery using your handset, as we do with our credit card or mobile games. built-in NFC and wave it to enter. debit card. Identity Documents Information Healthcare HUCHAS CRACIAS NFC-enabled devices to act as A wave of your phone on the Store medical records on phone NFC tags will let you easily and share it with your doctor electronic identity documents and keycards. obtain extra information in your with a simple wave. own language. ADOPTION There is mobile NFC based ticketing system on trains in Nice, Milan, Madrid. Moscow, New Jersey and Tokyo. There are 1.76 million rental cars in the US, generating $22 billion in revenue. Over 60% of manufacturers plan to put NFC in cars. NFC-enabled smart posters offered Jamiroquai fans special offers at 8 European venues. 50.000 Dutch nurses now use NFC to track and manage home healthcare visits. Jamiroquai Visitors will now be able to tap NFC tags 50% of airlines plan to utilize NFC for passenger processing by 2015. to learn more about 37 historical locations in The Rocks, Sydney. 43.4 million units 3.9 2017 million units In North America around 86% of the terminals will be NFC-ready POS terminals will grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 49.4% from 2011 to 2017. NFC-ready by 2017.It would be 78% in Europe and 38% This corresponds to an increase in the penetration rate from in the rest of the world. 8% in 2011 to53% in 2017. CHALLENCES 76% believe mobile proximity payments using NFC technology is still at least two years away. Once again the lack of industry coordination (30%) was cited as the main culprit for delayed NFC adoption. Other challenges included lack of NFC readers at point-of-sale (26%) and inadequate handsets (25%). presented by sources Sybase 365, cnx-software, gplus. SITA, Berg Insight, Juniper, Gartner, Yankee Group [x]cube LABS 1O0kb to Imb

Near Field Communication

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Mobile phones have become an integral part of a human being’s life and with an emerging technology like NFC, the reliance on these devices is just getting more fervid. Mobile posters, mobile coupons...


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