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Mobile data usage in Australia 2013

0000 VIVIDWIRELESS® Mobile Data Usage in Australia Number of mobile services in Australia' Mobile internet usage 30.2 million 4.2 Hours per week Mobile penetration? >130% Increase in data downloaded 20% using wireless broadband from Jun 2011 to Dec 20115 20.9% Increase in mobile internet usage from 2010 to 20113 Total volume of data downloaded in Australia Volume of data downloaded vią a mobile handset 414,537TB Equivalent to 53 million DVD movies 345,518 Te Equivalent to 44 million DVD movies 274,202TB Equivalent to 35 million DVD movies 6,610TB Total mobile subscribers = 16.2 million 5,000TB Total mobile subscribers = 15.2 million 3,695TB Total mobile subscribers = 13.3 million Jun 2011 Dec 2011 Jun 2012 1 terabyte (TB) is roughly 128 DVD movies How has mobile usage evolved? 1G 1st Generation Cellular network Runs on Analogue Simple phone calls Typical phone Motorola DynaTÁC 8000x (released 1983)® Make phone calls 2G 2nd Generation Digital network Runs on Digital narrowband Calls + a bit more MMS Typical phone Nokia 3210 Ringtones and graphics (released 1999) WAP (simple web browsing) Caller ID Simple text messaging (SMŠ) Voice calls 3rd Generation High speed IP data networks 3G Mobile broadband devices launched Runs on Digital broadband More ways to communicate Full internet browsing Basic mobile TV & radio USB wireless broadband Email10 .ull Typical phone Apple iPhone (released 2007) Streaming music Video conferencing (eg: Skype) Superior voice calls Location based services (GPS) Picture sharing Video on demand Global data roaming 4G 4th Generation Mobile broadband Runs on Digital broadband (high bandwidth) Access to a mobile lifestyle Includes technology WIMAX (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access). More spectrally efficient and allows the use of high speed data transfers. LTE (Long Term Evolution). The next 4G technology widely adopted around the world." Entertainment-related services such as streaming HD music and video Typical phone Samsung GALAXY S III 4G (released 2012)12 Transmit multimedia like full length movies to mobile phones Mobile gaming like online multiplayer games A wireless alternative to ADSL References: Data usage 2 3 Nielsen, Australian Online Consumer Report. 4 Nielsen, Australian Online Consumer Report 5[email protected]/Lookup/8153.0Chapter7Dec%202011 6[email protected]/Lookup/8153.0Chapter8Jun%202012 7[email protected]/Lookup/8153.0Chapter9Jun%202012 1G 8,28804,2023689_2023708_2023656,00.html 2G ° 3G 10 4G 1 12 Additional sources Whitepaper_0608.pdf 1980 2010 - vividwireless launched, 1st 4G in Australia 066L 9007

Mobile data usage in Australia 2013

shared by dgm on Feb 10
Do you remember the days you sent a 160-character SMS and played Snake? Well, we’ve certainly come a long way since then, so we’ve made this infographic to see how much mobile broadband has grown....




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