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Meet the 5 Companies Aiming to Bring the Web to 4.3 Billion New People

CONNECTING THE WORLD TO THE INTERNET THE TRILLION DOLLAR OPPORTUNITY THE INTERNEI is an essential part of our daily lives, but it is actually only used by a minority of the world's population. 4.3 BILLION PEOPLE across the world do not yet have access. And there are 7 COUNTRIES where more than 100 MILLION PEOPLE are not connected. CHINA PAKISTAN BANGLADESH INDIA NIGERIA INDONESIA BRAZIL INTERNET PENETRATION WORLDWIDE COUNTRIES AMERICA NDIA AFRIC 20% DEVELOPED EAST LATIN 21% 45% 74% ONLY TIN 5PEOPLE have internet in some of the world's most populous regions. A PRESENCE WORLD-WIDE... Individuals using the Internet per 100 inhabitants 80 DEVELOPED COUNTRIES 70 60 50 WORLD 40 DEVELOPING 30 COUNTRIES 20 10 1998 2002 2006 2010 2014 IN THE COMING DECADES, we will see a GREAT REVOLUTION as billions of people get instant access to knowledge, tools, communication, and opportunities for the first time. KNOWLEDGE OPPORTUNITIES COMMUNICATION TOOLS A study by Deloitte concludes that BRINGING INTERNET ACCESS TO DEVELOPING COUNTRIES COULD: BOOST PRODUCTIVITY GENERATE BY AS MUCH AS $2.2 TRILLION 25 PERCENT IN GDP LIFT CREATE 160 MILLION PEOPLE 140 MILLION NEW JOBS OUT OF POVERTY And with many of the world's BRIGHTEST MINDS not yet connected, it remains to be seen what new world-shaping technologies and companies will be born. HOWEVER. CONNECTING 4.3 BILLION PEOPLE T0 THE GRID IS NO EASY, FEAT. Many people with no access live in remote areas with no infrastructure or even reliable water and power. SOLVING THESE ISSUES CREATES ONE OF THE LARGEST MOST CHALLENGING BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES THE WORLD HAS SEEN. TO SUCCEED, COMPANIES MUST BE BOLD, WHILE THINKING BIGGER AND OUTSIDE OF THE BOX. HERE ARE THE COMPANIES AND TECHNOLOGIES THAT WILL CONNECT OUR WORLD BIG TECH Companies Ilike Facebook and Google stand to gain from billions of more users of their services CONNECT INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGIES Companies with new technology, platforms, and approaches to bring online new users across the globe BIG TECH Companies that display ads across the internet stand to benefit from adding billions of new people to their networks. EST. ONLINE AD REVENUE (2014) 40% Google 50% ($19.1 B) OTHERS 10% Both Google and Facebook are spending facebook BILLIONS OF DOLLARS ($4.8 B) to bring internet to people in developing countries. Google Google is aiming to cover the sky with floating celltowers and solar-powered drones. PROJECT LOON, officially launched as a Google project in 2013, aims to send thousands of HIGH-FLYING HOT AIR BALLOONS into the stratosphere to broadcast internet to the ground over remote areas. The balloons use algorithms to read wind currents in the stratosphere and navigate the globe, all while beaming down an internet signal. 180 DURATION RECORDS FOR THE LOON BETWEEN Google has broken its own records for flight durations, MARCH 2014 AND JANUARY 2015 (DAYS) 160 having a balloon that lasted 140 187 DAYS IN THE AIR. CIRCUMNAVIGATING THE 120 GLOBE 9 TIMES, PASSING OVER MORE THAN A DOZEN COUNTRIES ON FOUR CONTINENTS 100 80 60 40 along the way 20 March 2014 January 2015 TITAN AEROSPACE Google also outbid Facebook for Titan Aerospace in 2014 for $60 million. Titan builds the world's biggest solar powered drones These also can broadcast internet to the ground, and are described by Google, as being "exactly where Project Loon was 2 years ago in development." facebook Similar to Google, Facebook is also experimenting in the sky with satellites and drones. However the bulk of its operations to expand the internet's reach are through its newly formed INTERNET.ORG initiative founded in 2013. TANZANIA KENYA Partnering with telecoms and mobile operators like Microsoft and Samsung, has launched apps in ZAMBIA COLOMBIA GHANA INDIA ZAMBIA, TANZANIA, KENYA, COLOMBIA, GHANA, AND INDIA. provides FREE ACCESS to basic internet services, since the cost of broadband or mobile data is a big challenge for people in developing countries. DATA PHONE THE COST OF DATA 101001u 410110101010 j0010101011010 10100101010101 11010101010101 The cost of an iPhone with a two-year data plan in the U.S. costs about $2,000, where $600 is for the phone and about $1,400 is for the data 10010101010 101010 $1,400 $600 IN THE THIRD WORLD, THESE COSTS ARE TOO HIGH RELATIVE TO INCOME AND MAKE IT COMPLETELY UNAFFORDABLE. CONTROVERSY: Facebook has been criticized for the practice of zero-rating. Making some services free while having others cost money is at the heart of the debate on NET NEUTRALITY. facebook INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGY Aside from Big Tech, there are other companies taking big steps to bringing the internet to the rest of the planet. 90% OF THE WORLD DATAWIND does not have fixed broadband access. While most of the developed world accesses internet through broadband, the infrastructure and costs are not feasible at scale for remote regions Even if they did, IT WOULD BE TOO EXPENSIVE. 27% BROADBAND INTERNET costs as a percent of monthly gross income: 2% DEVELOPED COUNTRIES DEVELOPING COUNTRIES Datawind has developed proprietary technology to reduce the amount of data being transmitted over cellular networks by approximately 20X ON AVERAGE. HOWEVER, 93% OF THE WORLD DOES HAVE MOBILE ACCESS, MOSTLY THROUGH 2G COVERAGE. I MB = 0.05 MB %3D By pairing this service and building some of the world's cheapest tablets and smartphones, DataWind is able to bring internet browsing for as low as DATAWIND 70 CENTS PER MONTH. DATAWIND BLOOMBERG Bloomberg Business Week has called its technology "disruptive" and MIT Technology Review ranked it as one of the world's "SMARTEST 50 COMPANIES". 03b Networks The traditional problem of beaming internet access from satellites is latency. That is because the average satellite orbits over 35,000 km away from the Earth. Backed by Google and HSBC, 03b Networks is building a CONSTELLATION OF SATELLITES THAT ORBIT AT A LOW ORBIT to work together to create a high speed network. Currently, it has a network of 8 SATELLITES THAT ORBIT AT 8,000KM and provide high speed internet at speeds that rival fiberoptic networks. 8 HOURS BRCK Designed and prototyped in Kenya, BRCK is A RUGGED AND PORTABLE HOTSPOT BRCK that can broadcast WIFI or a cell signal via multiple networks BRCK has its own power source and can be recharged via solar power. THE BATTERY LASTS It works in over 140 countries, costs less than $200, and can survive the harshest conditions. FOR 8 HRS IN FULL POWER mode in the case of blackouts. CONCLUSION THE INTERNET IMPACTS NEARLY EVERY ASPECT OF MODERN SOCIETY AND SERVES AS A POWERFUL ECONOMIC STIMULATOR. THE OPPORTUNITY TO CONNECT 4.3 BİLLION PEOPLE, TO THE INTERNET IS NOT ONLY A BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY, BUT ONE THAT WILL IMPROVE EVERYONE'S STANDARD OF LIVING. INFOGRAPHIC SPONSORED BY: DATAWIND www.DATAWIND.COM ODATAWIND /DATAWINDCONNECT Visual Capitalist is a new way to discover business opportunities and learn about investment trends. 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Meet the 5 Companies Aiming to Bring the Web to 4.3 Billion New People

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The internet is an essential part of our daily lives, but it is actually only used by a minority of the world’s population. 4.3 billion people across the world do not yet have access to the web. In...



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