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Mysteries of the SMS journey revealed

What would you like to know? What happens when you hit the send button? Send Q W ER TYUI A S D F G HJK Z X C VBN M 123 0 space return Have you ever wondered what happens to your message after you press the send button? Buckle up, here's the journey from one mobile to another Short Message Center (SMC) First stop, a Short Message Center. Your SMS is parked here until it's been processed and is ready to pass onto the Gateway Message Center. SMC Gateway Message Center (GMC) This is the focal point for all the networks, where they work tirelessly to allocate the appropriate HLR to send your message to. GMC Home Location Register (HLR) This is where all the mobile profiles are stored, the numbers, service plans, where it's located etc. This will then pass your message onto the right MSC. HLR Mobile Switching Center (MSC) This uses a visitor location center which has temporary information about where the mobile is located at the present time. This then switches MSC connections between stations and sends the message to the appropriate BSS. Base Station System (BSS) There are loads of these stations dotted around and your message will be sent to the closest one. It will then send your message over the signaling channels to the mobile. BSS Message Delivered A few stats about text messaging 150,651,000,000 (over 150 million) Texts were sent in the UK 2011 Ofcom's Communications Market Report 2012 178 a month The average person receives 178 texts a month Tatango 98% of all texts 98 percent of all text messages will get read Frost & Sullivan Do you think you or business could benefit from mobile marketing? Then talk to Text Marketer... The best service at the lowest price Search Text Marketer If you're not yet using an SMS service in your business, we'd love to have a chat about how it might work for you. We were one of the first business SMS providers in the UK and we aim to provide your business with the highest quality SMS services at a very text marketer low cost. "5 star value for money, great service at a great price" text marketer We deliver. You save.

Mysteries of the SMS journey revealed

shared by textmarketer on Dec 07
Have you ever wondered what happens to your text message after you press send?


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