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Mega Projects

MEGA PROJECTS Megaprojects are exactly as they sound - mega! Always complex, always a struggle, and costing over $1 billion US dollars, these projects are nothing short of awesome. Sound too big to be true? Here are a few you might be familiar with.. Burj Khalifa, Dubai This skyscraper is the tallest man-made structure in the world. COST: KIME TAKE £1 BILLION YEARS Problems: Completion coincided with the global financial crisis, which meant that much of the building stayed empty initially. Did You Know: Concrete could not be poured during the day because of the 50 degree heat, so ice was added to it and it was poured at night. London 2012 Build The 80,000-seat Olympic Stadium in east London. Problems: The organisers faced protests from residents who were evicted from the area where the Olympic Park was built. Did You Know: £25 million of the budget was spent constructing a cable car across the River Thames. TAKEN: COST: £9.3 BILLION YEARS Chernobyl Containment Structure Designed to contain the nuclear reactor at Chernobyl, in Ukraine, this ambitious structure should last for 100 years. Problems: The project has been delayed several times, and the cost has spiralled from the initial estimate of £305 million. Did You Know: It had to be constructed off-site to limit radiation. KIME TAKEN: 11 COST: YEARS £1.03 BILLION SO FAR Large Hadron Collider CERN built the world's most powerful particle collider. Problems: It is the most complex experimental facility ever built, and the project faced start-up delays and budget issues. Did You Know: It took over 10,000 scientists and engineers to create it. TIME TAKEN 10 CST: £5.3 BILLION YEARS International Space Station The largest artificial body in orbit, it was started in 1985 and the first part was launched into orbit in 1998. Problems: With 25 countries involved, every decision was political. TIME TAKEN- 13 COST: Did You Know: During construction, the structure's £97 BILLION YEARS orbit had to be considered at every step. Palm Jumeriah, Dubai An artificial island off the coast of Dubai. Problems: The project has been subject to much speculation that the island is sinking. Did You Know: The island was constructed from sand dredged from the Persian Gulf. TIME TAKEN 5 COST: £8 BILLION YEARS Channel Tunnel Connecting the United Kingdom with France, this 50.5km tunnel runs under the sea. COST: KIME TAKEN- £4.65 BILLION YEARS Problems: Ten construction workers were killed during the construction of the tunnel. Did You Know: It is one of the seven modern VWonders of the World. PRESENTED BY: COUNTY FINANCE GROUP 20th LIMITED Anniversary 2016 1995 TIME

Mega Projects

shared by AlexGillham on Jun 21
Having a look at some of the biggest "Mega Projects" in the world, huge construction and engineering projects costing over 1 billion dollars.



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