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Mobile App Development Costs in 2020

How much does a mobile app cost ? Costs of native iPhone (iOS) app development vary $38,000 $171,000 According to Clutch study Costs could also reach $500,000+ Based on development method and country What options can you choose from? NATIVE CROSS-PLATFORM HYBRID Access to native features Short development time Shares codebase between different platforms Optimal performance ☺ Visibility for SEO Offline mode Offline mode Access from all devices Access to native features Long development time (challenging at times) O Easy updates Expensive No access to smartphone hardware Suited for AR/VR development *) Requires separate teams for Android and iOS apps Codebase for each target platform x) x) Might not work without Internet connection must be well maintained O Higher expertise required by developers X Developers need in-depth experience working with various APIS Hard to optimize consumption of smartphone resources O Lifecycle depends on OS updates and your browser * Shopping cart issues in online stores How do companies calculate costs? Scope of work Company's hourly rate depends on functionality provided depends on its global location Who works on your project? FULL-TIME FULL-TIME / PART-TIME PART-TIME QA engineer(s) Back-end developer(s) Ul designer Android / ioS developer(s) Business Analyst (optional) UX designer Project Manager DevOps engineer(s) How do hourly rates vary? North America Western Europe Eastern Europe $90-$100+/hr. $65-$70/hr. $35-$40/hr. O top talents ® highest costs O powerful economy O focus on onshore development O great money-for-experience ratio O fear of language barrier by potential customers: disproved for 2 decades Latin America India South-Eastern Asia Australia $30-$50/hr. $20-$25/hr. $15-$20/hr. $100-$110/hr. O cost-effective destination O quality of developers' expertise and cultural differences, focus on onshore development O close time zone to US O cheap prices O high risks of hidden O strong internal market with skilled labor customers O focus on onshore development ® bureaucracy costs and cultural differences How do app complexity and timeline fluctuate? All apps can be nominally divided into three categories: Proof-of-Concept MVP Fully-functional app (low) (medium) (high) 1-2 features 3 - 5 features 7+ features 160+ hours 450+ hours 1000+ hours 1-2 months 3 - 5 months 6-8 months Based on average numbers, this makes: Ukraine ($40): $6,400+ Ukraine ($40): $18,000+ Ukraine ($40): $40,000+ Latin America ($50): $8,000+ Latin America ($50): $25,500+ Latin America ($50): $50,000+ USA ($200): $32,000+ USA ($200): $90,000+ USA ($200): $200,000+ What are the most common post-launch expenditures? SERVER MAINTENANCE SUBSCRIPTIONS AND COSTS LICENSES UPDATES UPGRADES APP MIGRATION SCALABILITY How much time does startup development take? letgo Uber Letgo Snapchat Instagram Uber WhatsApp Location-related features Photo editor Content production Photo editor Chat Posting Filters and effects Messaging Voice mail Route planning Payments Messages Commentaries Voice call Messaging Geolocation Chats Following File exchange Payments Chat Rating system Search History = 1,000 h. = 1,000 h. = 1,200 h. = 1,600 h. = 1,700 h. IT Craft [email protected] The next success story will be yours. O O O O O ® (-) MDD O O O O O ® ® ®

Mobile App Development Costs in 2020

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How much does it cost to make an app? Check Ultimate 2020 FAQ List on Mobile App Development Costs. Learn which factors affect costs of app development in our post.




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