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The Nature of Black Hat SEO

THE NATURE OF BLACK HAT SE BLACK HAT SEO IS THE GENERAL TERM FOR USING SPAM AND OTHER TECHNIQUES THAT ARE CONSIDERED UNETHICAL WITH THE SOLE PURPOSE OF MANIPULATING SEARCH ENGINES' INDEX. SPAMDEXING Spamdexing is known to be one of the first terms that could be associated with Black Hat SEO, as the usage of spam tech- niques was and it's still considered to be unethical and often attempts for search engine manipulations are penalized. CONTENT With Google constantly aiming to achieve better relevance in their SERPS, more and more webmasters DEVELOPMENT LINKS Maintaining a website, takes more and more time as it grows. However, soon webmaster realized development can be pretty tricky business when it comes to outstmarting the search engines. discovered handy ways to manipulate it. Once the Page Rank toolbar was released by Google, webmasters started to talk a lot about SEO and links. This is how the link spam was born. SEO Webmasters began to see the advantages of having better search engine rankings for their sites (or the so called visibility). DEVELOPMENT SPAM COOKIE STUFFING Let's assume you are web- master and you have cook- ies written to the computers of your visitors. Usually they are used to fool merchant HIDDEN TEXT AND LINKS LINK SPAM This technique aims to make certain content on a website CONTENT SPAM websites that they are receiving a paid referal later on, while at the same time they are not. invisible to people but visible to the search LINK FARMS engines, They are actually really popular now and then. Hardly, there are any of us who haven't seen a web page that contains 200+ links all pointing to one of several sites. ARTICLE SPINNING misleading both parties. The hidden text is usually full of keywords that most of the times are irrelevant to the This Black Hat SEO technique gave birth to a new kind of business - the article spinning software. What these programs do is they take an article and rewrite it automatically in order to create a new one that is unique to the search engines (if not to the people). This can also be done manu- ally but it takes a lot of time. PAGE HIJACKING content on the page. Page Hijacking is the act of making a copy of a trusted and authoritative site. URL REDIRECTION 301, „HTAC- CESS, WEBMASTER TOOLS, META TAG REDIRECTION After that the site is BUYING AND SELLING LINKS used for stealing pass- words and accounts, redirecting visitors to low quality sites and for This practice has been around for quite some time and is one of the most popular Black Hat SEO techniques. It is the paid equiva- lent to "organic" link building. It is a Black Hat SEO technique that consist of URL redirections SPLOG Splog is actually short for Blog. It is a type of blog with low qual- ity content, created for the sole purpose of generating back- links to another USING WORLD- (301, htaccess, webmaster tool, meta tag redirections) from one page to other of your site or to page of a 3rd party website. WRITABLE PAGES The usage of world- writable pages another Black Hat SEO technique for exploit- ing web pages that have their permissions not set up to restrict access, many other Spam unethical purposes. is SYBIL ATTACK Sybil attack represens the creation of multiple fake personalities with FORUM SPAM If you ever used forums to talk with people with similar inter- ests, you have noticed that there are a lot of people repeating the same thing with the purpose of getting links. MIRROR WEBSITE website. It is also known as a "Satel- lite blog". Creating mirror website is a technique that represents full copy of 3rd party web site, which is added to your web site and the main purpose is stealing the content and visitors of the original site. the clear intention of using them for link or comment spam. KEYWORD STUFFING SCRAPPER SITES These are websites that pub- lish content, which has been collected from 3rd parties using spiders and bots. This is one of the most popular on-site Black Hat SEO techniques. It consists of overloading the content of a certain web page with keywords to make it more valuable for the search engine spiders although it's making it worse for visitors at the same time. BLOG COMMENT SPAM BUYING EXPIRED DOMAINS Most blogs offer reader leave comments It's when a reputable domain that has expired recently is purchased and set up (with 301 redirect) to point to other site in order to gain its (reputable domain) popularity. with their names and links to their websites. This has been exploited for a long time by Black Hat SEOS and nowa- DOORWAY / GATEWAY PAGES This refers to web pages META-TAG STUFFING days it is hard to do it even manually since most blogs have filters Meta-tag stuffing is a Black Hat SEO tech- nique similar to keyword stuffing but the difference is that the keywords are stuffed in the "description" and "keywords" meta tags of a website. It has been proven to be ineffective since 2005. that are stuffed with keywords in order to gain rankings. Websites that redirect to other and moderators that check each comment before approving it. web pages by mislead- ing links such as "Click here to enter" are also in that category. HIDDEN TEXT AND LINKS It was a very common (Black Hat SEO) technique to put hidden links and text all over the page.

The Nature of Black Hat SEO

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Even if you are new to SEO, you have already heard the term Black Hat. Believe it or not, the spammy techniques that all professional SEOs do not use and search engines hate, actually evolved along wi...


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