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Life of a Front End Developer

<form action= method='post> div clabel for'nomeText Input </label> THE LIFE <input type='text" name='name" Id='name" CAIP> cdiv> ch4>Radio Button Choice</h4> OF A FRONT END DEVELOPER <label forsradio-choice-1>Choice 1</label cinput type='radio name='radio-choice-1 id=radic <select name="select-choice' id="select-choice> coption value="Choice 1'>Choice 1</option> coption value="Choice 2>Cholce 2</option> capu meodio-chae choice w ceon vl CODE / DEBU G / TEST What You'll Do As a Front End Developer, it'll be your job to make websites (AWESOME! /> Youll use a savvy combination of technical, creative and communication skills to package the raw utility created by the Back End Developers (code, data, protocols) and the graphical genius of the Designers into a sexy, clean, usable website for ordinary humans. How You'll Spend Your Day COLLABORATING with clients, Content Creators, Designers, Back End Developers and management INTERPRETING designers' visions into workable code, including color schemes, headings, typography and page integration COMBINING the work of Designers and Back End Developers, breaking designs into components and building code for each piece, creating working websites TESTING websites' looks and functionality in multiple browsers and platforms OPTIMIZING websites for search engines, usability and accessibility FIXING websites that should be working, that were work- ing, but now aren't RESEARCHING design and coding trends to keep websites cutting edge What Goes into Websites IMAGES 1028 kB SCRIPTS 272 kB OTHER 142 kB FLASH 79 kB HTML 56 kB STYLESHEETS 46 kB Total: 1682 kB What You'll Need EDUCATION MINIMUM BETTER ONGOING Most Jobs requlre at least an assoclate's degree In More advanced Jobs requlre at least a bachelor's In Keep taking coding classes or learn on your own. computer program or web design. computer sclence, program- ming or a related fleld. PERSONAL QUALITIES CONCENTRATION You'll be parked in front of the computer most of the day (and maybe the night) coding and problem solving. PERSONABILITY Clients ultimately pay the bills, so you'll want to be good at Interacting with them, accurately answering their questions and understanding their needs. CREATIVITY You'll be tweaking the website's look to make sure it's Innovative and up to date, basically what the Designer envisioned and within the limits of the tools. DETAIL ORIENTATION Websites have lots of Interlocking, interdependent components. You've got to make sure all code plays nice together. CURIOSITY This is a field that never settles. The coding languages are constantly being updated or switching, and each Job requires new skills. TECHNICAL SKILLS HTML ESS php BASIC FUNCTIONAL CODE THAT MAKES CODE FOR INTERACTIVE SERVER-SIDE WEBSITE CODE WEBSITES PRETTY WEB APPS SCRIPTING LANGUAGE Ps Ai jQuer write less, do mare Asynchronous Javascript And XM IMAGE EDITING VECTOR IMAGE CLIENT-SIDE JAVA CODING TECHNIQUES SOFTWARE EDITING SOFTWARE JAVA LIBRARY FOR WEB APPS feres zation SEO l traf TECHNIQUES TO MAKE WEBSITES SHOW UP IN SEARCH ENGINES TOTALLY OPTIONAL SKILLS O Snarky T-shirts Frefly MMORPGS Depends on where you work, but'they're usually appreciated by your peer's! These are the "golf courses" of the web development biz. Being an invited Alpha' Tester gives yõu cred. Bring it back or not? Stake a position. (Choose wisely.) How You'll Be Rewarded INCOME AND JOBS U.S. Annual Salary A VERAG E TO P 10 % $66,500 / year $105,200/ year Other Stats $30.05 20% 2x Projected U.S. Job Growth vs. Average U.S. Projected U.S. Hourly Wage Job Growth in 2012 2012-2022 National Average 2012-2022 Lifestyle 4 Casual Work Enviroment monitors and doodads A LOT ! • Screamin' computers, a Coffee! skallodyp SOURCES

Life of a Front End Developer

shared by SkilledUp on Apr 25
One of the most dynamic roles in the world of web today is that of the front-end developer. Always keeping up with design and code trends, it is the front-end specialist who keeps a website’s experi...




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