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Lost in Translation

LOST IN TRANSLATION Effective Workplace Communication With so many different methods of communication today, it's no wonder our messages are lost in translation-causing stress and ultimately impacting productivity. Whether in-person or over technology, ask yourself: Am I saying what I think I'm saying? Digital Communication Face-to-Face Communication From email to messaging apps, the influx of Chatting in person can be more time-efficient than digital communication platforms leaves room for misinterpretation. messaging back and forth, but it brings on issues of its own. Keeping up with inbox messages is a Our expressions reveal more than words job in and of itself. ever could. With body language and facial expressions adding to our Average weekly business conversations, talking face-to-face gives us a chance to 304 emails received ensure nothing is misunderstood. Average times an employee 93% 36 checks email each hour OB 10 IQ points lost fielding emails of our communication Equivalent to missing an is nonverbal. entire night's sleep Without cues to interpret tone, messages Interacting in person can easily lead to are often lost in translation. conversational distractions. When identifying seriousness or sarcasm, email Listening to your coworkers' plans for the weekend recipients might as well be guessing. can have you looking to jump off the train of thought before productivity goes way off track. Surveyed Employees Who Incorrectly Interpreted Message Time Poorly Spent, According to Surveyed Employees 27% 0% 44% 50% 31 hours Email Voice Recordings Face-to-Face of meetings are are spent in seemingly considered a waste of time. unproductive meetings each month. Keep in Mind In typed communications, how we write affects When interacting in person, your nonverbal how our messages are interpreted. cues are key. Capitalization Voice um, hi. Text in all caps is often interpreted How you articulate and emphasize HOWDY! as shouting, while all lowercase words impacts how others interpret can be considered casual or your message. unprofessional. Punctuation Body Excessive use or complete lack of How you maintain your posture punctuation can easily change impacts the way others pay the tone of a message. attention to what you have to say. Length Eye Contact When socializing or discussing a Among the most important quick fix, instant messages get the elements of face-to-face job done, but emails are best for communication, eye contact more detailed, elaborate discussions. captures your audience's attention. Whether chatting with a co-worker or video-conferencing with your team, make sure you're using the appropriate form of communication to best deliver your message. Sources: 1. "Communication in 2015: Text, Voice, Video or In-Person?" Inc 2. "Disruption and Recovery of Computing Tasks," 2007, Microsoft Research 3. "The Importance of Face-to-Face Communication at Work," 2007, CIO 4. "Why It's So Hard To Detect Emotion In Emails And Texts," 2014, East Company Highfive CREATED BY COLUMN FIVE

Lost in Translation

shared by ColumnFive on Feb 20
Find out what is the most effective way for you to communicate in the workplace. via Highfive and Column Five.


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