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Mobile App Security Threats and Secure Best Practices

MOBILE APP SECURITY THREATS AND SECURE BEST PRACTICES Mobile app security is a measure to avoid vulnerabilities and threats in a mobile application . Weak Data Encryption Data which is not encrypted poses a high security risk because it becomes accessible to attackers . TOP SECURITY THREATS IN MOBILE APP DEVELOPMENT 50 % Hardcoding Information Hardcoding practice by novice developers can put client's information at great risk . 25 % 82 % AAA Non - Reliable Snippets Though copying and pasting the code saves a lot of developers ' time , this practice makes the code hackable . no TEST 330 OÙ Openxcell Data Encryptions Encrypting data across platforms ensures no vulnerabilities of operating systems are left . Secure Codes Ensure that the source code of the application is free of bugs so there are no chances of vulnerabilities Secure Containers Encrypted data must NOT be stored in local data centers . Instead , use secure containers to store it . Security Triggers Make use of specific triggers that alert the system with the application source code . Poor Input Validations Unvalidated data makes an application vulnerable to hackers by entering malicious codes . MOBILE SECURITY STATS 2022 88 % Server Side Security Developers often make a mistake of only paying attention to the client side security and not considering server side security equally important . of apps with five to ten million downloads include a security flaw . 2 O of 2 Million applications available on Google Play alone include a security flaw . 3 Skipping Penetration Testing of Android devices were susceptible to at least one out of 25 vulnerabilities in the Android operating system MOBILE APP BEST PRACTICES 7 Avoiding penetration testing can lead to data breaches and skipping it merely because of carelessness or for any other reason must be strictly prohibited . 000 Mishandling Of Sessions If the sessions remain unexpired on phones , the information can be accessed quite easily . User Authentications User generated content on mobile applications can be exposed to cyber attacks without user authentication in place Secure APIs APIs allow heterogeneous systems to communicate with each other and are imperative to integrate 3rd party services and improve functions . Data Privileges Identifying data privileges ensures that any person without the access doesn't get access to confidential information . [email protected]

Mobile App Security Threats and Secure Best Practices

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Discover here the top security threats in mobile app development. Get to know about the best practices to secure your mobile app against potential attacks.


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