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The Militarization of Space

THE MILITARIZATION OF SPACE THE 1967 OUTER SPACE TREATY STATES THAT SPACE SHOULD BE USED FOR “PEACEFUL PURPOSES." THIS DIRECTIVE HAS NOT PREVENTED MILITARIES FROM POPULATING SPACE WITH HUNDREDS OF SATELLITES. BELOW WE CONSIDER THE MILITARIZATION OF SPACE SO FAR. THE NUMBER OF MILITARY SATELLITES BY COUNTRY US 129 RUSSIA 75 CHINA 35 ISRAEL FRANCE 8. UK GERMANY ITALY INDIA 4 MILITARY USE ONLY SPAIN MILITARY/GOVERNMENT USE BELGIUM/FRANCE/ GREECE/ITALY/SPAIN MILITARY/COMMERCIAL USE UAE I 2 AUSTRALIA 1 AUSTRALIA/US| 1 CANADA I 1 CHILE I 1 PAKISTAN I 1 S. KOREA I 1 TAIWAN I 1 MILITARY/CIVIL USE MILITARY/GOVERNMENT/COMMERCIAL USE COUNTRIES WITH INDEPENDENT ORBITAL LAUNCH CAPABILITY HOW MILITARY SATELLITES ARE COMMONLY USED COMMUNICATION EARLY WARNING INTELLIGENCE NAVIGATION Intelligence satellites are used for imagery or signal interception. The most advanced remote sensing satellites are believed to have resolutions Satellite communication is perhaps the most important space capability for a military, allowing for real-time command and control of forces deployed anywhere in the world. Early warning satellite systems were created by the U.S. and the U.S.S.R. to watch for missile attacks by the other during the Cold War. Both the U.S. and Navigation satellites are used to guide soldiers, identify targets, and for weapon guidance. Currently, the U.S., Russia, and China maintain navigation satellite constellations, while the EUs is still in development. Russia continue to update their systems today. of up to six inches. HOW SATELLITES COULD BE ATTACKED JAMMING CONVENTIONAL NUCLEAR WEAPONS DIRECT ENERGY SPACE-BASED WEAPONS WEAPONS WEAPONS Detonating a nuclear weapon in space would create an The easiest way to negate a satellite is to disrupt its communications signals, and the technology required to do so is easily attainable. For example, Iraq used GPS jamming equipment during Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2003. Rockets or missiles could either be used to release a Ground-based low-power lasers could be used to temporarily disrupt, or "dazzle", satellites. High-powered lasers could potentially be used to "heat to kill" electronics on satellites Space-based negation technology would likely take the form of payload of metal pellets or gravel into the path of a satellite. Or they could be used to target the satellite directly with more sophisticated sensor technology. electromagnetic pulse that would be highly destructive for all unprotected microsatellites that could be maneuvered near a satellite and exploded. This capability is entirely theoretical. satellites in the area. in low orbit. CIC DESIGNED BY: Cameron Tulk SOURCES: UCS Satellite Database Space Security Index 2012 CAKADIAN INTERNTONAL COUNCIL CONSEIL INTERNATIONAL DU CANADA

The Militarization of Space

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The 1967 outer space treaty states that space should be used for “peaceful purposes.” this directive has not prevented militaries from populating space with hundreds of satellites. Here we conside...


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