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Museums & the Digital Revolution

Thinkwell's 2014 Guest Experience Trend Report Museums & the Digital Revolution Consumer Trends in Mobile and Interactive Technology Integration in Museums #mobilemuseum 69% of respondents brought a mobile device on their last museum visit Bthinkwell Did you take a mobile device on your last museum visit? What did you do on your mobile device while at the museum? 63% 2% 4% took both a smartphone & a tablet computer took a smartphone took a tablet computer LG 63% 40% 21% 17% 11% 8% 5% Took photos Communicated with Used social media To further research Used social media Accessed Took notes on friends/family related to museum museum content not related to museum's additional experience experience museum experience digital content Bthinkwell 52% 80% of visitors who brought a mobile device thought an interactive app or digital engagement tool would improve their museum experience of visitors who did NOT bring a mobile device thought an interactive app or digital engagement tool would NOT improve their museum experience Bthinkwell How interested are you in the following digital interactive tools? App for info on museum / exhibit Extremely Not at All Slightly Moderately Quite Quite ustomizable tour ( Slightly Not at All Extremely Not at All Extremely Quite Moderately Slightly Interactive app used during your visit Bthinkwell Which features would improve your museum experience? Which features would encourage you to visit museums more often? Customized digital exhibit / museum guide based on your interests Use of sound / audio related to topic / object Interactive device Mobile connectivity for children Location-aware device/app that activates special content in certain areas/exhibits Ability to take 3D printed replica of an artifact / object home Games & scavenger hunts Other Ability to "bookmark" content that interests you for access Special narration / Nothing would improve my museum experience Use of scents related audio content to topic / object online after visit Bthinkwell Top 3 Complaints about Museums Cost of Entry Too Crowded Outdated Content Top 3 Commendations about Museums Seeing real art and/or artifacts Educational for me Content of and/or my family specific exhibit 3thinkwell How enjoyable was your most recent museum visit? 50% 45% 40% 35% 30% 25% 20% 15% 10% 5% 0% Extremely Enjoyable Moderately Enjoyable Not at all Enjoyable Quite Slightly Enjoyable Enjoyable Bthinkwell What types of museums have you visited in the last 2 years and for which are you a member? 54% 47% 38% 36% 35% 35% 29% 21% 16% 17% 12% 11% 8% 9% 3% 1% 4% 2% 4% 3% 1% 1% 4% 1% Living History Zoo / Wildlife Aquarium Science / Children History Botanical Garden Art Cultural / Natural Planetarium Entertainment Religious Technology History Sanctuary Bthinkwell Number of times respondents visited a museum in the past 24 months Number of hours respondents spent at a museum on a single visit 9-10 <1 >10 >4 7-8 1-2 3-4 5-6 1-2 3-4 Bthinkwell What was your main motivation for your last museum visit? 22% To see a temporary exhibit 13% To see a permanent exhibit 15% Someone else wanted to go / I was invited 23% Just felt like going 17% Brought my child(ren) / grandchild(ren) | 4% Had free / discount tickets | 1% For research / educational purposes | 1% Special event at museum | 3% Traveling / on vacation Bthinkwell Survey Respondent Demographics Gender 18-29 58% 30-44 60+ Age 42% 45-60 <$25K >$150K $25-49K < High School Degree High School Degree Income Some College / Associates Degree $100-149K Bachelor's Degree $50-99K Master's Degree Ithinkwell Source: Thinkwell's 2014 Guest Experience Trend Report | Qualifying participants were United States residents over the age of 18, who had visited a museum and/or exhibit in the past 2 years. Read the full report on Send speaking requests to Ariana Jarvis at [email protected] Interactive app used prior to & after you visit Moderately Slightly Not at All Ajəwx3 Quite Kjawax3 Not at All Slightly Moderately Quite | Interactive audio that feeds info and/or music | Education %24

Museums & the Digital Revolution

shared by ThinkwellGroup on Nov 06
Thinkwell Group surveyed more than 1,400 museumgoers about their mobile device habits when they visit exhibits and museums.


Ariana Jarvis


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