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LED vs Plasma: Who Will Be Champion?

LED Plasma VS. WHO WILL BE CHAMPION? Picking a new television can be hard work; there are so many different factors to consider and so many different options to choose from. We've put LED TVs in one corner and plasma TVs in the other in a bid to see who will be champion.. : thickness of tv ROUND LED TVs tend to be thinner than other Plasmas are a lot thicker than their sets and are often less than 1 inch LED counterparts. They're usually at thick. least 1.2 inches, 1" 1.2" LED 1-0 Plasma 2 : screen size ROUND When it comes to the size of the Plasma TVs don't quite match up to screen, LEDS come out on top, ranging LEDS here, with sizes from 42"-65" from 19"-84". being the norm. 19-84") 42-65" LED 2 - O Plasma 3 life span ROUND The LED TV storms ahead in this Plasma TVs tend to last somewhere category with roughly 100,000 hours of between 20,000 and 60,000 hours on life. average. 100,000 20-60,000 hours hours LED 3 -O Plasma 4 : ease of viewing ROUND When viewing LED from different Whatever angle you view it from, the angles, the brightness and colour will shift noticeably. picture will look the same on a plasma TV. some no variation variation LED 3 -1 Plasma 5) : colour quality ROUND LEDS tend to be brighter, so darker The plasma wins this round, as it colours may sometimes suffer or produces deeper colours and darker appear too light. blacks. some deeper colours variation LED 3 - 2 Plasma b): energy usage ROUND 9. As a general rule, LED TVs use less Plasma TVs usually use more energy energy than plasmas and won't than LEDS and get a lot hotter as well. produce as much heat. less more energy energy LED 4- 2 Plasma 7 7 ): motion sensitivity ROUND Some LED TVs may not have the same Plasma TVs win this round as their level of clarity for movement as the motion quality is more clean and crisp. plasma. less more clarity clarity LED 4-3 Plasma weight of TV ROUND As a general rule, LED TVs come out Plasma TVs definitely come out as the on top when it comes to weight, as heavyweights in this round. they tend to be lighter. lighter heavier LED 5 - 3 Plasma 9) : glare-proofing ROUND As LED TVs tend to use plexiglass or Plasma TVs use glass panels, so when an acrylic panel, there should be viewing in daylight there can be minimal glare. noticeable glare. minimal noticeable glare glare LED 6-3 Plasma (10): TV manufacturers ROUND All TV manufacturers make LED TVs, There were only three manufacturers so there's a massive amount of choice. of Plasma TVs to begin with, but all three will soon stop production. all brands limited brands LED 7- 3 Plasma AND THE WINNERIS... LED! Although the LED TV has racked up more points, the decision is ultimately down to you, so if picture quality is important to you, a plasma television might still be the better choice. If you are more concerned with running costs size, then an LED is probably more your style. Just remember, if you do choose to go for plasma, you better do it soon before stocks run out! infographic brought to you by cheaptvs designed by SearchQuest 00

LED vs Plasma: Who Will Be Champion?

shared by SQInfographics on Jan 10
Who will reign supreme, LED or Plasma TV's? We pit these two TV giants against each other in a bid to discover which rules the roost!


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