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Maximizing Mobile: Information Technology for Development

MAXIMIZING MOBILE FOR DEVELOPMENT The number of moble subscriptions wil soon overtae the worid's popultion BILIONS THE PACE AT WHICH 2002 There are over 1 bilion mobile subscriptions, pessing tosd-lne users. MOBILE PHONES 1978 Firstcommercial cellubr mobile servics statshad. SPREAD GLOBALLY IS 1981 85 yeors later, feed ine sutscriptions neach 100 mlion. 1876 Aeander Graham Bel holts UNMATCHED the first wo way leleohone convention. IN THE HISTORY OF TECHNOLOGY 1900 1925 1950 1975 2000 2011 20S GLOBAL POPULATION FIXED-LINE SUBSCRIPTIONS MOBILE SUBSCRIPTIONS .... OVER 6 BILLION 2010 90% MOBILE SUBSCRIPTIONS 2003 61% WORLDWIDE 75 %WORLD of the NOW HAS ACCESS PERCENT OF THE WORLD'S POPULATION WITH MOBILE CELL SIGNAL to a MOBILE PHONE, -------..... THE DEVELOPING WORLD IS NOW 77% MORE MOBILE THAN THE DEVELOPED WORLD Developing countries MOST PHONES ARE OWNED BY PEOPLE 29% High-income countries LIVING IN LOW-INCOME REGIONS 71% 23% % Nationa 0.7 BILION SUBSCRIPTIONS 5.9 BILLION SUBSCRIPTIONS Populaton 96 GROWTH OF GLOBAL MOBILE SUBSCRIPTIONS 100 89 12 72 75 61 58 ACCESS TO A RANGE OF MOBILE APPLICATIONS HAS INCREASED 49 48 50 19 DRAMATICALLY THROUGHOUT 18 25 THE LAST DECADE 10 KENYA MEXICO INDIA INDONESIA EGYPT, UKRAINE ARAB REP. Take pictures or viden with a moblie Lke Send tee mobile RISE OF NON-VOICE MOBILE USAGE' t messages Intenet NEAR UBIQUITY BRINGS NEW OPPORTUNITIES MOBILE Number of countries using at HEALTH FROM SMS TO SMARTPHONE APPS, least ane mHealth application VIRTUALLY ENDLESS APPLICATIONS MOBILE APPLICATIONS NOT ONLY EMPOWER ARE NOW AVAILABLE TO USERS IN DEVELOPING COUNTRIES. NUMBER OF COUNTRIES REGION WITH 1+ MHEALTH APPLICATION INDIVIDUAL USERS, - MOBILE MONEY .....---. SUB-SAHARAN 29 AFRICA THEY ENRICH THEIR ......... LIFESTYLES AND LIVELIHOODS, AND BOOST THE ECONOMY AS A WHOLE. Number of countries using at least one 2011 LATIN AMERICA & CARIBBEAN 14 mobile money application MIDDLE EAST& NORTH AFRICA 2001 EAST ASIA & PACIFIC SOUTH ASIA ... EUROPE & CENTRAL ASIA 36% 29% 19% GOVERNANCE Making a development impact requires . Regulators Policy maers collaboration INDIA NIGER UGANDA potato farmers вrain banana farmers traders INDUSTRY SUPPORT INCOME GROWTH OF FARMERS + TRADERS Thind party Content and Service Providers USER & APPLICATION • Civil Society WITH MOBILE APPLICATION USAGE Donors Network Operators Equipment Manutacturers Agants Industry Associations ENGAGING MOBILE APPLICATIONS FOR DEVELOPMENT REQUIRES AN ENABLING ECOSYSTEM ECOSYSTEM FOR MOBILE APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT Mobile devices are becoming cheaper and more powerful, while networks are doubling in bandwidth roughly every 18 months and expanding into rural areas. MOBILE REVOLUTION IS RIGHT AT THE START 15 THE 12 GLOBAL FORECAST FOR MOBILE DATA TRAFFIC 10 OF ITS GROWTH CURVE 50 10 1.2 GB/user 3 92 MBuser 5 5 AVERADE MONTHEY ... THE WORLD BANK NEDIA USAGE Sources L Tu edtes UN, 201a 2 mu, 2012 TOTAL TERABYTES per MONTH ONILIONS) PER USER VIDEOS AUDIO TRACKS APPS infoDev 4 Tu es 6 Pe Resh Gartes 201 6 SMA Mable Money ce 2012 2 A on GMA th Tocw. 2012 8 Deane yanan, 201 9 Csoa. 202 Innovale. Connect. Transform, REBOOT FULL REFERENCES AVAILABLE AT W w 2012 2010

Maximizing Mobile: Information Technology for Development

shared by reboot on Jul 19
Infographics for the World Bank 2012 report on the impact of technology on economic development.


World Bank



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