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Memory Lane 

DOWN MEMORY LANE COMPUTER MEMORY: MEMORY THE WORKING PLACE IN COMPUTER WHERE ALL TIMELINE DATA IS STORED. 1834 Charles Babbage Begins Build His "Analytical Engine", Precursor To The Conputer. It Uses Read-only Menory In The Forn of Punch Cards. 1932 Gus tav Touschek Invents Drun Memory In Austria. IPRIMARY MEMORY > RAM (Randon Access Menory) > ROM (Read Only Memory) Data is stored tenporarily erased when conputer is off 1936 Konrad Zuse Applies For A Patent For His Mechanical I SECONDARY MEMORY > Slowest + cheapest of nenory. > Cannot be processed directly by the CPU. > Must first be copied into primary storage. Menory To Be Used In His Computer. This Conputer Menory Is Based On Sliding Metal Parts. Konrad Zuse is often regarded as the inventor of the conputer. .............. 1939 I Hard Drives 1 I CDs + CD ROMS 1: I Floppy Disks 1 Helmut Schreyer Invents A Prototype Menory Using Neon Lanps. He helped Konrad Zuse build the Z1 Computer. MOORE'S LAW: -..............- THE OBSERVATION THAT 1942 OVER THE HISTORY OF COMPUTING HARDWARE, The Atanasoff-Berry Conputer THE NUMBER OF Has 60 5e-bit Hords Of TRANSISTORS ON Memory In The Fors Of INTEGRATED CIRCUITS Capaci tors Moun ted On Two Revolving Druns. For Secondary Menory It Uses [ DOUBLES APPROXIMATELY EVERY TWO YEARS. ......... > Named After Intel Punch Cards. Co-founder Gordon E. Moore > Processing Speed, Memory Capacity, Sensors, The Number /Size or Pixels In Digi tal Cameras Are Linked to Moore's Low. 1949 MEMORY : THEN Jay Forrester Conceives The Idea of Magnetic Core Menory As It Is To Become Commonly Used, Hith A Grid of Wires DRUM MEMORY Invented by Gustav Tauschek in 1932. Used To Address The Cores. CAPACITY OF ABOUT The First Practical Form 500,000 BITS (62.5KB) Mani fests In 1952-53 And ....... ........ Renders Obsolete Previous Tupes Of Conputer Menory. 0.05960 MEGABYTE THEN INOW : : IBM 701 1952 DEVICE I Hard Disk : Current DEVICE VEAR YEAR RATE RATE 1947 0.001MB/SEC >300MB/SEC Frederick Viehe of Los Angeles, Applies For A Patent For An Invention That Uses Magnetic Core Menory. Magnetic Drum Memory Is Independently Invented By ...... ...... Several People. AN WANG I MAGNETIC CORE An ong Invented The Mognetic MEMORY Pulse Controlling Device, The Principle Upon khich Magnetic Core Menory Is Based. The predoninant form of Randon-Access Menory for 20 years (1955-75) KENNETH OLSEN CAPACITY OF ABOUT 1 MILLION BITS/SECOND Kenne th Olsen Invented Vi tal Conputer Componen ts, Best ..... ..... .... Knoun For "Magnetic Core Menory Patent No. 3,161,861 And As Being The Cofounder of Digitol Equipnent Corporation. 0.11921 JAY FORRESTER MEGABYTE Jay Forrester Has A Pioneer In Early Digital Conputer Development And Invented Randon-Access, Coincident- current Magnetic Storage. BEFORE : AFTER : ......... DEVICE 1950 : Whirlwind : 1953 DEVICE I Cray T3E : 2002 VEAR VEAR RAM Ferranti Ltd. Completes The Vs. 1 TRILLION BYTES 8,192 BYTES First Conmercial Computer Hi th 256 40-bit Words 0r Main Menory And 16k Hords of Drun Menory. Only Eight Here Sold. SOLD 122,070 TIMES >> MORE!!! SOLD SOLD SOLD MEMORY : NOW 1951 SEMICONDUCTOR MEMORY Jay Forrester Files A Patent For Matrix Core Memory. Computer Menory On An Intergrated Circuit Or Chip. ....... ........ ............ ....... 1952 > Knoun as RANDOM-ACCESS MEMORY/RAM. >Allowed data to be accessed The Edvac Computer Is Conpleted Hi th 1824 44-bit randomly, not just in the Words Of Ul trasonic Menory. sequence it was recorded. > Much faster access times than other types of data A Core Menory Module Is Added To The Eniac Computer. storage. DRAM Tupe Of Random-Access Memory That Stores Each Bit of Data In A Separate Capaci tor Hithin An Integrated Circuit. ...... .......... >It is the RAM in desk tops, laptop and workstation computers and video gane consoles. > The advantage is its structural simplici ty. > This allous DRAM to reach very high densities. 1955 An Hang Was Issued U.S. Patent 2,708,722 Hi th 34 Clains For Magnetic Menory Core. THE FIRST HARD DISK DRIVE TO HAVE GIGABYTE CAPACITY WAS IBM 3380 IN 1980. 1966 Hewlett-Packard Releases Their Hp2116a Real-tine Computer Hi th Bk Of Menory. The Newly Forned Intel Starts Sell A Seniconductor Chip Hi th 2,000 Bits or Menory. It was the Heighed Costs size of a 250kg. around... fridge. ............ 1968 $81,000- $142,400 USP to Orant Patent 3,387, 286 To IBM's Robert Dennard For A One-transistor DRAM Cell. It Hill Becone The Standard Menory Chip For Personal Conputers Replacing Magnetic Core Menory. BEHOLD : THE IPHONE COMPUTER : Osborne Executive por table conputer : 1982 : Zilog 280 4MHZ COMPUTER I APPLE IPHONE : 2007 1 412MHZ ARM11 YEAR YEAR CPU CPU ....... 1969 Intel Begin As Chip Designers And Produce A IKb RAM Chip, The Largest Menory I SIZE COMPARISON TO SCALE 1 Chip To Date. Intel Soon Sui tch To Being Notable Designers Of Computer Microprocessors. WEIGHS : 100 x iPHONE (intel) 1970 Intel Releases The 1103 Chip, The First Generally Available DRAM Menory Chip. *........ SIZE x 500 BY VOLUME 1971 ..... ...... ....... Intel Releases The 1181 .... ..... Chip, A 256-bit Progrannable Menory, And The 1701 Chip, A .... ........ 256-byte Erasable Read-Only ..... .. Menory (EROM). ....... 1974 Intel Receives A U.S. Patent ..... .. For A "Memory Systen For A Multichip Digi tal Computer". .... ...... 1975 Personal Consuner Conputer I... .... Al tair Released, It Uses .... ....... Intel's 8-bit 8888 Processor And Includes 1 Kb of Menory. .......... Later In The Same Vear, Bob Marsh Manufac turers The First Processor Technology's 4 Kb Memory Boards For The Altair. ..... ........ ..... ..... 1984 Apple Conputers Releases The Mocintosh Personal Computer. It Is The First Conputer That Cone Hi th 128kb of Menory. The One-megabyte COST : 10 x OF 1PHONE Menory Chip Is Developed. USB trader

Memory Lane 

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"Take a trip down memory lane and enjoy this graphical extravaganza that is the history of computer memory. Want to learn more, just simply have a glance through this amazing Infographic


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