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Must Have Ecommerce Tools in 2015

10 MUST-HAVE E-COMMERCE TOOLS IN 2015 The e-commerce industry is exploding beyond all expectations. With such growth comes the pressing need for e-commerce vendors to scale up their operations. Here are ten essential toolkits in any e-commerce merchant's armory, which will help them keep pace with the highly fluid ecosystem in which they operate. NetSuite2 E-commerce Management Tool Type: Platform Works on: NETSUITE Android Windows Web-based What it is: Cloud based e-commerce management tool. Highlights Powerful features and functions including CRM, project management, order and inventory management. O Comes with a range of C that adds value to each C. How it Works Pricing Offers powerful customization facilities, making it possible to tailor functions according to specific needs without writing based on Modular pricing system, O services subscribed code - Easy-to-use point-and-click, standards-based application customization. Supported Platforms Support Options NETSUITE NetSuite Web Phone FAQ Suitable for: Everyone Flint Payment Processing Tool Type: App flint Works on: Android ios Web browser What it is: Accepts payments and manages point-of-sale system using smartphones. Highlights + Accepts debit/ credit card payments, issues digital invoices, discount coupons, and much more through the smartphone. O offers a variety of marketing tools and payment options. How it Works Pricing Pay-as-you-go fee structure: This app uses the smartphone camera to capture the credit card number securely, or send an invoice via email which Debit Cand Cudit Cant customer can pay online. The app denotes acceptance of payment to specific transactions into the central transaction log and deliver digital receipts. 1.95% per debit card 2.95% per credit card transaction transaction Supported Platforms Support Options inturt qb QuickBooks. API Open API Quickbooks Intuit FAQ Phone Online Suitable for: Everyone LinkTiger Site Optimization Tool Type: App Works on: Android ios Windows Linux Mạc lackBery LinkTiger RIM RIM-BlackBerry Web browser What it is: Detects and fixes broken links. Highlights + Finds dead and broken links that frustrate the customer and fixes them. + Finds broken links not just in web pages, but also in PDF, CSS, FLASH, JavaScript or MS Office document on the website. Offers a host of collaboration tools as well. How it Works Pricing LinkTiger crawls the website DEAD LINKS daily and highlights discovered dead links and where they are in the source code through dashboard and email. Enables instant report generation and sharing with team members. Subscription starts 15 day $19.95/month. free trial Supported Platforms Suitable for Open API Open API Everyone Dozeo Video Chat Tool Type: Plug-In dozeo Works on: Linux Mac Web-based Windows What it is: Online meeting tool to set up instant, hassle free video conferencing meetings. Highlights Powerful video chat features for online meetings, customer support, conferences and more. + Chat with customers in real time seamlessly, replicating actual store environment. O Ability to link unlimited number of guests. How it Works Pricing By adding this plug-in to the e-commerce store, customers can indulge in video conferencing without having to 30 download anything or initiate contact requests. Hosts who subscribe to the service can set up their virtual conference rooms and invite guests. Subscription starts from $14 a month for hosts - free for guests, free trial available Supported Platforms Support Options API Knowledge Base Open API FAQ Online Phone Suitable for: Everyone Honestly Feedback Tool .. Type: App OHonestly works on: Android ios Windows What it is: Custom creates questionnaires, delivers it to customer smartphones, and pulls replies to generate rich analytics. Highlights O Enables the business to receive feedback, criticism and complaints directly from customer, in real-time. Ability to respond to customers with personalized messages. How it Works Pricing Companies that sign up on Honestly's web application create a questionnaire and request customers to give feedback using smartphones or or iPad terminals set up for the purpose. It is possible to create individualized questionnaires and reply with option to Starts at 100 euros per month. Free for customers who send feedback include gift coupons. Supported Platforms Support Options API Open API Phone Online Suitable for: Everyone 6. JustUno Social Marketing Tool Type: App justuno ackBery Works on: RIRM Android ios Linux Mac RIM-BlackBerry Windows What it is: Orchestrates, organizes and executes social campaigns from e-commerce stores. Highlights + Allows targeted onsite promotions to specific user groups. O Offers many features to target specific customers, based upon habits, preferences and behaviors. Allows the creation of live coupons and specials to encourage direct consumer response. + Presents discounts in real time to users in exchange for becoming fans or followers. How it Works Pricing Offers a simple dashboard and intuitive interface with strong reporting functions and good compatibility. No coding required. Many easy-to-edit templates facilitate instant integration. Subscription starts $29.00/month, free 30 day trial Supported Platforms Support Options .. Works on any platform Phone Email Online Live Chat Suitable for: Everyone ReadyReturns Returns Processing System Lo Type: Plug-and-Play Works on: ReadyReturns Android ios Windows Linux What it is: Enables creation of a user-friendly returns management widget that allows customers self-service returns. to Highlights Makes chaotic task of returns more systematic and transparent. O Integrate it into your order management system with the included web services API. Includes a fully integrated UPS drop-off locator featuring Google Maps. How it Works Pricing The software allows shopkeepers to set rules for returns, including cut off dates, shipping cost, and more. Customers can generate returns online and print a return shipping label. Store operators get instant updates about returns Starts at $25 a month, 30-day free trial made. Supported Platforms Support Options Web services API -Integrates with most e-commerce systems and shopping carts. Email Phone Web Suitable for: Everyone 8. ReadyReturns Security Tool Type: Plug-and-Play Works on: Windows IIS web server DotDefender What it is: Cloud-based Saas tool, offering optimal out-of-the-box protection against known and emerging hacking attacks. Highlights Offers enterprise-class security against known and emerging C. Eliminates the need to learn the specific threats that exist on each web application. O Requires no additional hardware, and easily scales with your business. How it Works Pricing DotDefender uses many engines to detect and prevent hacking attacks - offers best-of-breed predefined security rules C and C with ease. Range of protection includes Pattern Recognition, Signature Knowledgebase, Data Leakage Protection (DLP), and Upload Inspection. Varies. custom quote Supported Platforms Support Options Oper API Open API Supports multiple Technologies platforms Email Phone Web IIS Apache IIS Apache Cloud Live Chat FAQ Suitable for: Everyone 9. Unbounce Store development tool Type: App unbøunce Works on: THE DIY LANDING PAGE PLATFORM Web-based What it is: Landing page creation software, with A/B testing thrown into the mix. Highlights O Makes it possible to build a high-converting landing page and publish it to the web in a single click. O Offers tools to test web pages. How it Works Pricing Offers a powerful drag & drop landing page builder that allows creating responsive pages without HTML code and without help from Subscription Starts at $49 a month, 30-day free trial a technical team. Supported Platforms Small & medium businesses salesforce Oper API Open API Salesforce 10 KissMetrics Security Tool Type: Platform Works on: OKISSmetrics Web-based What it is: Web analytics tool that says who did what on the webpage and tracks customer conversions. Highlights O Identifies what changes in a website make the biggest and most profitable impact. l Identify data and trends that matter the most. + Offers a set of unique features to track effectiveness of marketing channels, engagement metrics, time taken to convert and more through a dashboard. How it Works Pricing Kissmetrics installs standard first-party cookies on visitors who visit e-commerce sites to track user activities, and reports the same on customer dashboard. Starts from $179 a month, 14-day free trial Supported Platforms Support Options Integrates data from most integrated sources. Email Phone Live Chat Social Media FAQ Suitable for: Everyone Reference: Suyati dream. dare. do

Must Have Ecommerce Tools in 2015

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With a spectacular growth rate, the e-commerce industry is on a tremendous upswing. The vendors are pulling out all stops to ensure that they are not left behind by the competition. This infographic t...



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