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Mobile Phone Evolution Infographic

Cell Phone: From Brick to Slick Dr. Martin Cooper The first call ona mobile phone was made. Motorola DynaTAC 8000X Martin Cooper, a Motorola researcher and executive, 1973 made the first analogue mobile phone call using a heavy prototype model. He called Dr. Joel S. Engel of Bell Labs. Cooper is the first 1983 Cellp hone battery: Nickel Cadmlum inventor named on 'Radio 1.Heavy and large. This subsequently increased the cell phone size. Telephone System" filed on October 17, 1973 with the US Patent Office and later 2.Users have to empty the battery fully before recharging it. issued as US Patent 1989 3,906,166. It was commer- cially produced in 1983 3.Produced heat while using. MicroTAC 9800х 4.Cadmium being a toxic product posed heath issues for the users and it was also difficult to dump after use. • Released by Motorola • The smallest and lightest phone available at the time • Fits into a shirt pocket • Features an 8-character dot-matrix red LED display •An innovative new 'flip" design Nokla 1011 The first mass-produced GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) phone. 1992 Motorola Bag Phone 1992 This phone used 3 wattsof power wheras today's phonesuse 06 IBM Smon The first smartphone. 1993 Mova N103 Hyper The first commercial mobile phone with custom izable ring tones. 1996 1997 Nokla 8810 Slemens S10 The world's The first cell phonewithout an external whip or stub antenna and the first true "candy bar" phone in the modern sen se. first phone with a color 1998 screen. Cell phone battery: Nickel Metal Hydride 1999 1.Made from the non-toxic materials 2.Thinner and lighter than the NICD Nokla 3210 Benefon Esd One of the This wasthe 3.Ailed to solve the issue of the heat produc- tion and flabbiness of the batteries after repeated use first instance of a GPS being most popular mobile integrated into . a mobile phone. phones in history was the Nokia 3210, with Over 160 2000 GPS 2001 Sharp J-SH04 The J-SH04, million sold. released by J-Mobile in Erkcsson T39 The first Samsung Nokka 7110 Japan offered a mere 0.1 megapixel resolu tion Bluetooth- SPH-M100 Uprcar The first cell phone to have MP3 music The first mobile capable phone. phone with a WAP browser needed to support Internet and Web appli (MP3 capabilities. cations such as 2004 email and web browsing. Cell phone battery: Lithlum lon Batterles Motorola A845 The first dual-mode UMTS 1.Offers the longest talk time /WCDMA phone for the North America market. Fueled by turbo data speeds, the A845's two- way video calling feature brings you face-to-face with family, friends, and colleagues. 2.Shorter recharge time Motorola RAZR 3.Available in wide variety of shapes and sizes The first mobile phone marketed as a "ashion" phone, selling 50 million un its by mid-2006. 4.No longer needs to be emptied before recharging. 5.Lowest percentage of self discharge rate being 5-10% per month, Treo 700w The first Palm smartphone 2005 2007. tooperate out side of the Palm OS and Apple IPhone It'sa powerful pocket computer, a game machine, and a mu ltimed la playback device and gives instant, high-speed powered by W indows 2010 LG Optimus 2X It holds the Guin ness World Record for being the first mobile Mobile. access tothe Web, email, Facebook, phone to use a dual-core proces sor Twitter, and YouTube NVIDIA. TerreStar Genus TEGRA || First Satellite Smart Phone 2011 LG Optimus 3D P920 The world's firstfull 3D smartphone promising to change the way you interact with your phone. This high-performance smart- phone lets you record, view Apple IPhone4S HTC EVO 4G The first to have 10 08 The world's first 4G Apple A5 (dual core) and two antennas mobile phone. It runs the Google Android 2.2 operating system with HTC Sense built on topof it. E 00 (both GSM and CDMA) on all 73 and share 3D content previous iPhones. without glasses. Sources: 1983-2009/ Wilson Electronics, Inc. Improving your Cellular Signal ( 关

Mobile Phone Evolution Infographic

shared by jparker21 on Oct 30
An awesome infographic on the humble beginnings and evolution of cell phones.


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