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Mapping America's Growing Gigabit Internet Networks

THE RACE FOR GIGABIT INTERNET.. Google CenturyLink" COX at&t Local we build it, innovation will come. The U.S. needs a critical mass of gigabit communities nationwide. 1I Former FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski Once a leader in Internet infrastructure, America has recently fallen behind many Asian and European countries such as South Korea, The Netherlands and Ireland. With the development of new fiber-optic and next gen broadband technologies, the US is set to once again take the lead in the global bandwidth race. But, unlike those smaller countries, America is a land of diverse geography.. and bureaucracy. Rather than a national plan, it's been left up to individual communities and companies to bring America into the era of big bandwidth. How much bandwidth? Well forget mbps, the new gold standard for Internet speeds is measured in gigabits. THE RACE TO BRING GIG SPEEDS TO AMERICA IS ON! WHO WILL COME OUT ON TOP? Google FIBER Estimated $70 per month Portland, OR San Jose G Raleigh, NC* Salt Lake City (Planned)* Provo* - North Carolina* Multiple Cities, North Carolina has most major cities covered by several providers (most prepared?) Kansas City, MO* - Orlando San Antonio*. · Austin TM CenturyLink" IM FIBER Estimated S80 per month Spokane (Planned) · Minneapolis/St. Paul Seattle Omaha* Portland, OR* Sioux Falls (Planned) Salt Lake City* · Columbia/ Jefferson City Las Vegas* - Albequerque - (Planned) - Denver Orlando* Colorado Springs (Planned) COX BROADBAND Estimated $70 per month Omaha (Planned)* т Phoenix (Planned)* Las Vegas (Planned)* Utilizing DOCSIS 3.1, the next-generation standard for cable modems, and channel bonding, Cox is preparing to launch gigabit speeds over broadband as opposed to fiber. at&t FIBER Estimated $70 per month Chicago (Planned) St. Louis* (Planned) ·Kansas City, MO* (Planned) North Carolina (Planned) San Jose* Nashville (Planned) (Planned) Atlanta (Planned) Orlando (Planned) Dallas/Fort Worth Austin Miami (Planned) San Antonio (Planned) Houston (Planned) Jacksonville (Planned) Local FIBER & BROADBAND Prices vary from $30 - $320 per month Canby, OR Burlington, VT [$250/mo] [$100/mo] Rochester, NY [$250/mo] Salt Lake City North Springfield, VT [$30/mo] San Francisco (Planned) Bristol, VA [$320/mo] Santa Monica, CA · Up to 10 Gbps Planned! Wilson, NC [$155/mo] Los Angeles · Via Time Warner Cable Network Lawrence, KA (Planned) [$100/mo] Chatanooga, TN America's Original Gig City Provo* · Tampa Bay (Planned) Anchorage - Lafayette, LA State of Mississippi (Planned) (Multiple Rural Municipalities) (Planned) [$70/mo] [$110/mo] Local represents community owned and private regional telecom providers * Cities with multiple gigabit providers GIG + INTERNET IN 2015 HOME • 4K (soon even 8K) HD Video Streaming Streaming HD Gaming HD Video Calling Blazing Fast Smart Devices BUSINESS Real-Time Project Collaboration • Real-Time HD Video Conferencing Real-Time Backup • Scalability The jump from 56k to Broadband brought us new services like YouTube, Netflix and Skype You Tube NETFLIX WHAT DOES THE FUTURE OF GIGABIT HOLD? Combining 3D video and audio, hologram technology is right around the corner but will require large amounts of streaming data to allow for real- time communication. The next generation of smart devices and software will rely on streaming data input from numerous everyday objects. From street lights and cars, to fridges and furnaces, the Internet of Things wil| allows us to create a smarter & more efficient world. Think a Gig is Fast? Researchers are already developing services capable of delivering up to 10Gbps. The era of lag and data caps is ending. The era of Big Bandwidth is well under way! QVOIP SOURCES: WHICH New Fiber Network at 10Gbps Gig U: Leading research universities, working in partnership with their local communities to accelerate the deployment of world-leading, next generation networks in the United States. Comcast Plans: Ф ))

Mapping America's Growing Gigabit Internet Networks

shared by Nielsn on Feb 03
A visual look at which providers are leading the race for gigabit Internet, and which American cities are set to gain the title of Gig City. Maps are accompanied by cost per month for each service.





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