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Looking Ahead

Apple integrates hardware, software and services in such a way that most consumers begin to not differentiate anymore. - Tim Cook, Dec 2012 LOOKING AHEAD PREDICTIONS HOW APPLE WILL DOMINATE THE TRENDS DEVICE SPACE THROUGH 2015 iPad in Business 95% Augmented Attention The Tablet / TV viewing experience represents tremendous opportunity for second-screen of Fortune 500 companies are testing or deploying the iPad for their mobile workforces. APPLE TV engagement with brands, media companies and developers. Source: Apple 21% 10% - COMPUTER TABLET 9% MOBILE 8% 7% AIRPLAY DIRECT - will allow for direct of people who bought a new iPad plan to use it for business. 6% 5% to device interaction and content sharing 4% UI - iPad App Store like interface with more 3% Source: Consumer lIntelligence Research Partners 2012 subscription media content (Think Xbox Live) 2% APPS - Games with device interaction. Think "Wii U with what you have." 6:00 AM 12:00 PM 6:00 PM SMART CONTENT - Apple will introduce content overlay allowing your TV to interact with devices ICAMERA - Integrated camera will identify who is in the room by their devices, allowing user-specific interaction with the TV APPLE CINEMA TV - may release a 42 and 55 inch screen size Share of U.S. Device Page Traffic for the Newspaper Category Over a Day (Weekday) Source: comScore Custom Analytics AIRPLAY DIRECT Mobile Source: Nielsen 2012 Shopping Habits mobile phones and tablets are offering new ways to transact and AirPlay Direct becomes a standard upgrade interact with brands on all mobile and MacBook products with while in store, direct communication between all devices 80% of our revenues are from products that didn't exist 60 days ago. - Tim Cook, Dec 2012 RETAIL REVENUES Why Doctors Love iPads When used correctly, (mobile devices) can enhance patient care, potentially 75% of Apple's Revenue is from Mobile Devices Source: Apple Earnings Report 10/12 preventing more costly care by identifying areas of concern earlier. MAPS/PAYMENTS 82% Access to Patient Information Access to Reference Information MEDICAL 76% Improved Safety MAPS - Look for Maps to evolve into a platform for better local search and tighter integration with other services including Passb0ok, Payments, 47% Financial Promotions (ads) and Personalization (Siri) Savings 72% Remote Source: HIMSS Mobile Technology Survey 2012 21% PAYMENTS - Apple will leverage their Payment Processing Power and develop new tools and technologies for mobile sales transactions Access The iPad is helping students better Apps in Classes connect in class, however, app-based 280 LEADERSHIP learning tools are finding better success than digital textbooks. Source: : Forrester unesian Research, 11/11 E-textbooks are a transitional product until new interactive Collaboration-Essential for Innovation applications are developed. Apple's New Campus permits serendipitous and fluid meeting spaces... and everybody gets to participate in the sunlight – Steve Jobs The changes that we made (to Apple's leadership) get us to a whole new level of collaboration. - Tim Cook, Dec 2012 DATA CENTERS OPERATIONS Jeff Williams EDUCATION Apple Campus 2 INTERFACE Jony Ive 2016 estimated completion CEO LEGAL TECHNOLOGY Bob Mansfield Bruce Sewell SERVICES Craig Federigh HOLD IT Hand Strap Eddy Cue RETAIL TBD Mobile Knowledge Workforce Expands Mobile knowledge workers are arguably the fastest-growing segment of today's office workforce. (Source: InfoTrends) CHÍNA RISING Doctor's, sales staff, field technicians, even retail are all looking for ways to keep up with the fast-pace of business while always on the go. infographic brought to you by: modulR China is already the world's largest smart phone market by volume, in a place that is just making the ascension from 2G to 3G. MOBILE IPAD SOLUTIONS Look for Apple to develop new low-end product offerings to compete against the swell of low cost options in China. PROTECT/CONNECT IT Tough Case modulR mobile iPad solutions has ICLOUD IDENTITY helped hundreds of businesses, CARRY IT Shoulder Strap including AT&T, Nike, and American Eagle, get more out of the iPad through a complete line of mobility accessories. More at DISPLAY IT Swing Mount iCloud becomes central to Apple's personalization engine, integrating data from search, purchasing, Apps, Maps, content and direct feedback (Siri). Predictions are solely those of modulR, LLC and not based on any privileged Apple information HANG IT Wall Mount WATCH IT Headrest Strap WORK Browsing products 38% Reading reviews 32% Comparing prices 38% Searching for coupons 24% Purchasing products 22% HOME Maiden, North Carol AN "OUBH le, OR - In progres FINANCIAL penhe. Phil Schiller MARKETING HARDWARE Riccio SOFTWARE

Looking Ahead

shared by modulR on Jan 03
Apple will continue to dominate the device space not by changing the look of the devices (outside of the iPad), but by focusing on what we do with those devices.




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