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The Mobile Intelligence Brain

THE MOBILE INTELLIGENCE BRAIN powered by dynmark BACKGROUND The intelligent 'brain' has been tracking messaging sent through the Dynmark platform for over 2 years. During that time it has analysed... 1,498 NETWORKS 800 MILLION TRANSACTIONS 오 228 COUNTRIES 51 OPERATING SYSTEMS 50 MILLION MOBILE NUMBERS AGGREGATED KNOWLEDGE BEHAVIOURAL DATA DEVICE DATA /bi'hävyərəl/ /di'vis/ How a mobile number Factual information to do with interacts with messaging. For example, how likely they are to... the device attached to the mobile number. For example... be switched on & respond to an sms last known active date able to receive last known dead date click through on a URL 60006 have used a shortcode respond with a STOP message respond positively ?"&@s network history respond with an expletive operating system family & name countries the phone has been tracked in .and how long it takes STATISTICS Taken directly from the Intelligent 'Brain' at the start of August 2013, these statistics are constantly changing as the 'brain' collects more and more data. TOTAL KNOWN NUMBERS TOTAL KNOWN ACTIVE NUMBERS TOTAL KNOWN DEAD NUMBERS 55,580,594 18,744,931 1,239,989 FINANCE ENTERTAINMENT BETTING RETAIL RESPONSE RATE OPT OUT RATE 20% 1.92% 17% 1.24% 10% 0.41% 0.13% 54% OPERATING SYSTEM DISTRIBUTION OF CLICKS 50% 39% lil 31% 31% 27% 24% 23% iOS 22% 18% 18% 16% RIRM 9% 5% 3% 1% BEHAVIOURAL PROFILES These profiles have been devised by the Dynmark team, and are indicative of customers that we have encountered through our experience. FAN AGGRESSOR BARGAIN HUNTER The fan is a fully engaged mobile consumer. Their mobile is important to them and they appreciate relevant content. The bargain hunter has little or no loyalty to any brand or service, they will change their provider to get a better deal. This means messages to them must be offer focused. The aggressor is not interested in mobile communications and are likely to respond negatively, which can risk brand damage. 3. INDIFFERENT RECEPTIVE UNRECEPTIVE The indifferent customer is unlikely to respond or engage with mobile. They either mistrust the message or do not see value in it. The receptive customer is engaged with the brand communicating with them, they appreciate mobile but are likely to opt out if the message is not relevant. The unreceptive customer does not appreciate mobile unless they receive relevant - usually operational messaging. HOW CAN YOU GET THIS LOVELY DATA? these three Dynmark services can give you access to the lovely clever intelligence inside the brain..find out more at INTELLIGENT TRACKING unique URLS click-throughs results INTELLIGENT QUERY Intelligent Query analyses data upload data export results import to your database INTELLIGENT FILTERING send messages live filtering save on costs/ increase ROI BUSINESS APPLICATIONS MARKETING COMMUNICATIONS CRM & DATA APP DEVELOPERS MANAGEMENT improve data accuracy understand your mobile audience avoid risk of non-compliance with opt out rules enhance your campaign testing capabilities target consumers by OS for greater return on app downloads understand engagement levels with apps / mobile sites increase ROl and optimise personalisation and campaign targeting customer engagement READ ABOUT ALL OUR MOBILE ENGAGEMENT STATISTICS IN OUR FIRST MOBILE INTELLIGENCE REVIEW AT WWW.DYNMARK.COM/INTELLIGENCEREPORT dynmark sending the right message [email protected] www.DYNMARK.COM TEXT 'DYNMARK' TO 60006 +44 (0)3333 448 880 t↑

The Mobile Intelligence Brain

shared by Dynmark on Aug 19
Dynmark has developed the Mobile Intelligence 'Brain' to capture and analyse data from mobile messaging sent through the Dynmark platform. The brain now serves this data up to businesses to allow ...



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