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Lost and Found: The Challenges of Finding Your Lost or Stolen Phone

10 PURSE RESTAURANT/BAR Like losing your glasses on the top of your head, losing your cell phone for a short time in your purse is frustrating. Locating the lost phone is easy, but remembering where you placed it may take longer than you think. This is one of the most common places for cell phones to be lost, left behind or accidentally switched with someone else's device. Thankfully, busboys and servers are usually good about chasing you out the door--sometimes even across the parking lot--to deliver your forgotten personal items. CHANCE OF RECOVERY: CHANCE OF RECOVERY: 95-100% 80-95% 8. ROOF OF YOUR CAR CHANGING ROOM With new laws across the country banning handheld cell phone use while driving, it is more common for Bluetooth headset users to carry on a conversation until they get disconnected and see their precious mobile phone slide off the back of the car. Cell phones are often left behind in department store changing rooms. The phone either falls out of your pocket, is left on the bench, or is accidentally stuck in one of the nine pairs of pants you tried on. In this kind mind is usually on other things--and it's easy for the phone to be overlooked. situation, your CHANCE OF RECOVERY: CHANCE OF RECOVERY: 25-75% (Depending on where it lands, if you remember before it falls, and if you have insurance) 0-15% (Depending on whether you can suck up long enough to get it back) AIRPORT SECURITY SCHOOL In addition to having to take off your belt and shoes and send your phone through the security scanner, you could also be selected for a more thorough search of your belongings. You may not realize you have lost your phone in the process until you hear your name over the airport loud speaker. While there are numerous locations around a school that phones can be lost in, such as locker rooms, lockers, bathrooms and classrooms, in most cases there are lost and found stations where students or teachers can turn in found items. CHANCE OF RECOVERY: CHANCE OF RECOVERY: 50-100% (Depending on how much time you have before your flight leaves. If you don't immediately retrieve it from security, it is destroyed) 15-75% 4 3 BUS OR SUBWAY AIRPLANE There's a good chance you will never get your phone back. Your best bet would be After the captain has you power down your phone, you may stow it in the seat pocket in front of you. Bad decision, because there is a good chance that while you were in a hurry to catch your connection you left your phone behind. to cancel your service and get a new one, because stolen phones on the subway is an all-too-common scenario. That, and your phone will quite possibly be used to make long distance calls that will cost you hundreds of dollars. CHANCE OF RECOVERY: CHANCE OF RECOVERY: 0-15% (Depending on whether you were traveling in first class) 0-2% <<< SWIMMING POOL It happens more often than you think. You forget that your phone is in your shorts or swimsuit and dive right in. Or, friends get a hold of you with your clothes on, with keys and phone in your pocket--and toss TAXI Who doesn't play games, text message or talk on the phone while in the back of a cab? It is very possible that you may set it down on the seat next to you and while rushing out the door to your destination, forget all about it. you in. CHANCE OF RECOVERY: 50-75% CHANCE OF RECOVERY: 0-50% CHANCE OF IT EVER WORKING AGAIN: [Depending on how far you traveled and how honest your taxi driver is) 0-5% (Depending on whether it's waterproof)

Lost and Found: The Challenges of Finding Your Lost or Stolen Phone

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Our phone has become such a fixture in our day-to-day activities that we can sometimes feel naked without it. Here at Lookout, we’ve heard stories from users who have lost their phones everywhere ...




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