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McKinsey Global Institute: 12 Disruptive Technologies

4.3 billion people yet to be connect to the Intenet today Fastest supercomputer in 1975 costs $5m, with equal performance as an iPhone 4, which costs $400 21,000 TWh annual global 85% lower price for solar photovoltaic cell per watt since 2000 electricity consumption $1.7 trillion worth of GDP related to the 13 billion tons in annual carbon dioxide emission from electricity generation Internet Mobile Internet Renewable energy McKinsey&Company $3.5 trillion value of global electricity consumption 1.1 billion smartphone users, with potentialto use automated digital assistance 100x increase in computing power from IBM's Deep Blue (1997) to Watson (2011) apps 3x increase in efficiency of US gas wells between 2007 & 2011. 2x increase for oil w ells over the same perio d Advanced oil & McKinsey Global Institute $9+ trillion global costs of employing know ledge w orkers, w hich is 27% of global employment costs Automation of gas exploration & recovery knowledge work 30 billion barrels of crude oil produced glob ally 1 trillion things that could be connected to the Internet across $3.4 trillion revenue from global sales of crude oil 300% increase in connected different industries machine-to-machine devices since 2008 $1000 vs $50: Price difference of 1 gram of nanotube over a decade Advanced Internet of Things mining health-care 115x strength-to-weight ratio of carb on materials 12 Disruptive $36 trillion operating costs of key affected industries nanotubes vs steel manufacturing $4 billion revenue from global carbon fibre sales Technologies 18 months to double server performance per dollar 2.7 billion Internet users served by 50 million servers worldwide 90% decrease in price of home 3D printers 3D printing compared to 2009 Cloud technology 1 1 baby $11 trillion w orth in global manufacturing GDP $3 trillion spending by enterprises on information technolo gy 8 billion pieces of toys manufacture d globally a O) + 170% grow th in sales of industrial robots between 2009 and 2011 year 40% price decline in Lithium-ion battery pack in an ele ctric vehicle since 2009 Energy storage 320 million manufacturing workers may be po tentially affected 10 months to double sequencing speed per dollar Advanced robotics Created by: Daniel Tay O May 2013 Singapore [email protected] @tayxiongsheng $100 billion estimated value of ele ctricity for households currently without access 300,000+ miles driven by Google's autonomous cars with only 1 accident (which was human-caused) $6 trillion in global manufacturing employment costs, w hich is 19% of global w orkforce 1.2 billion people without access to electricity Next-generation genomics Autonomous and near- autonomous vehicles 100x increase in acreage of genetically modified crops be tw een 1996 to 2012; 2.5 billion people employed in agriculture 1 billion cars & trucks. 450,000 civilian, military & general aviation aircrafts globally $6.5 trillion global health-care costs $4 trillion automobile industry revenues The source of information in this Mind Map comes from

McKinsey Global Institute: 12 Disruptive Technologies

shared by danieltayxs on Nov 04
Disruptive technologies: Advances that will transform life, business, and the global economy, a report from the McKinsey Global Institute, cuts through the noise and identifies 12 technologies that co...


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