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Mobile Payments

MOBILE PAYMENTS WHAT IS MOBILE PAYMENT? With mobile payment, the cell phone can either store funds directly on it, or act as the transaction tool for debiting a different account. Is the wallet in your pocket soon to be a thing of the past? Cor) store Churt MOST COMMON FORMS OF MOBILE PAYMENT to SMART PHONE CREDIT CARD READER SMS-BASED PAYMENTS AND TRANSFERS SOFTWARE-BASED SOLUTIONS LOCATION-BASED APP SOFTWARE NEAR-FIELD COMMUNICATIONS (NFC) Send a text message with authorization code, amount and Pay during checkout by authorizing retailer to debit from Install an app called Chip in your phone holds your credit or Swipe your credit card through a device attached to a smart- card case, and debit account and is merchants can pick up your phone through location proximity servers to charge you. recipient. No smart- phone needed. your! prepaid balance. another phone. account or device that houses a transmitter chip. EXAMPLE square, intuit EXAMPLE EXAMPLE EXAMPLE zaypay dwolla, starbucks, google wallet google EXAMPLE card case MOBILE PAYMENT IS BIG BUSINESS Only 1444 of US companies offer mCommerce. And while 29% plan to in the next year, 576 do not plan to in the next year. PROJECTED NUMBER OF MERCHANTS USING MOBILE PAYMENTS WORLDWIDE BY 2015 "SQUARE" TO ACCEPT MOBILE PAYMENTS 12.5% of 8 million retailers #3.3 trillion 670" billion spent by US consumerS on some 6 billion credit and debit card transactions MOBILE PAYMENT IN 2011 VS 2015 E 240 billion in 2012 670 billion in 2015 MOBILE PAYMENT USERS WORLDWIDE TOP 3 PRODUCTS PURCHASED ON SMARTPHONES IN 2010 2010 Entertainment Items Electronies Clothing/Apparel 1021 million users 2011 141.1 48% 45% 45% million users Source: eMarketer, Mobile Payments: Moving Closer ta a World Without Wallets; September 2ost Acquity Group is a leading brand eCommerce and digital marketing company. For more information visit ACQUITY GROUP 877.227.1772 I [email protected] I

Mobile Payments

shared by youcom on Jan 25
First and foremost this infographic explains what a mobile payment is. It then goes on to explain what the most common forms of mobile payments are and how the mobile payment industry is growing.


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