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Mobile Usage Worldwide

MOBILE USAGE WORLDWIDE. This infographic highlights the explosive growth of cellphones and smartphones worldwide. It's absolutely stunning to see emerging countries invest so heavily in cell phones. Cellular telephones, smart phones, and their related devices have become an absolute necessity for everyone. A phone can now be a newspaper, a radio or a distraction that can cannibalize Angry Birds in midflight. It has been deemed the number one invention that has most drastically changed the world in recent history. Which country has the largest growth in cellphone usage? Check out the infographic below to find out. THE UNPRECEDENTED GLOBAL PHONE-NOMENON New phones are released 150 times a THE TOP 15 COUNTRIES IN MOBILE USAGE ACCOUNT FOR OVER THn: 55%L year MOBILE USAGE IN THE PAST 20 YEARS OF THE WORLD'S TOTAL POPULATION 1992 2005 2012 AND THE WINNER IS.. O CHINA 157K% INDIA TO USERS t 919M% | 176.943 USERS 393,406,000 USERS 90.140.000 USERS 1,010,000,000 USERS 1919.170.422 USERS USA 128K% BRAZIL 1784K% |11,032,753 USERS 132.000 USERS | 203,700,000 USERS 1 310,866,000 USERS 86,210,336 USERS 250,800,000 USERS INDIA HAS THE MOST GROWTH IN TERMS OF MOBILE USERS IN THE PAST 20 YEARS INDONESIA †704K% RUSSIA 13.73M% 1 35.546 USERS 16,000 USERS WITH A STAGGERING. | 46,909,972 USERS 250, 100,000 USERS 120.000,000 USERS 224,260,000 USERS 919,170,422% JAPAN 17.K% PAKISTAN 1848K% 1,712,545 USERS 13,500 USERS 96.484,000 USERS 121,246,095 USERS 12,771,203 USERS | 114,610,000 USERS GERMANY 1 11K% NIGERIA †90M% 971,890 USERS TO USERS 79,271,000 USERS |107,000,000 USERS | 18,587,000 USERS 90,583,306 USERS MEXICO 1 28.4K% 1 12K% ITALY 312.647 USERS | 738,000 USERS 47,128,746 USERS 88.797, 186 USERS 71.500.000 USERS 88.580.000 USERS (79%) BANGLADESH 1 35M% PHILLIPINES 1 53K% |250 USERS | 56,044 USERS 9.000,000 USERS 86,550,000 USERS 34,778,995 USERS 86,000,000 USERS UNITED KINGDOM 5,0K% INDIA SAW IT'S GREATEST GROWTH 799% OF INDIA'S TOTAL POPULATION OF THE TOP 15 COUN TRIES THAT HAVE 1,507,000 USERS 65,471,665 USERS | 75,750,000 USERS RATE FROM THE YEARS 1992-2005 OWN OR USE A MOBILE DEVICE SEEN GROWTH IN MOBILE USERS OVER AT AN UNPRECEDENTED 90 MILL, %. THE PAST 20 YEARS, THE U.S. HAS SEEN THE LEAST AMOUNT OF GROWTH WITH ONLY 2817%. SOURCES: BROUGHT TO YOU BY: HTTP://WWW.ENGADGET.COM/2012/03/30/CHINA-OFFICIALLY-TOPS-ONE-BILLION-MOBILE-SUBSCRIBERS/ HTTP://WWW.TRAI.GOV.IN/WRITEREADDATA/WHATSNEW/DOCUMENTS/PR-TSD-MARO3052012.PDF HTTP://WWW.CTIA.ORG/CONSUMER_INFO/INDEX.CFM/AID/10323 we HTTP://BLOGS.ESTADAO.COM.BR/LINK/BRASIL-TEM-MAIS-DE-2508-MILHOES-DE-LINHAS-DE-CELULARES/ HTTP://WWW.MSKIT.RU/NEWS/N104271/ HTTP://MOBITHINKING.COM/MOBILE-MARKETING-TOOLS/LATEST-MOBILE-STATS HTTP://WWW.PTA.GOV.PK/INDEX.PHP?0PTION=COM_CONTENT&VMIEW=ARTICLEGID=269&ITEMID=599 HTTP://WWW.TMCNET.COM/USUBMIT/2009/06/12/4222607.HTM HTTP://WWW.NCC.GOV.NG/ HTTP://WWW.TELECOMLEAD.COM/INNER-PAGE-DETAILS.PHP?ID=81418BLOCK=SERVICE%20PROVIDER HTTP://WWW.BUDDE.COM.AU/RESEARCH/PHILIPPINES-TELECOMS-MOBILE-BROADBAND-AND-FORECASTS.HTML HTTP://WWW.CELLULAR-NEWS.COM/STORY/37159.PHP?S=H HTTP://SEARCH.WORLDBANK.ORG/DATA?QTERM=WORLDWIDE%20MOBILE%20SUBSCRIBERS&LANGUAGE=EN

Mobile Usage Worldwide

shared by b-we on Jan 05
This details the explosive growth of worldwide mobile usage in the last 20 years.


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