Most Popular New TLDs and Categories

The Next Generation of Domain Names is Coming Arriving In 17 More Than 2013 1000 New TLD Categories New TLDS http://www.WhatWillYouChoose.{ Services Business EXPERT INSURANCE .GMBH SOLUTIONS Money & Finance Identity & Lifestyle INC 6%► .LLC 11% „LAW ► .SERVICES .CREDIT LOANS .FAMILY .DEMOCRAT .COMPANY .MARKETING TAX 4% .CASH „FORUM VIP « 10% .LIVE .DESIGN .ENGINEER „FINANCE BANK ATTORNEY MONEY .LOVE .MOM .CHURCH Geographic .GLOBAL TOWN Popular TLD Categories Leisure & Recreation „PLACE « 9% SOCIAL .CITY .GAMES „HOTEL 6% .TOURS .BROADWAY .WORLD INTERNATIONAL „DANCE POKER .CASINO Interest Education .DOG A GIVES SCHOOL EDUCATION DEGREE 2 MBA ECO 5% .CAM Sports .COLLEGE ACADEMY Real Estate UNIVERSITY .GOLF YOGA .CLUB .PETS REVIEWS .CONDOS .REALTY FAN 3% RUGBY TEAM SPORTS FOOTBALL „PROPERTY a 4% HOME In 2013, new TLDS, will change how the world uses the Web. People will have the option of choosing memorable and intuitive domain names specific to their online presence. „APARTMENTS FORSALE .REALESTATE IDN Arts & 游戏 Entertainment .MUSIC PHOTOS 9% » is ART 3% NEWS ACTOR EVENTS 企业 MOVIE Novelty Shopping .NINJA .FAIL Technology .SHOP SALE TECH .MAP „HOT ( 8% ».ZONE Food & Drink .FREE 8% .BUY .WEB 8% .APP WTF .WOW PIZZA FOOD .MEME BAR 3% .CAFE „STORE .CARS .ONLINE .BLOG .CLOUD WINE .COFFEE .SHOPPING „RECIPES 17% from U.K. Interest 29% by Continent 55% 4% 45% from U.S.A 9% 3% Popular by Continent South America Europe APAC Africa North America .HOTEL .HOTEL .НОTEL „ADS .ATTORNEY SITE .ONLINE LONLINE .CAPETOWN .REALESTATE .НOT „ART .BUY JOBURG „NYC .EMAIL .DESIGN .SALE .AFRICA INC .VIAJES .SCHOOL .FORUM .ACADEMY .ONLINE .RADIO .GAMES .PHONE .MARKETING .EMAIL .ECO .EMAIL „FREE .COFFEE „ART .DOMAINS .SITE LINC .EMAIL .TECHNOLOGY .VIP .MAIL .BOOK .FORUM .LLC .PIZZA .LTD .RUGBY ACCOUNTANTS .MUSIC Hypertext Transfer Protocol Tells the web server how to respond to Domain The name of a website, as typed into a web browser by a website visitor. (e.g.,, etc.) Anatomy of a Domain Name your request to view a particular web page or file. Subdomain Top-Level Domain A prefix to a domain name that can go to another site or part of a website. Examples include or Also referred to as a domain extension, a TLD is the last part of a domain. Popular TLDS include .COM, .NET, .CO and more. 240,000,000 The Current Registered Domains Landscape 11.9% 72.9% YOY Growth Renewals 103.7M 100.3M 36M .COM CCTLDS 9TLDS Sunrise A & B A period of time when trademark In the past, only one or two TLDS launched per year. Now hundreds will launch each year! Let's take a look at each phase of a typical TLD launch. holders can claim domains related to their brands. Watchlist Pre-Registration Your last chance to apply for Keep track of the TLDS that interest you and place your order when they're available. a domain before the official launch. Landrush A period when applications are open to the public without trademark claims for a premium. Launching A New TLD General Availability New TLDS enter the wild and are available for standard domain registration. enomo f in 8* Source Material (Based on data pulled in November 2012) Copyright © 1998-2012 eNom Inc. All rights reserved. IV Priven by Demand Media

Most Popular New TLDs and Categories

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As the process for new domain extensions moves forward with 1,000+ New Top Level Domains (TLD), eNom’s New TLD Watchlist has received over one million submissions worldwide for top names and categor...


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