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Living in 3D

LIVING IN SD Now that 3D printing – the process of making three-dimensional solid objects from digital designs – is available and affordable to individual consumers, it's piqued a lot of interest across the tech space in the past few years. From scale models, gifts and clothing to prosthetic limbs, hearing aids and the prospect of 3D-printed homes, the possibilities seem endless. THE DESIGN PROCESS DESIGN MAKE EVALUATE 3D printing shortens the 'make' phase and therefore allows more time to be spent on the design and evaluation of a product. 3D printing is characterized as "additive" manufacturing, which means that a solid, three-dimensional object is constructed by adding material in layers. This is in contrast to regular "subtractive" manufacturing, through which an object is constructed by cutting (or "machining") raw material into a desired shape. 3D PRINTING PROCESS *--.... DESIGN CHOOSE MATERIALS PRINT Create a design using digital modelling (or download one from the internet) 3D printers pour the melted material in 3D printing can utilize plastic, paper, metal, rubber or 'bio ink' layers to recreate your blueprint 3D PRINTING REVENUES BY END-MARKET % of industry revenues, 2012 CONSUMER PRODUCTS/ ELECTRONICS OTHER ARCHITECTURAL GOVERNMENT/MILITARY ACADEMIA INDUSTRIAL/ MOTOR VEHICLES BUSINESS MACHINES AEROSPACE MEDICAL/DENTAL 3D PRINTING GROWTH 2012 - 2017 95.4% 81.9% 3D PRINTER 3D PRINTER SHIPMENTS GROWTH REVENUE GROWTH THE COST OF 3D PRINTERS The 3D printing industry does have one drawback - price. Smaller printers, designed for printing toys and other small gadgets, can be as little as £630, but the larger, more professional models can cost anywhere from £9,400 to £37,000. And the really advanced, heavy duty models? Those can set you back more than £380,000. £380,000 £9,400 £630 £37,000 SMALL 3D PROFESSIONAL HEAVY DUTY PRINTERS 3D PRINTERS 3D PRINTERS 3D PRINTING CAN: CUT MATERIAL CONSUMPTION BY CUT CO2 EMISSIONS BY 75% 40% THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS CLOTHING PROSTHETICS ORGANS FOOD INSTRUMENTS WEAPONS BROUGHT TO YOU BY: PRODUCED BY: ICP networks ATTWOOD EDIGITAL printers_in_schools.pdf *.............. CHD

Living in 3D

shared by KateStaffordIll... on Nov 23
An infographic on 3D printing. Including the 3D printing process.


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