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Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter

LUNAR RECONNAISSANCE ORBITER Launch Date: October 31, 2008. Launch Site: Kennedy Space Centre. Four days to moon 2 Orbiter released from upper stage of Atlas-Centaur rocket D 86 days after launch LCROSS S-S/C performs final targetting Lunar CRater Observation and Sensing Satellite 3 Goes into manoeuVre Lunar orbit - A Centaur performs 4-6 days divert manoeuvre, E s-S/C positioning itself for fly by of the moon 4 THRUSTER Orbiter will seperates from Centaur and then adjust until it is in correct orbit for mapping – up to 60 days manoeuvres to observe impact SOLAR PANEL 5 Polar mapping phase, 30 miles altitude, identifying likely sites – at least 1 year SPECTROMETER F s-S/C INFRA RED inverts and CAMERAS analyses plume after Centaur Moon's South Pole ·LEND provides measurements, creates maps, detects possible near-surface water ice deposits impacts moon at 5,600mph G 15 Minutes later S-S/C also impacts creating smaller earth observable plume SOLAR ARRAY SEE C Fuel tank is left open leaving remaining hydrogen and oxygen to boil off to avoid contaminating impact plume LAMP images the Moon's permanently shadowed region 2 hours in and Shepherd- ing Spacecraft (S-S/C) takes over navigation DIVINER measures lunar surface temperatures GRAPHIC: STEF BAYLEY SOURCE: NASA From Earth FIRST PASS

Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter

shared by Bayley on Aug 07
Published in the Sunday Telegraph in 2007, graphic shows the NASA Lunar Mission which was due to launch the following year. This graphic would've definitely benefitted from another column of space!


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