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Gaurav Babulal Ideator, Designer, Web Analyst, Intemet Strategist, Writer & Learner. loves traveling, photography, sketching, trekking & nature Born on August 23rd 1976 A creative technologist and business strategist with broad experience in web & digital space. Gaurav is the start and the end point for all the big ideas. 14 years of experience #413, DSR Pricde, 24th main, 13+ years of experience as professional web developer, designer, webanalyst, product ideator & consultant, UX/Ul consultant Actively involved in several Technology Produt Development. - Ability to direct complex projects from concept to fully operational status. 2nd Sector, HSR Layout Bangalore- 560102 India +91.80.41101569 -Goal-oriented individual with leadership capabilities Organized, highly motivated anda real quick learner - Ability to work in a team seamlessly -Attention to details. +91.8951 055 683 in O (295 49 Expert gaurav.nirvana Products Websites Brands Klout f /gaurav.nirvana developed designed created Score @gaurav_nirvana Skills & personal qualities HTMLS/CSS3 i Apple Keynote Pages Numbers Ideation PHP/MYSQL Javascript JQuery Creative Conceptual Analytical Interactive WordPress I Windows Word Powerpoint Exçel Original Еxeaution Adobe Photoshop Team Player Problem solving Adobe Dreamweaver Adobe InDesign Communication Adobe Flash Project Mgt SEO Resourceful Adobe llustrator Writing Coral Draw Honest Coherent Photeshop Indesgn Executon Ideatfon Reliable Product htm/css WebUI Print Creatve Notepad Dramwever Illustratr Photoshop CoralDraw Recognition siliconindia siliconindia Kloudo s recognted as the first commerdal Recognized in Top 25 Web Developer & Designer of Bangalore by Siliconindia Precentations on Following tapls - VWorld's E-dty-Sihaon Valley of Indla Orlando, FL, USA, 2007 Recognized In Top 100 Mobile Developer & Designerof Inda by SliconInda Presentationson Indian minature palntings got pace in Victoria & Albert Museum, London suCess story of a technology called "Fanton - VWeb 20- Future Internet trends San Francisco, Ca, USA, 2009 - Enterprise 20-Collaboration is the key to future Chkago, IL, USĄ, 2010 and Canberra Unversity, Austraha My Story and Career Milestones Education & Skl Developmer micremark a 2000J Started Gr Aryan Advorlising Founder & Creative Lead Partner&Creative Lead Aryan Adverising June 2001 - Dec 2003 August 2000 - 2013 Caunded Technoogy wvices statup. Design, Develop optirmize, promobe, managermorethan 250 wetnites, portals, BB plaforrs, wet softwares, enteprbe 20, anlinecanpaigrs, micronites etc. featued in Sikoninda a 25 Best Webdeveloprent companies of Bangdge& 100Best Mobleapp Vendasofinda 2001 12002 Praaadansind pheah VnortaNa Maum, Londan end Conbam Unuardy. Ausla mwae 2003 * Sanad Phocagnghy wemicomarkun, wwdtedlogydn, wwwth wwqaredarstdocom, wwwaricahthecocom wwwdgaphiooineom, wwdrdamnatueog 200 AERN JA * SHtad tongora Web Design Manager 2005 o LERN (Learning Resources Network) January 2005 - June 2013 Gocmumad * Web Designing & Development, Evert's aninecarpaqgn, Cantert Managernent, Search Engine Optimization, Creatingnew layoutsfor their microsites and wetnites, Preserted few sessionsinther corferemce 2006 Web Designer, Developer & Webmaster * Phaoqphy ol to Kale February 2006 - September 2009 Dromwwer ronangement Google iytics 2007 Lead the tearn that but a B28platform on wrelesstechnologes Ideate devdoped, manage, prornote the platform * Barumatchg Dromw ProaMgment Godeays SEC wwdemorg, wwwlmmagkorfeeEndecn wwwdemogrsttutdrdecfm, wwwyaugbsog wwwdemagrdagwindhtri, wwwlenoghirehit E wwwdemorgmpindechtmi, wwpdggy21.og wwgundenag/hinshit webdrdeshtmi 2008 2009 Visiting Faculty Eupeda 2010 Co-founder, Creative lead * naldod Kat o Duns. Novad LEA February 2010 - 2013 2011 Lead the tearn of 3 tha bult thisbeauifu Erterprbe 20 appication caled douda com. Ideate,conceptualze,uer experlence strategy, madeting strategy LBR 2012 Product Consultant * lded Sdd ay HP lockbeyondreSumescom since July 2013 Resporsiblefor the entire product development, lead the techndlogy tea and execuethe devdoprnent cycle from ideatan to the launch 2013 www.kloudocom * anad wring Imss pe en orshoe anra wlodayandraumacom wwwdasbayondrumsomamployrdmkpp www.lasayondrasumacomyancaptosdudon php Few Recommendations on my Linkedln Profile Gurwlsahghly skledveb delgrewih gt Hasfoveb detgnrd rchegreoptntatbn Hedslourveb pagsdreddoartndard veb pagedegnly Auorderfl peonto Gratpanetovorkwih. Usters vellb measdet wtatter rodsareaddosHsbettonda pofet match Lootrg forverdocotre votrg withhm. yorkuhh ton Wam A Daves Klaus Blum ia Preidant at Educatis Faundirion and Ow, Al HovarcatLod Guavhas wortedasa comtant forERN forthe pnt 4yeas Aspatoforvitalognation, hetasmad dabeontibudorstomanyacasofouropeaton Hsasled web deigre, andhasa shhong undestardngobudresard marletingcOps HnykrowedgpdelnawdevatetyofTacs Guavsagoodcomuntto;apasuetowak wth ardveypesunte. 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Helusall thesklisofa fntcasodoguehdudrg nlert Drmuntaton, abithytoomnit fallowhoghard Ddotopdy foremvork Hsoutofthet WHE vortrgontteCpodut (urvdakbeyondenson Gaunvtasben Hghly Dteard trendy moate Avram ralreard soft golenhdktlal,Gaura hagtpeonto vorkuih. thirkrg isa boon fornypot tatreqiroadorary approch He has atrgge rowledgard slsh Hshunity katstarnet bisprofurd krowedge trdogydhevorls froma globallyrfumed popetke Foranypetqingloproth profesbral d erorard sk hesonmy fttrdogy. sbena pleaumwaungwhh Hl Ttchdehtasa n mente. Julia King Tamang Serr Cantant, Lming sauroes warkN) 4. -r . - yPrdesonak Andmarerecommendation here Some more info about me Identity International Experience Febe Dreded Condsimt Worked In Clents from Countrles Travelled O ndia hing) - USA O Bahain Sdy O e USA oIndia Greiee Switzatand Dubai o Austraia O Interests Photography Travelng Muskc Sketching Food Cooking Coffee Beer 48% Left vs Right 52% Asdentist, amathenatian, categorfæ, aurate, Imear, analytical, strategic pracical, always in control, master of words and language, realstc Itsh order, Itislogk, t knows ecacly wholts Ceatve a free spit pasdon, yeaming, senaualty, Itis sound droarnglaughter, ftfs taste, he feelhg of sand beneath bare feet Itismovement wMd cdors. Itfsurge to panton anempty canvas Itisboundless Imaginafon, art, poetry It sense lt feel tiseveryhingit wanttobe Gaurav www.micromarkin/workhtml www.micromarkin/porttolio.pdt +91.895 1055683 O-OO

My Infographic resume

shared by gaurav.nirvana on Jan 22
This is my infographic resume, which has sections of my professional journey in timeline, and other info about myself.






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