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Life Of a Byte

Life Of A Byte What Happens When You Send An Email? When You Send An Email Across The Internet, It Seems To Reach The Intended Recipient Almost Instantaneously. But, What's Happening Behind The Scenes? The Fact Is, The Actual Information You Think You Send Never Really Leaves Your Computer. Let's Follow The Long, Strange Journey Of A 'Byte' As It Travels To Its Final Destination. Send Email Receive Email What Actually Happens: You Enter Data In The Form Of An Email Message. Your Computer Separates The Data Into "Packets" For Quick Travel. a. b. c. d. DATA PACKETS All The Packets Are Split Up And Each Takes Its Own Route To The Destination. At Each Stage Or Hub, The Data Is Copied And The Copy Is Sent On, Not The Original Data. .... Modem 1 .... Internet Service Provider (ISP) ... Network Hub Your Modem Tells The Data To Go Into A 2 Wider Network Of Computers, The Internet. ..... The Byte Data Is Copied By Your ISP And Sent Into The Internet. ISP The Throughput Of An ISP Can Easily Be In The Hundreds Of Gigabits Per Second. The Data Travels Through A Series Of Major Network Hubs All Over The World. HUB as Physical Distance Between Internet Hubs And The Amount Of Other Data Traffic Greatly Affects How Quickly Your Data Travels. It Could Travel Across The Web At 300 Million Meters Per Second, Which Is About The Speed Of Light. At Any Given Time, V Information Is Flowing In And Out Of Network Hubs. HUB as (5 Recipient's ISP ISP (6 Recipient's Modem Other People Connecting To The Internet, Sending Emails And Web Browsing The Recipient's Computer Reassembles The Packets Of Data. A (Hopefully) Perfect Clone Of Your Original Data Forms The Message Of The Email. PACKETS DATA This Infographic Is Provided By III

Life Of a Byte

shared by weescottishboy on Mar 22
When you send an email accross the internet, it seems to reach the intended recipeient almost immediately. But, whats happening behind the scenes? The fact is, the actual information you think you sen...


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