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Mobile Phone Security: Apps And Hijacks

**** * *** MOBILE PHONE SECURITY: APPS AND HIJACKS TALE OF THE TAPE Android -OS- IOS 5 years -AGE- 5 years Released Nov 2007 Released June 2007 600,000+ -APPS- 500,000+ -% OF TOP 15- -FREE APPS HACKED- 80% 40% % OF TOP 100- -PAID APPS HACKED- 100% 92% ANDROID VS. IPHONE ROUND ROUND ROUND ONE 1 1 Survey: The Consumer App Choice Have you ever uninstalled or chosen not to install an app when you found out how much personal information you would need to share in order to use it? Chosen not to install: Uninstalled: YES YES- NO 54% 30% 69% NO elee enen eer 46% C confe eana a CANCH UNSURE 1% ROUND ROUND ROUND TWO How Secure Are Your Apps? Pretty much all types of apps are vulnerable to hacking, including games, business, productivity, financial services, social networking, entertainment, communication and health apps. So how can hacked apps affect you? Disable or circumvent Unlock or Steal and sell security features change settings personal information Install and spread malware from your phone Send unauthorised texts or make premium calls Overall Security: ANDROID IPHONE Android marketplace is unregulated by Google The App Store is strictly regulated by Apple Google Bouncer: screens for malicious apps, but many claim is easily circumvented All apps are prescreened, certified and approved by Apple Data encryption: YES Data encryption: YES Protection against web-based attacks: YES Protection against web-based attacks: YES Requires user-authorization for apps to access private info: YES Requires user-authorization for apps to access private info: YES Remote Erase private data if phone is lost or stolen: NO Remote Erase private data if phone is lost or stolen: NO "Permissions" granted via pop-up "Permissions" granted or denied at time of download message prompt at time of use Defense Record: Winner 100% Malware Secure The Android operating system does not have the best record here, with 75% of all smartphone malware targetting Android-based handsets No malware has ever infected the iPhone; in addition, there has only been one spam app in the history of iOS (quickly removed by Apple) MOBILE BANKING Mobile banking is convenient, easy and efficient. It allows us to check account balances, transfer funds and even deposit checks right from our smartphones. However, mobile banking can be vulnerable to fraud and identity theft if we aren't careful. Let's have a look at some of the top mobile banking apps available Bank of America Quick Deposit Square Pingit Pingit - Sitekey security - Passworded - Fraud prevention - Fraud monitoring - Mobile payments - Data encryption - 5 digit access pin - auto erasE Passworded - Firewall protection - Data encryption - Custom images What's in it for the hackers? Mobile Mobile app payments to soon top $1 trillion revenues will exceed $60bn by 2016 ROUND ROUND ROUND THREE Which device wins this match? It's not just the statistics we have to take into account, but also the opinions and usage from consumers... Market Share: App Downloads: iOS - 20% iPhone 10 billion total app downloads Android 20 billion total app downloads Android - 59% And The Winner Is... THE IPHONE! CHAMPION The fact of the matter is that iOS simply has a better track record for mobile security. Apple's screening process is thorough and effective, and their limiting of downloads to the App Store ensures that the apps you put on your phone are secure and reputable. On the other hand, because there are fewer iPhone users than Android users, hackers have less incentive to target the smaller iOS market, and tend to concentrate their efforts on Google's platform instead. It's also worth noting that Anroid has to protect many types of phones, while Apple only has the iPhone to focus on, making Android's security job much harder and leaving them open to attack on many fronts. TIPS FOR KEEPING YOUR MOBILE TECHNOLOGY SECURE Only download apps from trusted Never agree to permissions without reading them Read the reviews before Sources you download Avoid banking on public Wi-Fi networks Don't access your Use only the official banking applications bank via a text or email link Infographic powered by Ladbrokes Sources:| | Arxan Technologies | | | TechNavio ABI Research | KPMG | BY NC SA

Mobile Phone Security: Apps And Hijacks

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A review on mobile phone security, hacking and apps. The Infographic looks at mobile banking security and reviews the Android and iPhone apps, drawing on consumer app choice and survey data. In additi...


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