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Leave the Gas at the Station: Electric Cars Charge Into the Future

Leave the Gas at the Station: Electric Cars Charge into the Future Some electric cars run solely on electricity, while others run on electricity and gas, known as hybrids. BEV PHEV EREV (Battery Electric Vehicle) runs solely on an electric motor and rechargeable battery (Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle) charges internal batteries via an electrical outlet, and has a gas-fueled engine when battery runs out of charge (Extended Range Electric Vehicle) is like a PHEV but does not use the gasoline engine to provide mechanical energy to the drive train MAX 95% Electric cars plug into a 120-volt electrical socket, same outlet as your cell charger Gas-powered vehicles take time to rev up, electric vehicles reach max torque off the line Electric cars could meet 95% of ALL daily driving needs Some electric cars can travel around 60 miles on one charge, while others can go more than 200 miles Defining Efficiency While a compact gasoline-only car costs around $1,500 to fuel every year, an electric-run car costs $421 $4219 56% of US households have access to charging $1,5009 I electric car I gasoline-only car Lifetime Fuel/Charging Costs and Gasoline Consumption Savings of nearly O gallons $5,200 Electric Vehicles $13,000 Ф-9 Gas Hybrid Vehicles (50 MPG) $9,800 3,300 gallons 0. Savings of over O000O 00000 $8,000 Gas-Powered 6,100 gallons 0 0 Vehicles (27 MPG) $18,000 0000000000000 00000 In most areas of the country, electric Going electric could dramatically: Different regions in the US. receive electricity to power these cars from wind to solar-generated electricity vehicles are the best choice for I Reduce smog-forming pollution reducing global warming emissions I Reduce U.S. global warming pollution by 80% or more I Help end our oil dependency by 2050 Passing the Torque 2015 x 1000 1 California Ca/ifornia makes up 35% of U.S. electric - Worldwide production of electric vehicles will soar by 67% this year alone 1 By 2015, London's streets vehicle ownership will feature 3,000 new electric rental cars Cumulative U.S. Plug-in Vehicle Sales DEV, PHEV, & EREV Since December 2010 New sales that month ONDJFMAMJJASON DJF 2011 2012 2013 2014 The Newest Electric Cars to Roll off the Production Line in 2014 and 2015 Cadillac ELR $75,000 Includes an onboard generator powered by gas BMW i3 $41,350 Via Motors VTRUX SUV * <11 yard turning radius Same power as a V8 gas engine Via Motors VTRUX Van * Kia Soul EV $35,000 120+ miles per charge BMW i8 $136,000 402 horsepower 95 MPG Nissan e-NV200 * Tesla Model x 560,000 Mercedes Benz B-Class E-Hybrid * Cargo volume of 4.2m3 0-60 in 4.4 seconds 174 horsepower Volkswagen e-Up! 519,250 VW's first fully electric vehicle Porsche Panamera Plug-in S E-Hybrid 416 hp and 435 lb-ft of torque $99,000 Volkswagen e-Golf * Charges up to 80% in 30 minutes Via Motors VTRUX Truck * 150 kW electric drive motor *Price not yet released The electric vehicle market is steadily increasing. With the evolution of wind and solar powered charging stations, electric cars may be a promising solution for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Brought to you by: FIX

Leave the Gas at the Station: Electric Cars Charge Into the Future

shared by Ghergich on May 21
Chances are, you’ve seen an electric vehicle driving down the roads in your area. While you may be skeptical of their promises, it’s worth taking a second glance. has created an infogr...




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