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Life & Death After Usage

THE ROUTE OF THE COMMON GADGET: LIFE & DEATH AFTER USAGE The gadgets themselves are clearly useful and practical, so we shell out large amounts of cash for them. What's impractical, however, is how often consumers buy new versions of these devices. Once the latest model comes into existence, so too does our need for it and so again, we shell out a large amount of money. But the real issue isn't whether or not you can afford to keep up with the latest technology; the issue is what becomes of our old gadgets. THE USED REUSED / REPAIRED / RECYCLED ( TRASHED / LANDFILL / E-WASTE Once the device is good to go and working parts have been salvaged, the device goes back to consumers. The owner can sell the device or give it away if it's in good working condition. He can also have it repaired himself and then sell it. When gadgets are not repurposed, they end up buried in such a way that they are isolated from groundwater and kept dry and out of reach of air. The benefit of landfills is that they eliminate solid waste from the community. Last 2010, the U.S. recycled Last 2010, the U.S. produces 649,000 YES! KCOLLECTED NO! 2,440,000 tons of e-waste tons of e-waste (around 27% of all electronics disposed) All e-waste from TO REUSE A COLLECTED GADGET IS THE MOST DESIRABLE PATH BECAUSE: the U.S.' waste stream can occupy more than Saves money in purchases and disposal costs Increases the device's 60 U.S. landfills lifespan Generates small- business and • Keeps goods and materials =1 landfill employment opportunities out of the waste stream 1.79 M tons of e-waste Creates affordable Reduces strain on valuable that is trashed and supply of goods resources left to accumulate Weight of 291,560 elephants = 10,000 elephants Separates device streams into material streams (metals, glass, and plastics) and upgrades valuable material content and removes/safely disposes of hazardous content. Cheap labor consisting of men, women, and children with little or no protective PROPER YEŞ! KSORTING & NO! DISMANTLING measures dismantle the electronics that let toxins affect their health. THE PEOPLE AND CHILDREN ARE AT RISK WITH: Raw materials can be used to make new products Birth defects V Keeps harmful substances away from the waste stream Death V Conserves natural - Asthma resources V Reduces energy costs Kidney & liver damage V Generates jobs (10,000 tons = 296 jobs) Cancer Genetic mutations Recovers valuable components (through pyrometallurgy, hydrometal- lurgy, or biometallurgy) and removes impurities ACCURATE END- PROCESSING Release of harmful gases such as > NOL methane or carbon dioxide and produc- tion of Leachate (a toxic liquid that could contaminate groundwater streams). YES! K Silver Aluminum Tin Titanium Gold Iron Copper LAST 2013, $60 MILLION WORTH OF PRECIOUS METALS WERE RECOVERED RECOVERED JUST FROM MOBILE PHONES! While right now most gadgets end up in landfills, reusing or recycling should become the preferred paths for our gadgets to take. It is important, however, to do your research on where you plan to send your gadgets. >> OPTIONS TECH COMPANY RECYCLING PROGRAMS Most companies have these programs «/ DONATE TO REFURBISHING PROGRAMS W Reusing is still the best option SELL OR TRADE IN Many offer money for unwanted gadgets REPURPOSE (DIY PROJECTS) It can have a 2nd life as something else Everyone needs to be proactive and seek out better solutions than just throwing things away. There are so many options for recycling and reusing gadgets that tossing them out shouldn't be considered at all. Do your research to do your part. IN THIS AGE OF INFORMATION, TO KNOW IS A RESPONSIBILITY, NOT A LUXURY! f Like Us ecycle Best y Follow Us 84 Coney Island Drive Sparks, NV 89431 THE BROKEN CATHS FOR T

Life & Death After Usage

shared by mhoyzess on Jun 25
We, as consumers, are obsessed with gadgets. They are a means of information,communication, and entertainment, and they provide various utilities. We are so dependent on them that if a blackout occurr...


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