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The Meteoric Rise of Twitter

The meteoric rise of Twitter TWITTER'S RECENT HISTORY WIIle) O Actors and Singers OSports personalities General facts • Politicians The Unique Visitors metric only counts a person once, no matter how many times they visit a site in a given month, Unique Visitors are typically used to determine how popular a site is 14th April, 2010 UNIQUE U.S. VISITORS PER MONTH Twitter has 105 million registered users. 37% of active users use Twitter on their phone 18th March, 2009 Ashton Kutcher beats the CNN in the race to one million followers 25 million 20 million 11th March, 2007 Twitter receives the prestigious Southwest Web Award 12th June, 2009 Iranian protesters tweet to organize 15 million 15th January, 2008 their movement Tweets from the latest Steve Job's Macworld conference overload Twitter's servers 27th February, 2009 P. Diddy causes a scandal with his tweet 11th April, 2008 10 million American student is released "Having tantric sex!!" 23rd August, 2007 from prison following a tweet about his arrest Chris Messina intraduces the symbol (#] in order to recognize and group tweets 5 million 15th January, 2009 Twitter is the first source of information about the plane crash on the Hudson river in New York Mar. 2010 Sep. 2009 Dwight Howard: 1 million folowers Jun. 2009 rytneyspears is hacked Dec. 2008 johnmonek hag joins Twitter Mar. 2007 Sep. 2008 Jun. 2008 tin Timberloke 2 milion followe Sep. 2007 Mar. 2008 Sbarackobama joins twitter jains twitter TWITTER COMPARED WITH FACEBOOK AND MYSPACE eMon myspace" MySpace's record a place for friends In 2010, more than Internet Twitter's record access in U.S. is 84% in 2010, from all locations 185 million profiles in existence Twitter recorded its millionth tweet Social networks experienced an annual growth of 48% in 2010 before most people knew what microblogging Facebook's record In 2010, more than 500 million profiles in existence was The billionth tweet Facebook's revenues was sent in early November, 2008 [projected) $265 million 2008 myspace" a place furends $550 million 2009 $710 million 2010 Twitter and Facebook's Awareness 87 % 88 % Twitter Facebook Twitter vs Facebook in the US If you printed the 7 billion tweets you would need 350 million sheets of paper. The pages laid end to end would stretch 60,763 miles that is 25 times around the Earth 41 % use Facebook E Measuring Tweets Mlalth Tweets per day Traffic in terms of unique visitors at alone (not including traffic from Twitter apps/clients) increased by 95% for the month of March 2009 use Twitter O Twitter gained an additional 150,000 members and about 1 million tweets each day between Nov. 2008 and first half of 2009 Facebook still the largest social network in the world e In Apr. 2010 there was 55 millions tweets per day 60 millions 500,000,000 number of active users . ... .. .... 50 100,000,000 170 number of users who log on to Facebook at least once each day 40 number of countries/territories that use Facebook ********** ******************************** 35 number of different languages used on Facebook 30 100 number of friends the average user has ০০০০০০০০০০০০০০০০০০০০ ০০০০০ 20 700,000,000 number of photos added to Facebook monthly 10 52,000 number of applications currently available on Facebook Jan. 2010 Apr. 2010 Jan. 2008 A BREAKDOWN OF TWITTER USERS IN THE US" In % Twitter user Icompared with total population aged 18 ar more Users by age O compared with total population aged 12 or more compared with general social network user Users by sex African American Hispanic 100 80 Follow a brand on Twitter Asian Seek customer support Other Purchase products Advanced degree Look for discounts Fouryear College Ask for opinions High school or less Provide opinions Over $100K Between $50 and $75 Learn about products/ services Under $25 Internet technology Devices Owners Users as other of a new adopters As early 3ɔnpoud to Intermet updaters Status Access TWITTER'S EXPANDING VISUALIZERS Twitter has inspired a growing amount of visualization tools since its inception 24 o'clocks Tweeter Vrienden As a sphere Twitter in red Twit Arcs By colors ( Twet-o-Meter ( Faces visualize ( Twitter vision Tweet Volume Twitter vision3D Network Analysis (UMBC eBiquity) Real time visualizer (Revisit) New York Times visualizer Network Diagramas Nodevisualzer TWITTER IN THE US GEOGRAPHICALLY ANALYZED " Massachusetts +2,3 Rhode Island +0,2 A comparison between States and the average U.S. twitter grade New Hampshire -1,6 Vermont +2,1 Hot Twitter Maine, -1,1 Connecticut Washington Seattle +0,7 Montana North Dakota -1,1 -1 -2,4 Minnesota New Jersey Oregon +1,7 -0,3 Wisconsin New York -1,3 Michigan -0,8 Idaho South Dakota -0,4 +3,0 +3,1 -0,7 Bostan Delaware Wyoming -1,8 -2,4 +0,5 New Yock.City. Maryland -0.7 Pennsylvania lowa Nebraska -2,0 Ohio Chicago Illinois Indiana +1,2 -1,8 Nevada -0,4 +2,4 West District of -3,6 Washington DC Columbia Virginia Utah Virginia +3,3 Colorado +7,1 San Francisco California +3,2 Kansas -0,6 +2,2 Missouri Cold Twitter Kentucky -1,9 -0,7 Las Vegas -0,4 North Carolina +0,7 Tennessee Oklahoma +1,3 New Mexico -1,6 Arkansas -1,1 South Carolina +0,3 Arizona -0,4 * Top US Tweeting Cities Los Angeles +0,4 Atlanta Mississipi Alabama Georgia +1,9 -1,4 LOS ANGELES 2 NEW YORK 3 CHICAGO 4 SAN FRANCISCO 5 WASHINGTON DC 6 BOSTON 7 ATLANTA B LAS VEGAS 9 SEATTLE 10 AUSTIN -0.6 Техas Louisiana Alaska -3,3 0,1 -0,1 Florida Austin +0,5 Hawnii O +2,4 TOP TWEETING CITIES IN THE WORLD Showing average tweets per minute * Top Tweeting Cities outside of the US 12 188 30 342 203 479 1.176 1 TOKYO 2 PARIS 3 TORONTO 4 LONDON 5 BARCELONA 6 SYDNEY 7 OSLO 8 MUNICH 9 ROME 10 MOSCOW Oslo Moscow London Toronto 253 Munich San Francisco. Los Angeles • Paris Barcelona * k Rome New York Tokyo 78 116 14 18 1.244 Sydney O the BLOG HERALD [m] average value on 10- 14th of June 2010 (a] Wired, 2009 (b], 2010 (c], 2009 Id], 2010 le], 2010 1), 2010 Ig), 2010 Ih] comScore, 2010 | Edison & Arbitron, 2010 il, 2010 [k], 2010 l twitter, 2010 Dec. 2009 Lance Armstrong: 2 million fallowwers Mar. 2009 Ashton_Kutcher joins Twitter othe_re Dec. 2007 Jun. 2007 Sjohnedwards joins Twitter Jan. 2009 Users by race/ ethnicity White 45 to 54 25 to 34 35 to 44 by education Users 18 to 24 12 to 17 level male by Household Income female Us ers Brands followers Among the first to try ocations Via mobile phone also owns an e/Book reader also owns a BlackBerry ia mobile phone Users also owns an iPhone also owns an iPod unipaui also owns a Mp3 player esser Most

The Meteoric Rise of Twitter

shared by maggie on Mar 23
Twitter has only been around for about five years but its rise to pop culture phenomenon was a quick one. Now, politicians, actors, singers and sports stars use it as a sounding board to promote proje...


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