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Mega Trends and Technologies 2017-2050

Epidemic of isolation End of line TRAVEL INFORMATION Graphene раper Frozen smoke Software with ideology Programmable Neuro-tech MEGA TRENDS AND TECHNOLOGIES 2017-2050 matter response to TMI Magnetic shape-memory alloys This map has been drawn with a calm hand and a kind heart to help people entering the corridors of uncertainty. It is a mind-map for those seeking to explore new landscapes. It takes many perspectives to perceive what is hap- pening now let alone predict what might happen next and this is merely my own modest attempt to do both. Hope- fully people will use this map to have courageous conversations about where they are now and where they might wish to travel next. Every care has been taken to ensure that the thinking contained within this map is robust at the time of publication, but it will not be error free and no responsibility can be taken for people blindly following conventional wisdom. Paths are no indication of rights of way and travellers should be careful not to confuse a clear view for a short distance. If in doubt stop moving and quietly sit down and think for a while. Finally, remember that while the future is largely unknowable it is not uninvent- ible. Tomorrow is created from what we decide to do today. We should therefore spend less time worrying about what might happen and far more time discus- ing where it is that we want to travel and how we'd like to get there. All important decisions made by machines A mind map to stimulate discussion about current events and possible trajectories* e-waste Full merger between humans & machines mines TREND LINES Internet of everything A to be hacked Remote Moral coding of Al & automation touching A People having sex with robots Long-term impacts of exposure to too much information End of the Cult of hydrocarbon A Peak landfill Rising ocean acidification artificial People confiding In machines Information pandemics QR scannable gravestones Materials that self-indicate damage Software that writes itself stupidity People renting dreams A (some regions) economy Electricity A too cheap to meter Increasing severity & frequency of extreme weather Search for meaning (weekends only) Crop pollination Lifelong virtual companions robots Inland flooding Coastal flooding Society Data Internet of Everything Data incontinence Growth of Sending of feelings as email attachments Virtual exhibitionism water 1st lawsuit Beamed space-solar Rise of salt pollution desalination Surgery for water theft AArctic ice-fre during summer A DNA diets Personal digital assistants Google offers free energy in "Broadcasting return for data of energy Dark euphoria Cosmetic identity replaces cosmetic surgery Saharan solar grid Night solar street lamps Micro trading & Most outdoor surfaces instant switching of energy suppliers Cost of energy linked to end-use Water scarcity First employee fired by an algorithm Lithium air batteries Synthetic A meat Work Printable A batteries Next-generation O biofuels Robots giving birth to children become solar panels Quantum sensors Yearning for intimacy Chief ethical officer Saudi Arabia becomes a net All risks individually priced Childcare robots SOCIETAL Fully autonomous robotic surgery Smart contact lenses Increasing risk aversion oil importer URBANISATION AGEING Increasing potency of nostalgia Desire for nostalgic Ultra efficient O solar POPULATION Privacy Computers with Afeelings" Declining productivity Economy romance Bio diversity Wearables that estimate expiry date of user Hunger for shared physical experiences Growth of megacities Socially driven financial actors Fragmentation of currencies Peripheral vision GROWTH O Diversification of energy sources Growth in familiarity Decline of OFirst employee soft skills FALLING hired by an algorithm Distributed co-creation of in the human body goods& services Authenticity Algorithms that trawl scientific papers to find genetically applicable treatments People preferring the company of machines to people Growth of mega-slums Widespread FERTILITY Premium air-quality zones in cities COMPETITION FOR RESOURCES privatisation of public spaces Money RISE OF CLIMATE CHANGE Willingness to admit mistakes Blurring of meal times Reverse brain drainO AFRICA Coral reefs Moneembedded 80% of healthcare budgets spent on people with long-term conditions Increasing desire to disconnect Food Amplification of herd behaviour Intergenerational Location-free estrangement Resource O security jobs Growth of collaborative communities UG 99 Growth of gated communities Increasing migration nationalism Triumph of rights over responsibilities Culture of instant Food Brain-machine Oopen agriculture Blockchainapplications beyond payments Comfort eating interfaces A gratification Psychological пeoteny Rooted vs. I acquired • identities AMBIGUITY Yearning for certainty LOST PERSONS Self-repairing materials Robots outnumber people OGrowth of Precision agriculture GROWTH OF GLOBAL workplace Open analytics Solipsism Use of Al to read scientific papers O Soft robot 3-D printing Culture of food OFood fraud innovation OPeer to Peer lending of now TRIBĀLISM Age Persons feeling lost or disorientated, especially those aged fifty plus, can con- tact the mapmaker for guidance, although it is ultimately each individu- al's responsibility to find their own way. Guided tours of key sights are available to people that ask politely. Lunch will be provided. Please note that alteration works can take place and some routes will be replaced without notice, in which case replacement shuttle services will operate. Nationalism Technology riots Sotheby's auction of computer manuals & early electronic devices Popularity of tattoos OLocal ingredients Smart MIDDLE CLASS Cultural protectionism C People living on memories Peak gadgets Secula Stagnation Subscription foods of average earnings Nomadic shareholders Etended Crypto currencies Ofinar families stagnation Personalisation not dreams of contracts & conditions sensors AUTOMATION LOCALISATION GLOBALISATION Rising corruption Fraglity of. emerging markets Delivery robots Robophobia Back-sourcing of jobs Alwa available O employees ODe materialisation Wellness on the go DESIRE FOR Globalisation of talent Retail PERMANENCE TOO MUCH INFORMATION Shift from locally organised labor to globally Community organised capital Widening gap between haves INDIVIDUALISM & have nots Asmall & local d00 Anonymity VOLATILITY Macro economic mbajances Conversational Peak attention interfaces Solitude Increasing Curatlon and Feeling that things transparency are slightly out of control Emotionally A aware machines EASTERNISATION Social Inceasing influence O of corrupt states Predictive personalisation BYOD More mobile phones than peonle grids Rising Environment You are here (but why are you here bonds O geopolitical O instability COMPLEXITY OMicro-targeting Too much choice Brand back stories Sustainability Rising pressure on eco-systems Permanent tempoary staff Stream of Consciousness Green bonds Trade unions ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Micro-grids PERSONALISATION Weaponisation of finance O Growth of high-speed rail O Cascades of rageO OWeakening of internatlonal institut on I Djibouti Compassion fatigue FOMo Growth in short format sports This map was conceived and created by Richard Watson using material from his website and various Yearning for narrative & structure 3-0 printing of drugs Increase in older workers CONNECTIVITY Media Digital body doubles to run full physiological simulations Paramedic drones Joble Interest in dat visualisation Shift from ownership to access models Ministry of books, notably Future Files and Digital Vs. Human. Invaluable enthusiasm and support has been received from many people most of whom would like to remain anonymous for career reasons. Individuals happy to be named include Alan Sekers, Adam Morgan, Alex Ayad, Oliver Freeman, Jolanta Leonaite, Jules Goddard and Dave Birch. UNCERTAINTY, CONVENIENCE Growth of wearable tech People living & working alone Energy decentralisatron ACCELERATION OF CHANGE Manual gearboxes Display of artificial life as art pieces DEBT truth Trust & CLOreliability metrics Aged-care DECLINE OF Rise of authoritarian Advanced democracies machine learning Slew medla Computer aming becomes an Olympic sport Growth of regional ANXIETY alliances RISING Growth of anger & alienation OKnee-jerk policy formation (except China) First Brain implants to improve me memory Disenchantment Popularity of Tolerance dystoplan Ofictions passenger drone Transport INEQUALITY rowth of the gig economy robots Medical identity with Western Renaissance of painting & drawing Ultra personalised news VIRTUALISATION U elites I Ministry of Rituals TRUST Smart pill eco-system Male & female versions of common drugs Risig Boom in O energy storage tech CCTV everywhere Digitally connécted cars Wiban ca sharing Driving licences anger theft Affordable mass Google Ad-blocklog glasses Secular People tired Open all the time Dynamic pricing Reality terrorism Buildings that energy storage Opredict their own faults unemployment O Popularism O intelligence OProvenance Duality of presence an energy trader & supplier Politics Magnetic levitation transport Growth of Common sense and final information design by Zeljko Zoricic. In-store experiences Faith-based O Personal carbon allowances festivals storytelling Personasation OGrowth of internet addiction Printable light Just-in-time learning actors Open borders Medical records implanted in the & augmentation reproduction human body Free market drug speculation Short-story vending machine ormalisation of obesity Constant partial ttention Pulsed Increasingly energy visual culture Decline of critical thinking & analysis with exams Body hacking Sperm-free MOOCS Obsession Rebirth of vinyl Life-story labels Colouring books for adults Surge pricing LARGE PRINTED COPIES Growth of local money Confidence in experts Real-time car insurance C Mirror worlds Energy Customer service avatars Personal digital diagnostic Growb of 3-parent Widespread pregnancies adoption of electric vehicles Online/offline convergence Waste heat ADNA-based data storage Pictograms replacing spoken words Use of Al to read & grade exam papers Miniature fusion reactors Aharvesting weapons Large colour prints of this roadmap (A3, A1 and the rather magical AO size) can be ordered by contacting Richard Watson via or Linkedin. There is no charge for these prints except to cover printing, postage and large cardboard tubes. Please note that shipping AO sized prints to far-flung corners of the world can be rather expensive. If you want to print this map yourself from a digital file found online it is suggest- ed that A3 should be the minimum size unless you have magnificent eye- sight or a magnifying glass. If you need a very high resolution file this can be ordered via Saving Intergenerational home loans Stealth Countries spending Gamification Wireless recharging O Austerity Edible password NHS Visibility of wealth > 25% of GDP on healthcare Invisibility shields taxation Decline of voice in Epidemic of Rising power study drugs of non-state actors Gamification of education devices self-service & of healthcare Vehicles driving in social groups goes "freemium Drone decoys DIY solutions human communication social capital SIMPLICITY Education Inheritance Paperless NHS Моod control Vibration Polarisation of opportunity Drone Experience machines Brand Paper receipts A Widespread use of negative interest rates Medical tourism energy harvesting Natural childbirth showrooms weapons O Culture of complaint swarms Insect-sized surveillance drones 1 in 2 people suffering from mental health problems Changing meaning of have and have not Al in GP surgeries Premiumisation Fendship as an online Wsubscription service Autonomous electric taxi A fleets Growth of multi-resistant organisms A Teaching of soft skills Health AA Hacking of aircraft Intenet-based therapies Use of Reputation trading (Ethical offsetting Declining oyalty Spy dust A Programmable credit cards Direct A brain-to-machine communication to Increasing polarisation of longevity Microbiome-based healthcare A Implantation o of false memories A Predictive policing Humans banned A from driving in cities Mobile phones 1st McDonald's banned in schools McGym Humility Malicious Widespread use decision-makip software Warehouse efficiencies Perishable A weapons Virtual reality torture intent detectors Security 30 printing of human Value retail Reading poetry aloud becomes fashionable again Recognition of cognitive A diversity A Doubling of dementia by 2050 Attempts to weaponise the weather Tax credits for low BMI Rise in prescription drug use by children Same day shipping Electromagnetic Lip-reading CCTV organs Remote biometric tagging Invisible A skyscrapers Online In-road inductive vehicle mortars Equal rights for Als Virtual reality windows Rise of nurse practitioners Al T.Siot prize for poetry won by an Al Pilotless commercial radiography aircraft Focus on emotional A intelligence Congestion of inner space and there is no charge, zero, zip, zilch. Robotic surgery O Dark tourism Values Peak parcel Myth of Tithonus replacing Oedipal myth War forecasting algorithms vehicle charging Directed Shift from Human-free companies theft Copyright: Creative Commons తీ me to wo energy weapons Attribution 4.0 International. Neural Good manners Increase in Patience s00 km, 1hour commutes transfer networks Electricvehicles as energy storage & Crowdsourced delivery networks prostheses to enhance or erase memories DIGITAL SELF-ACTUALISATION Growing importance of the immaterial A LEGEND Essentially this says you can do any- thing you like with or to this map, including commercial uses, but please say where it originally came from, which is me. Commentary and history for this map can be found at Crowdsourced Slow education spontaneity & immediacy artworks Collapse of ad-based internet model Equality of opportunity Positivity of choice Freedom of ideas Status defined by acts not income Empathy Vacuum tube transport Micro payments AInteractive labels Generosity for personal data harvesting A Tech-free classrooms Children in search of a childhood No-Tech zones & villages Mega Trends O Now A Next? Teleportation of spirit Humanity GLOBAL GAMECHANGERS (What could possibly go wrong?) A Severe food shortages A Super volcano eruption A Major Syn-bio accident A Severe space weather A Rogue asteroid A Gamma ray burst A Giant methane burp A Decline of human intelligence A Message received from outer space A Finding out the Matrix is real (OMG) A Return of the Messiah (look busy) A People taking these things seriously A Something I haven't thought of A Regulatory change A Systemic financial collapse A Inflation running at > 10% A Rapid rise in US interest rates A Major Chinese slowdown A Global trade collapse A Radiation from mobile devices A Doubling of the Chinese birth rate A Destabilisation of China A Collapse of EU A Russian expansionism A Water trading & speculation A Collapse of EU pensions funding A Blockage of the Strait of Hormuz A Major sovereign debt default 1 Counter-trend O Partial ruin A Extreme climate change A Weaponisation of near space A Collapse of North Korea A US/China war A India/Pakistan war Version one. London, UK. May 2017 * Or thereabouts, who can say? A Loss of antibiotic efficacy A Oil price shock A Global pandemic virus A Failure to treat obesity A Mental health epidemic O Dangerous current A Extended drought A Mass unemployment caused by Al A Biological terrorism I Place of interest A Self-replicating killer robots Projection: Subjective

Mega Trends and Technologies 2017-2050

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What future brings starting now and way to 2050? Explore in a mind map created to stimulate discussion about current events and possible trajectories. Take a look at trend lines connected to society, ...


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