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Meet the Crooks Behind Identity Theft

MEET THE CROOKS BEHIND IDENTITY THEFT THE PERPETRATORS Your Info is Vulnerable to a Wide Variety of Would Be Thieves HI-TECH HEINOUS HACKER DUMPSTER DIVING DELINQUENT PUBLIC WIFI PREDATOR Sets up fake WIFI networks or uses sniffer software to steal victims' personal information as victims Uses technology know-how to obtain Gathers victims' victims' data and personal information by hacking home WiFi networks or using social engineering, malware, or phishing emails. personal and financial information by dumpster diving, stealing mail, shoulder surfing, or swiping wallets/purses. are using public WiFi at coffee shops, airports, or hotels. DOWNLOADING CREDIT CARD BILL These criminals could sell or trade your Spreading it to even more shady people. information on the black market IDENTITY THEFT IS ON THE RISE Number of Identity Theft Incidents and Total Fraud Amount by Year $19.9 $20.9 $18.0 $21 14 $18 12 $15 $12 $9 $6 $3 10.2 11.6 12.6 2010 2011 2012 25% of all people who receive data breach notifications become victims of identity theft. Consumers who had their 18% of the more than 2 Social Security number compromised in a data breach were 5 times more likely to be a fraud victim than an average consumer. million complaints that the Consumer Sentinel Network received in 2012 were related to identity theft, making it the number one problem reported to the agency. DATA BREACH DATA BREACH DATA BREACH DATA SAFE DATA BREACH 18% COMMON WAYS VICTIMS' INFORMATION IS MISUSED As Reported to the Consumer Sentinel Network IDENTITY THEFT CAN HAPPEN AT ANY AGE PREVALENCE OF GOVERNMENT BENEFITS FRAUD 46% IDENTITY THEFT BY AGE 19 AND UNDER 20-29 21% CREDIT CARD FRAUD 13% 30 - 39 19% 40-49 18% EMPLOYMENT RELATED FRAUD 5% 50- 59 17% ШI 60 - 69 11% LOAN FRAUD 2% PHONE OR UTILITIES FRAUD 10% BANK FRAUD ALL OTHER 18% 6% 70 AND OVER 8% Identity theft affected 1 IN 20 adults in 2012 An identity fraud incident occurs 20 times every minute. CITIZENS FIGHT BACK The Best Ways to Protect Yourself FOLLOW SECURITY MEASURES WHEN USING PUBLIC WIFI SECURE YOUR DEVICE AND YOUR HOME WIFI NETWORK PROTECT YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION OFFLINE WPA2 Enable WPA2 Encryption on your home WiFi network Keep important documents in a safe bolted to the floor Use a VPN service to encrypt all your internet communications (VPN offers the highest level of security) Put a lock on your mailbox Install anti-virus and anti-malware programs and keep them up to date Confirm the network name Shred any papers that have your personal information on them before discarding Enable firewall protection Turn off sharing of printer and files Create random and strong passwords for all accounts Monitor your credit reports regularly Enable firewall on your device Beware of phishing emails Institute a credit freeze to prevent anyone from applying for new credit using your name Limit online shopping and banking on public WiFi Limit the information you share on social media sites Enlist an identity theft protection service PRIVATE ACCESS DENIED PROTECT YOUR PRIVACY & IDENTITY ONLINE Hotspot Shield VPN service enables you to surf the web anonymously and securely, protecting you from hackers, malware, and identity theft. Get Hotspot Shield for free at: www.HOTSPOTSHIELD.COM Sources: Hotspot Shield Javelin Strategy & Research I Datalossdb FTC I Microsoft | Infoworld Powered by AnchorFree BILLIONS OF US DOLLARS FEFE EEEE FEE MILLIONS OF VICTIMS

Meet the Crooks Behind Identity Theft

shared by single2013 on Oct 26
Identity theft is growing 15-20% a year and every one of us is a potential victim, regardless of our age, nationality, or status. Victims of identity theft suffer more than just financial loss. Damag...


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