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Making BYOD Work for Your Organization

Cognizant The growth of BYOD is relentless. OPersenaly-awned oCompanyrouned BYOD: 30.7 nena Pe. natie 40.7 Pannel Paral PC. Tebi 69.3% 59.3 ershona Peneral PC. Enatate, evet 2010 2011 Policy is the Lynchpin- Get it Right! 81% of Employees use at least one device for business use 2012 BYOD's įnevitability is understandable in the light'of its drivers. Improved employee satisfaction 56.5% Increased worker productivity Greater mobility for workers 51.3% More flexible work environments for employees Reduced IT costs 36% Attracting/retaining high quality staff 31% Better quality of devices used by workers 29.5% Better care and/or longevity of devices 29.5% Reduced device management requirements for IT 28% Faster on-boarding of employees and third parties 25% Improved business continuity 23% Other I 1% Yet, many companies do not have a comprehesive BYOD policy O BYOD policy already in place O Hoping to put in place by mid-2013 • 100% 98% 91% 92% 97% 41% 39% 40% 57% INDIA AUSTRALIA CANADA USA 92% 93% 99% 94% 44% 42% 34% 34% NETHERLANDS GERMANY UK GLOBAL What Do Current BYOD Policies Cover? 89.1% 80% 53.7% Have security/ acceptable use policies Require mobile security or management agent bé installed Restrict BYOD to specific platforms or dévices 35.7% 72.5% 25.3% . 8.9% Plan to implement separate business and personal data Wipe deviceş when they are lost/stolen/ employee leaves Have a policy to wipe corporate data while leaving personal datá Intact solutions Wipe only lost/ stolen dévices BYOD Support By Industry Sanctioned use of personal devices for work HEALTHCANE PRorEos MANACTUMN TRAREPONTAr s GovERMCNT COMINICATIONS DNAL LECAL TINM SOFTRANE RETA ETERA Developing an effective BYOD policy is not easy POLICY ELEMENT TRADITIONAL IT POLICY BYOD POLICY Devices, device configurations and Operating systoms Standardized. Complex and heterogeneous. ******* **** ........... Mobile applications and data. Full command and control over data and apps. Limited control over corporate partitions date and apps. ..... .www.. Device tracking and monitoring. Full IT control over evalfuating how dovices are used, with no express permisslon réquired from users. Claritication of how devlces are tracked and monitored, as well as which portion of the devices and data wiIl fall under the pollcy's purview. ....*****......... м Cost relmbursemont. No provision for relmbursement of company-owned device costs. Detinition ot who pays tor what, based on an understanding between employeos and employen. Constructing an effective BYOD policy... USERS DEVICES Who is eligible? What is acceptable use? Complance & Governance Which platforms, devices and configurations will we support? Data security Ownership & Liability Reimbursement Policy How to support a variety of devices Scalability of support model ...requires greater focus on liability COMPANY OWNED Better Control aver devices Gan be aplied (Diecking of marketplace applications, etc.) E Better Security Comparatively easier for enforcing Pollcy and Compl- ance Need for Management Application Likense EMPEEE OOPERATIONAL COSTSD COMPANY PAYS 100 PAYS 100% Reduced IT Overhead Reducad Devlce Procurement Cost Capex) Detter Cholce of Device Challenges in deploying corperate naplications due to non-standardization of O5 EMPLOYEE OWNED Where to begin? START SMALL BALANCE RISKS WITH BENEFITS 2HN - ---- Y IMPLEMENT NEED-BASED PRIVILEGES Defining User Profiles and Their Needs EXAMPLES IT REQUIREMENTS Knpledge Workgrs Scientist, Designers Statisticians O Data Security & Compliance - Flexibility to access multiple desktop computers Application-specific security ar regulatory compliance efforts yand Data Security & Compliance • PC Integrity • Application-specific security and regulatory compliance efforts Admins, HR. Finance • Data Security & Compliance • PC Integrity Application-specific security and regulatory compliance efforts Motilo Werkers Function heads, Sales reps Offline access to files and data ТаН Workers • Data Security & Compliance PC Integrity Highly controfled environment • Low-cost hardware solution that maintains high user productivity Call center reps, Retail Agents, Factory Workers Sontrost Workers • Data Privacy & Confidentiality External contrectors. third party collaborators • Low-cost hardware solution that maintains high user productivity For more Information: Sources 201 Consemerization of T Shude Cosing the Consamerizatioa Gap, DC, 201 Kip/fwwwnisyscomisysivportoetol.nd-n200009rooso17E CRrk hillp:wwwskrixcom/sreaarceudymamicadtlonlCeri_BRO Incler report.po: CRrikbaro ndx htip/fwwwcikrkremitekaauronsynamicaddtionaCik_ro Inds reportgtit: Cuttof Mac devices-have-sutteredia-securtyoreacht Gool lechnology Mpmidiawwt.cotcom/tooumests/Good Duta Byco 20Lodt Cogaicarl; hllploguvelcom/201zioz ing up the bpod serarity challenge What is driving BYOD?

Making BYOD Work for Your Organization

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There is no escaping the bring your own device trend (BYOD) , but organizations need to chart a middle path to strike a balance between employee freedom and corporate control over technology. We hope ...


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