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Mac vs. PC: A Hunch Rematch

PROFILE OF A SELF-DESCRIBED World market share (Q4 2010) in personal computer sales, MAC PC by operating system: PC / WINDOWS 89.2% APPLE / MAC VS. 10.8% PERSON PERSON *Source: Canalys A LITTLE INTRODUCTION The following is one of 2,000 "Teach Hunch About You" questions that Hunch users can answer at their leisure as they use ARE YOU A MAC PERSON OR A PC PERSON? PC MAC O NEITHER* Among 388,315 Hunch users answering this question, responses are as follows: 25% * MAC 52% 23% "or don't define themselves this way O NEITHER DIFFERENCES IN SELF-IDENTIFIED PC & MAC PEOPLE PC PEOPLE SKEW THIS WAY.. MAC AMONG HUNCH USERS, PEOPLE SKEW THIS WAY. Hunch then crossed those responses with answers from dozens of other questions among its 2,000-strong "Teach Hunch About You" question pool. Findings follow: 20/20 PC people are 22% more likely than 22% more likely than Mac people to be ages 35-49. PC people to be ages 18-34. 36% of PC people are liberal. 58% of Mac people are liberal. CORE DEMOGRAPHICS PC people are 18% more likely to live in the suburbs and 21% live in a rural area. 52% of Mac people live in a city. 54% of PC people have completed a four-year The same can be said for 67% of college degree or higher. Mac people. Mac people are 13% more likely than PC PC people are 26% more likely people to say they want to be "perceived as to prefer fitting in with others. unique and different to make my own mark." PC people are 23% more likely to say they seldom throw parties. Mac people are 50% more likely than PC people to say they frequently throw parties. PERSONALITY PC people are 33% more likely than Mac people to say that two random people are more different Mac people are 21% more likely than PC people to say that two random people are more alike than alike. than different PC people are 38% more likely than Mac people to say they have a stronger F(X)= aptitude for mathematical concepts. Mac people are 12% more likely than PC people to say they have a stronger verbal (vs. math) aptitude. PC people are 21% more likely than Mac people prefer modern art and are design enthusiasts. Mac people to prefer impressionist art. 18% and 14% of Mac people describe 71% of PC people identify their styles their style as designer/chic/upscale and unique/retro, respectively. as casual and trending toward jeans. FASHION, TASTE, & AESTHETICS 52% of Mac users would go for the Vespa. 69% of PC people would rather ride a Harley than a Vespa. Mac people are 7% more likely than PC people to snack on salty chips and the like. PC people are 10% more likely than Mac people to snack on something sweet. Mac people are 80% more likely than PC people to be vegetarian. FOOD & DRINK PC people most prefer McDonald's fries (34%) followed by steak fries (22%). Mac people most prefer bistro-type fries (40%) followed by McDonald's fries (24%). SOFT DRINKS Pepsi | Jolt Cola | Orange Crush San Pellegrino Limonata | Boylan's Root Beer SANDWICHES Tuna Fish | Hero | Patty Melt Hummus | Bánh Mi | Shawarma Strawberry Daiquiri | Irish Coffee Screaming Orgasm COCKTAILS Hot Toddy | Gimlet | Moscow Mule California-Style Chardonnay | White Zinfandel | Pinot Grigio Chianti | Côtes du Rhône | WINES Cabernet Sauvignon The majority of Mac people (526) and PC people (58%) both consider their respective companies most responsible for driving the global growth and adoption of computing. Mac people are 21% more likely than PC people to PC people are 43% more likely to say talking about computers is akin to "struggling with a foreign language" consider themselves computer-savvy gearheads. TECHNOLOGY PC people are 36% more likely than Mac people to be later adopters. 43% of Mac people consider themselves early adopters. 42% of PC people would opt for The New York Times over USA Today. 69% of Mac people would opt for The Times. PC people are split between The Office and South Park. Mac people consider The Office the funniest TV show. MEDIA PC people are 74% more likely than Mac people to prefer Hollywood films. Mac people are 95% more likely to prefer indie films. I Can Has Cheezburger? | Go Fug Yourself Apartment Therapy | Huffington Post| Boing Boing WEBSITES CABLE TV NETWORKS Syfy Channel | History Channel | USA Bravo | Showtime | HBO The Rachel Maddow Show| The Newshour with Jim Lehrer | 20/20 NEWSCASTS 60 Minutes | The Daily Show The Colbert Report Smallville | The Tonight Show with Jay Leno | Parks & Recreation | Bored to Death | TV SHOWS Law and Order: SVU Friday Night Lights Great Expectations | The Millionaire Next Door| The Lost Symbol BOOKS Moby Dick | Zeitoun The Road MAGAZINES TV Guide | Redbook | US Weekly Dwell | ReadyMade Magazine | Macworld Stats are based on more than 80 million aggregated & anonymized responses to "Teach Hunch About You" questions answered between March 2009 and April 2011 by about 700,000 users of Yes, Poindexter, we know that correlation does not necessarily imply causation. Legalese: there are lots of brands listed above that belong to their respective owners, not to Hunch. Find more cool data stuff at Tip from your mom: If you haven't tried Hunch yet, go do that now. C 2011 Hunch Inc. hunch z3 W=3

Mac vs. PC: A Hunch Rematch

shared by kcatoto on Jan 23
This data project was made to analyze how self-described Mac and PC people are different.




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