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A Look At Intel, Samsung, TSMC and the Semiconductor Industry

.......... CONSOLIDATING POWERS: HOW SEMICONDUCTOR SALES LEADERS ARE SURGING AHEAD OF THE COMPETITION 2010 to 2011 has seen Semiconductor industry leaders, such as Intel, increase their dominance over the market. With huge expansion and massive expenditure planned for 2012 it would seem that the big three (Intel, Samsung and TSMC) are planning on 'widening the gap' even further in the future. Semiconductor industry leaders are showing a significantly greater rate of growth than the industry as a whole. The overall industry growth figure is 2%. However, this is not indicative of widespread growth, but is instead a figure bolstered by the few companies that are excelling. 60% of the top 25 semiconductor sales leaders posted results showing negative-growth. ANNUAL REVENUE GROWTH 2010-2011 OVERVIEW OF AVERAGE REVENUE GROWTH FOR SALES LEADERS 24% (intel) 12% 4% Sales Leader Top 3 Top 10 Top 25 Industry Whole RANKINGS BASED ON TOTAL REVENUE Millions Of US Dollars 50.000 ANNUAL HEVENUE 20I ANNIUAL HEVENUE 2010 Millions Of US Dollars 40.000 Millions Of US Dollars 30.000 Millions Of US Dollars 20.000 Millions Of US Dollars LD.000 5,000 GOOD INTEL Reigning champion Intel harve increased their definitive lead with: The 3rd largest revenue growth rate in the industry. Increase in market share 13.3% in 2010 to 16.4% in 2011 2010 13.3% MARKET SHARE 16.4% 2011 TSMC 100% 31% (intel) 69% Samsung Total Revenue Intel Total Revenue $49,697 Bn Samsung $33, 489 Bn + TSMC $14,600 Bn MARKET SHARE The entire semiconductor industry's total revenue was over 300 billion US dollars in 2011. Below is the percentage share each of the top sale leaders received. O ! Intel (16.4%) 2 Samsung (11.1%) 3 TSMC (4.8%) O 4 Texas Instruments (4.3%) O 5 Toshiba (4.2%) O 6 Renesas O 7 Qualcomm 8 STMicroelectronics (3.2%) 9 Hynix 10 Micron (3.5%) (3.3%) (3.1%) (2.8%) 11 Broadcom (2.4%) 12 AMD (2.2%) 13 Infineon (1.9%) 19 14 Sony (1.8%) 15 Fujitsu (1.5% 17 16 Freescale (1.5%) O 17 NXP (1.4%) 18 Nvidia (1.3%) 19 Elpida (1.3%) O 20 UMC (1.2%) 21 GlobalFoundries (1.2%) 22 Marvell (1.1%) 23 ON Semi (1.1%) 24 Rohm (1.1%) 25 Panasonic (1.1%) 26 All other companies (21.4%) OVERVIEW OF MARKET SHARE CHANGES 오오 00 프 OUTSIDE TOP 25 (intel) 3% DECREASE SALES LEADER ТОP З тOP 10 TOP 25 3.2% 1.3% 0.6% 0.1% INCREASE INCREASE INCREASE INCREASE IN BRIEF: A greater amount of market share is moving towards fewer, more successful companies. MARKET SHARE On average, US companies are seeing much greater growth than European or East-Asian companies. USA TAIWAN S.KOREA EUROPE JAPAN 10.9% 5% -3.5% -7% -9.4% INVESTING IN THE FUTURE: CAPITAL EXPENDITURE The announced CAPEX of the top three sales leaders outweighs the rest of the industry as a whole: CAPEX SPENDING IN BILLIONS OF US DOLLARS 29.4 12.5 Intel Samsung 13.1 TSMC Rest of Industry 8.2 This enormous investment of capital Intel, Samsung and TSMC are in-line to strengthen their dominance over the market place. SOURCES: Intel are addressing the incredible growth of data traffic in the cloud, new Intel server technology will be able to handle over 15 billion connected devices. These are approximate figures based on the findings of the WSTS and IC insights. This suggests that unless other companies can find a way to compete or co-operate with the top three their future may be uncertain. |DIPIAN Elpida

A Look At Intel, Samsung, TSMC and the Semiconductor Industry

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Even in these trouble economic times there are some industries that just maintain their growth, seemingly forever. Semiconductors, those tiny little electronic wonders we find in everything from radio...


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