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Listening In

The NSA can access huge amounts of data (inner rings) LISTENING IN THE NSA GATHERS INFORMATION FROM ALL CORNERS OF THE WORLD’S COMMUNICATION SYSTEMS Specific devices, including emerging technologies, are also vulnerable (outer ring) DEVICES COMPANIES NSA SATELLITES COMMUNICATIONS INFRASTRUCTURE CELL LANDLINE PHONES PHONES The NSA can inter- cept CELL The NSA can For calls in the TOWERS FIBER commu- access the content of U.S., the NSA gets data such as numbers and duration. OPTICS nications from walk- cell phones, including ie-talkies, cell phones and radar As mobile de- contact The NSA can copy and store e-mails, user names and passwords and social-media Access to full vices connect to lists, e-mails and text towers, the NSA can determine a person's path of travel and travel conversations systems. generally re- quires a court order. messages. updates from tapped fiber-optic cables. companions. BANK TELECOMS WEARABLES PHONE COMPUTERS The NSA CARRIERS surveys data traffic TECH COMPANIES containing information The NSA SMART IN THE FUTURE, THE NSA The NSA has METERS requests, through court order, phone records from multiple ways on interna- tional bank Some commercial MAY ACCESS to track and steal the DEVICES companies cooperate with the NSA. The transactions. INCLUDING HEART MONITORS, information agency has also siphoned data without a phone or Internet company's knowledge. from targeted CAMERAS carriers such machines. PRIVATE as Verizon CAMERAS and AT&T. AND HOME ELECTRICITY METERS NOTABLE NSA PRISM MAINWAY TRACFIN FAIRVIEW, BLARNEY, BULLRUN XKEYSCORE Decodes encrypted Requests U.S. telecom companies Collects results Requests information on Filters huge amounts of SURVEILLANCE on money transfers and credit-card OAKSTAR AND messages to defeat network PROGRAMS foreign intelligence targets from American captured data by specific search terms to hand over call STORMBREW records, which are then stored in databases transactions Gather communications that move along fiber-optic cables security technology companies Sources: Washington Post; Guardian; Der Spiegel; Wired; Electronic Frontier Foundation; James Bamford

Listening In

shared by HeatherJones on Dec 14
Edward Snowden, a former NSA employee, pulled off the year's most spectacular heist. His leaks to the press have shown how the NSA gathers vast amounts of data from all corners of the world's communic...




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