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Mobile Industry in Numbers

1100 Published October 2012 MILLION CLUB The 100 Million Club is a bi-yearly watchlist of the top mobile platforms and handset manufacturers, presenting key figures and insights of the mobile industry. The figures presented in the infographic are up to the end of HI 2012. Published in October 2012. (vision mobile 100 dub million Copyright VisionMobile. Some rights reserved. tracking successful businesses in mobile THE MOBILE INDUSTRY IN NUMBERS • Smartphone penetration Smartphone sales penetration continues to accelerate, growing from nearly 30% in Q3 2011 to nearly 40% in Q2 2012. 29% 34% 37% 39% In the past six months, overall device shipments took a small dip, but smartphone shipments grew by nearly 10% Half-on-Half. In certain regions, like the US, smartphone penetration is greater Q3 2011 Q4 2011 QI 2012 Q2 2012 than 50%. • Mobile platforms Nearly 2 out of every 3 smartphones shipped in HI 2012 were Android devices The Apple App Store continues to lead in terms of available apps and number of cumulative downloads. Despite low device sales, the Windows platform already has over 100 thousand available apps in the Windows Marketplace. 190.000 Number of mobile 61.000 handsets shipped in HI 2012 (thousand units) 20.000 18.000 7.800 7.500 iOS SYMBIAN : BlackBerry bada anɔROID Number of apps 90.000 110.000 available in native app store 600.000 670.000 Number of cumulative downloads in native app store (up to the end of June 2012) cumulative 31 billion 20 billion Зыllion iOS BlackBerry 180 million 1,410 million 1,530 million Number of downloads per month per month Although Symbian is obsolete, it still has a sizable installed base larger than bada and Windows Phone combined, In terms of cumulative shipments since launch, Symbian ahead, but Android will soon catch up. still Installed base (i.e. total handsets currently in the market) SYMBIAN iOS bada BlackBerry CIOECUD 260 million 430 million 200 million 110 million 20 million 15 million 16 million 25 million 245 million 200 million 540 million 505 million Sales base (i.e. total handset shipments since launch) • Handset manufacturers (HI 2012) Samsung is the leading manufacturer in overall shipments, as well as smartphone shipments. Nokia is a close second overall, but the majority of their shipments are feature phones. In the handset market, Apple and Samsung account for 63% of revenues and over 98% of the profits, depriving other vendors of oxygen and therefore the ability to invest in handset differentiation and marketing. Top 5 handset manufacturers: Mobile handset shipments and smart/feature phone ratio 37% 33% Handsets shipped (in millions) Revenues Others APPLE 192 m 30% 166 m SAMSUNG Others smart feature 2% 61m 37 m Profits 28% 70% 27 m SAMSUNG APPLE SAMSUNG NOKIA APPLE ZTE LG +5% -25% +13% +2% -31% % change since H2 2011 In the smartphone market, Apple and Samsung claim more than half of total shipments. Nokia is shipping more Symbian handsets than WP handsets and their share has fallen to 7%, down from 16% in H2 2011. Smartphone Manufacturer Market Share (HI 2012) OTHER 8% MOTOROLA 4% LG 4% 31% SAMSUNG HUAWEI 4% SONY ERICSSON 5% HTC 5% ZTE 5% RIM 6% NOKIA 7% 21% APPLE • Handset Manufacturers vs. platforms/Smart vs. feature phones • Handset Manufacturers Smart Huawei Nokia LG НTC phones RIM 3% 1% 2% Sony Ericsson 2% Motorola 1% 2% 2% Apple 8% 12% Samsung Android 24% Blackberry OS 2% 1% bada 2% ZTE 8% ios 3% Other smart OSs 2% Symbian os Other feature other feature 24% 45% 1% WP 1% Other smart 16% Series 40 18% Nokia feature ZTE feature 3% LG feature 2% 1% 1% Huawei feature Motorola feature 13% ****** Samsung feature Feature phones -....-... DEVELOPER ECONOMICS 2013 - ONLINE SURVEY *Survey open until November 2012 Also by VisionMobile DEVELOPER ECONOMICS 2013 ONLINE SURVEY WHICH ARE THE BEST DEVELOPER TOOLS? Take the online survey, II have your say and win smart feature great prizes! The results will be freely available DEVELOPER NATION in January 2013 Note:This infographic only presents figures for mobile handsets, not tablets or other devices. CREATED BY: VisionMobile estimates, Asymco, Canalys, Gartner, IDC, Strategy Analytics, Tomi Ahonen, vendor releases vision mobile VisionMobile believes the statements contained in this document to be based upon information that we consider reliable at the time of publication. The 100 million club is based on an original concept by Morten Grauballe. *Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License (CC)

Mobile Industry in Numbers

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This infographic will give you some insights into the mobile market and help put things into perspective



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